Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Chizhenok to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, I am sorry that I could not reply you earlier, but it was because I hadn_t seen your letter.
I was out of town and just it happened to be in the SPAM. Really, I don_t know what the reason to set it there was.
In fact I hope that my letter will be received by you and not placed in the same folder.
Still, I think I will switch off the SPAM filter.
I have found your add on the source and I think that you are a really good-looking man, so am in really interested to get acquainted with you.
But first of all, I want to describe myself, because probably, you are interested in my personality.
You know there are a lot of nick-names online, people tend not to use their personal data :-))) Well, what about me? My name is Elizaveta. I am 28 years old, I am 170 centimeters High (it will be 5.7 foots), and I weight 56 kilograms (124 lb)). I am single, and never had a husband, and I have no children, too.
I like to be good-looking, I am slim I like sport and I am keen of jogging. It helps mea lot to keep fit.
If you remember, I am Russian, I live in the second capital of the country, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but not in the very site, in its outskirts.
Probably, Thanks to my place of living I can do jogging easily, because out of the city the traffic and the life itself are calmer.
Still, I happen to travel to the city very often, because I work as a waitress in a restaurant, which is located in Saint-Petersburg.
I work every second day there. You know the life in the city? You should be fast, quick-minded and smart to live there.
And I have learned this way of life providing that my parents were dead when I was a child.
It_s not easy to say, but very often I feel alone, because I know that there is no one who cares of me.
I don_t like to talk about my Mom and Dad, because it still hurts me.
Hey say that growing up you should forget of some terrible things, but I simply can_t. I was an only child in my family, so I have no brothers or sisters_ But don_t think that I am a looser, it is not true, I love life, I enjoy it in its every way.
I know that even a bad situation can have something positive. I appreciate experience. I live a normal complete life.
I think I have everything by now_No, not everything_Still there is one thing I can_t reach.
I would very much like to have a close friend.
Some person that will let me cry on his shoulder, who will let me tell him everything, who will manage to calm me down, someone who will love and to whom I can give my love. I am a very caring person I can devote myself completely to the one I love.
For me it is something special to see the person I like smiling and happy.
As all in loved people I always tend to see the pros. We are not perfect and to love means to accept the way we are.
So I finish my latter here because I am writing you from an internet cafe and my time is over. I have no pc.
I will trine you every second day because I will need to be in the city. --
Elizaveta Here is some of my pics P.S. Please, answer me asap that I knew that I am interesting to you.
Letter 2
Hi, dear I have absolutely forgotten about the track of time while reading your letter.
I can say for sure if I have written or not but I will repeat it once again if you are interested - I live in Russia, not in Saint-Petersburg itself, though very close to it I am 28, 170 centimeters High (it will be 5.7 foots), and I weight 56 kilograms (124 lb) I am single and have no children. I have never been married.
I don_t even think of finding someone abroad _ it is not the goal of my life.
One day I just came in internet cafe in order to find some necessary information and found you.
So I thought _ Why not to try? It could be someone interesting and caring. I think it was a chance for both of us.
I wouldn_t say that all the guys in Russians are bad. Every nation has its losers and winners.
Still, the majority of them are spoilt by the women_s attention. Our men don_t care about how we really feel.
They can be very rude and what irritates me most is that they drink too much of alcohol.
I want to find a caring person, loving and interesting man.
Though according to my profession _ I am a teacher, I work as a waitress in order to live and earn some money.
Here it is a bit difficult to find work even if you have a diploma.
I firstly worked as a teacher in a small local school but my salary was so miserable and small that I couldn_t even afford paying my bills.
Though still I enjoyed very much my work. I like children because they are the flowers of our life.
I think I am good at speaking English. My language was formed in the Institute where I was studying for 5 years.
Dear I have one question for you. Why have you preferred internet for finding a woman?
It is great to have internet because people from all over the world can get connected it is wonderful!
My question is a bit personal, so I you don_t want to reply _ just pretend that you haven_t read it and I will understand.
You seem to be a good person, open-minded and honest _ as for me you should have no problems with finding a girlfriend in your own country.
I am looking forward to your reply. here is my previous letter and please check my pics
Letter 3
Hi, darling what a wonderful feeling I have every time I see your letter.
I realized just now that I was smiling while opening your letter. However, poor those people who were in the cafe, too.
Probably my reaction was strange to them.
Well, I will explain what an internet cafe is here, because you may have not this thing in your country.
So here it is a place where different people, strangers to each other, come to use an internet access, because all of them have no their personal computers at home.
Some people come to find necessary information, other people- to write a letter to someone. This is my case.
You have a special payment _ some sum of money per hour and you can use the line as long as you want.
You know, I understood today, that I have absolutely no problems with writing to you, it is like I have known you for ages.
It is like I can tell you everything openly, without being scared of being judged or scolded_ I can speak freely and honestly. Probably, that is because I can_t see you.
But in general I hate the people who lie; I think it is a disadvantage, because even the world could be better if there were less of these people.
By the word, what do you think about the betrayal? Would you forgive it?
I think I wouldn_t _cos it is awful.
Because of this I am sure I will never do this to anyone, it is better to say the truth, to stop the things happen, to finish up, but not to betray.
Are you interested in my city?
It is very beautiful, green and cozy. There are lots of parks and flowers blossoming all around in the spring.
I find it very romantic to walk there when there is a night the stars are shining all above my head.
By the way, are you a romantic person?
Do you like animals? I adore cats. They are sensitive and faithful. They love their owners just because they are made like this.
So here I will finish my letter. I will just write one more thing _ I am always looking forward to your replies.
Have a good day! P.S. What do you think about my new pics? I will upload some new pics in next few days.
Hope you liked my small present to you...
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