Scam letter(s) from Anna Aleksandrovna to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for your letter! How there was your day? I had difficult day and greater weariness, but not looking at it I have written for you. I wish warn you about that that I not with can write every day because I write from library it is not far from my house. As I sometimes leave to parents, but I shall necessarily warn you of it in advance, well? I have read through your letter and I understand that that you not the simple person. You on much more interesting than I thought, you more and more now like me also I look at your photos and I like that that you are now at me and we can learn each other better!!! I as heard about that that is such on the Internet and I want that such people have simply been punished for the evil deed!!! My intentions in that to find happiness during lives and serious attitudes. Thanks for that what to tell about itself, from you an interesting life and I hope to learn you on much better!!! You ask my full name Anna Aleksandrovna, but unfortunately, I have no phone and even the computer because I write to you from library. I have no as what problem with that that you are more senior than me, I even like that that you more wisely me!!! I would like to tell about the life. I was born and have grown in small city Lingerie - Afanasovo I love it for its picturesque places. And for me the native land for each person this most favourite place seems.
As there I went to school. Was engaged in active cultur-mass activity it it was very pleasant to have for me such employment as I went to school arts. After leaving school before me has risen in first really important and adult choice where I shall go studies. Parents certainly helped for me in all but the final decision was for me. As I was such active my choice have fallen on institute Nizhnekamsk State Pedagogical Uneversitet. In our city there is no such institute and I had to leave the native city and to go to city Nizhnekamsk. Reggie I is assured since that moment my adult life with its mistakes and decisions griefs and pleasures has begun. As now I remember experiences of my mother of its tear. We did not want such changes, but we understood that so it will be better for us, that so it is necessary. And here in 2003 I have started to aspire to the dream, student's years were various both heavy and poor and hungry, but more all from it to me was remembered fun and pleasure from this life in hostels, I lived in a room with four girls and to us was not when it is boring, it pleased me that for me the destiny has presented such acquaintances I appreciate them. After study we came and had the cooking, Reggie I think there I have learned to prepare independently. Looked as do others and repeated behind them, first time was heavy. But in after preparation of this or that dish appreciated more because I approached to cooking with interest and tried to add in each dish what that a highlight which will make better it. At night we on a duty did not fall asleep had conversations of dream on our further life. We tried to study, but it was not so easily and teachers understood it. They went to us on a meeting and arranged various concerts in which I took part. Every year all of you were more typed experience, in our trade there were acquaintances, it became gradually easier to study and live in unfamiliar city. And so in 2003 I have finished institute. It was feeling of the big pleasure that I with could pass and became completely the independent person.
After study I have left home and have lead there all the summer long, at me was it is necessary I shall think that I to do further. The summer has passed quickly and I have decided to return back Nizhnekamsk. I have removed a small apartment for myself. In a direction from institute I have got a job and have grown fond of it at first sight! It was greater pleasure for me. Now having turned back back I look at the beginning of the adult life with a smile. Though also it was heavy but I firmly stood on legs and aspired to the purpose. Without support I think I not with could achieve it. I am grateful to the parents for that that they supported me in all all this time and helped true advice. In this photo we with the girlfriend as well as usually walked on city and have come into this fine place where this photo has been made. I hope that it is pleasant to you also you can estimate it.. Reggie you can tell about the student's years how you received formation? How you became the adult and made independently of the decision? To me it will be very interesting for learning. Reggie I hope for you as interestingly to read my letter and to see my photo!!!! Reggie I too would want that you have sent for me a photo that I could consider you if it was a photo of student's time it it would be healthy. I shall wait for your letter and I hope your photo!!! Your friend Anna.
Letter 2
I have a smile from that that I see your letter it pleasantly for me it means that we are similar in our searches. Reggie as I already spoke my name Anna. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Nizhnekamsk. I always considered myself cheerful and cheerful in the center of attention because I work with children. For me it is pleasant to communicate with people at me many friends and colleagues.
But so it has turned out that this active life I have not found the love in all. On it I here. Reggie, I would like to know why you here?
What reasons at you? You are lonely? I do not understand that why you have not received my letter to you because I wrote to you and hoped that you write to me about yourselves. I as heard that there is such on the Internet who is not fair. My intentions in that to find happiness during lives and serious attitudes. I shall wait for your letter with impatience tomorrow and as I hope that you to me will tell about yourselves! Reggie at first sight people not always such with what seem, many know me cheerful and active all this from that that I often smile, respond on their requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But only when I come into an apartment it is empty and cold, lays down in a cold pastel and to fall asleep only with one idea that have come tomorrow and I had new day.
Before me it did not worry but in due course I became more adult and have started to reflect more increasing every day about it. I wish to find the person which will understand me in everything, and I shall have understanding to it. Reggie, my the soul is tired from melancholy, I hope to that that dialogue through Internet that that will change. I hope that you will like my photos, but they are made in my youth, but nevertheless it there were fine times when I did not know neither cares, nor feeling of loneliness. I was such what now I is, I hope that nevertheless to you will be pleasant to look at me and we we shall have pleasant dialogue. I hope as to receive your photo. Reggie, I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. Your new friend Anna.
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