Scam Letter(s) from Janet Omotola to C. (USA)

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Letter 1

Thanks for the mail.How are you doing today good i guess anyway i'm doing fine here as well...I just want to tell you more about me.You sound so much Interesting and I will like to get to know all about you.. Here are some More about Me,I am Cruse jenifer,I am a single female never married and have No Kids,am ready for serious relationship but looking for a true love we could be the one of my heart after i recieve your reply.I am new on this Online dating stuffs,Cos a friend of mine introduce it to me.. Have been Hurt many times and I have alot of experience in relationship, But I dont want to Get Hurt anymore cos it was a very Bad thing ever Happen,Well U might be thinking that Why am I single....Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it...ok ok,I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him,I caught him on bed with my best close friend,you know how that is,it's a SHOCK,lol. and that's Make me Feel Sad and I dont think I can be Love anymore. But I have to give things a try Just to know where it will lead this led me to break up with him,was I right by that decision???I seek for a complete honest man,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate man,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person.Well,i am a very sincere and honest,am caring, kind, social, smart, intelligent, passionate, friendlly, romantic, I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me maybe I'm just laid back,lol and i believe in the truth and honest of love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that speical person and i realy am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i dont like hurting peoples feelings..Hope to read from you soonest

Letter 2

How are you doing?I am Glad to hear back from you and I can see that this is the better way to get to know more about each other... I will like you to tell me more about you by Answering this Questions...
1) How Old are you?
2)What do you seek for in Relationship?
3)What type of relationship do you seek for?
4)What interest you Most?
5)What type of Lady are you Looking for?
6)What do you do for a Living?
7)What do you for fun?
8) What are your turn on and Turn off?
9)Can you Love this Lady?
10)Would you hit your Lady wth any Reasons?
11)Do you have a Kids?
12)Do you want some Kids in the Future?
13)Like How Many Kids do you want?
14)Why are you single?
15)What is have you experience when U have been single?
16)Does Distance and Age Matters to you most?
17)Are you Looking for a Tug or someone who Loves going to Club,and who as tattoos?
18)What is Love to you?
19)How do you treat your Lady?
20)Do you Have faith?
21)Are you religion?
22)What Church do you attend to?
23)Do you Love Public Intimacy?
24)What do you Like and What you dont Like?
25)Whats your Favourite Food and whats your favourite Movies and Colors?



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