Scam letter(s) from Nailya to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hey how are you???!
I am very glad that you have answered me back! Mmmmmm...What to write you to help y0u to know, me better... from the beginning - I live in Russia - Kazan is my town. I was born on the 1 of January.
I am 29 years old - this is very nice age to start new life!
I work in hospital, and I am a pediatrician. My work is rather interesting, but it is not easy, because very often I am responsible for a kid's life and this is hard to be responsible for such a serious matter! and what is about you? Please, tell me what you are and what is your profession and your hobby, please.
I live together with my Mother, my Dad is not with us now. He died when I was 15.
But we need to live in the present and not in the past, therefore I prefer do not talk about that.
Education - very important question:
After finishing school I entered the medical University. After that I was offered a vacancy in our Hospital. I agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my vocation and I was not mistaken, because i never felt pity about my choice since.
Not much changed from that time, but one day I realized that I am tired of life here, tired of being alone.
And may be you thinking now - why such a beautiful lady is still alone? Everything is much more simple.
I want to find the usual man that won't try to change me, who will accept me as I am and won't go after the young models when I will become old... here, in Russia men are very spoilt, that's why it is a real problem to find a good one!
There are 2 reasons, why I don't want a man from Russia near me:
1.In Russia there are 6 men to 10 women. and from those 6 men, 4 are heavy-drinkers, the rest are left for poor 10 women who have to go into BIG TROUBLE to make them marry. you even can't imagine HOW GREAT is the man-problem here in Russia. there are plenty of really pretty women who are alone. they are smart, they are not **** they want to have kids and family, but they are LONELY or their husbands are such beasts!
2.And as you know now there are a lot of good and beautiful women here. And everybody want to have a man, the *** finally. So, this type of woman don't look at the ring on the man's finger. It doesn't matter for those women. They are very beautiful too and they are ready to come to a man in anytime or to invite him at home. So, it is very difficult for a man to say "No" on her invitation to make love. Therefore, usually men here have a wife with children and 2 or 3 woman for making love.
I really tired because of that and one day when i was walking home after the night shift in the hospital, I saw the advertisement of the internet-cafe. We have never had such before and decided to try, I did some photos and wrote some words about me and brought them to the internet. So here I am writing you my first letter! I don't know what it will lead me to, but at the moment I feel very interested in you!
please, write me more about yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! I will look forward to your answer and will come here tomorrow again!
best wishes,
P.S. Thank you for your photos! you are so attractive and handsome man!
Letter 2
Nice to meet you bemywife! How are you?
Probably you are interested who I am and why I have chosen you?
I'm lonely and I am very tired from it... My name is Nailya. I'm 29 year old. May be I'm young but I'm an honest woman and I look for serious relations. I'm from Kazan, Russia.
Probably I'm not the first girl from Russia who write you. Yes, I read that many girls want to leave Russia.
But the only my dream is not to leave Russia but I want just meet a good person who will love me and I will love him all my life. May be you wonder why do I write now a man from abroad?
The answer is simple - there are not enough men in Russia who are ready to create a family...
I live in a small city and the men here are not serious... Probably I had no success to meet an honest and reliable man... But I am tired from short relations when a man needs only ***. That's why I have decided to take a chance through the Internet.
And now I hope you read my letter... And I hope to hear from you soon because I'm really interested in you. Answer me, please.
Have a nice day,
Letter 3
Wow, I see a letter from you again! Wonderful!!! I am so glad!
I thought what you will write me today!!!
May be this is a bit silly of me, but I read your poem several times before starting to answer. I think that you can write me everything you want, because I feel friendly sympathy to you and I am happy with every passing day I discover something new in you!
The weather today was very good, rain was going. The temperature is about 6 Celsius.
I am lucky - I didn't have much work today, and this is good, because I could come earlier to the Internet-cafe to write you a letter and now I have time to cook something delicious for me and Mum! I think I will make a chicken with a lemon, a magnificent chicken! I wish I could treat you to it! :) I made it at the competition of cooking. I took a place at this competition!
So, now you know that I am good at cooking.
And tell me, please, what are you favorite dishes?
Tell me, please, I will try to find the receipts and will learn how to prepare it! it will be a nice piece in my collection, I suppose!
and I will probably invite my best friend to pelmeni, she is working in my hospital too. I don't have a lot of friends, but those I have are true and I am sure that I can rely on it.
I don't have many close friends and it is normal. We can have many friends but have only one or two very close friends )) Actually I believe in the saying " friends are like umbrellas. You can't find them when it rains " )) and it is true in most cases )) only the real friend can be your umbrella in the rain )) but I don't blame the other and don't mind having such friends too )) We need all of them!
And what is your attitude to friendship? I know that in western countries such term as friendship is not popular, all people are living their own lives and they don't have such friends who are ready to help them in difficult life situations. But I appreciate friendship very much and I am sure that every person must have friends... do you have friends?
And I have no a man-friends. The Russian men drink so much ***** and we have more women than men in Russia.
It is not the case in West Europe. There are more men than women, too many men!!
It is very easy for a woman to find a man there.
Every woman has a man there but not every man has a woman !!!
It is the opposite. Sometimes, when you go out, you have 75 pourcent of woman and only 25 percent of man, so it is very difficult for somebody to find the right man here.
Yes that is true, we women from Russia, Poland, Slovakia in Eastern Europe in general are always beautiful !!
And certainly more good-looking than women from West Europe.
For example, I'm a very gorgeous woman from Russia :)) I know through the television, many women from Russia leave their family and their country to live with a man and have children in West Europe.
I have a colleague from Russia, a lady about 40 years old who left Russia to be with a man and have children.
I feel that you and me have very much in common and though we know each other for a short period of time I feel close to you... but ok, it is too early to talk about something after some letters that we have wrote each other. let's go on and we will see what it will lead us to, ok?
so, I am finishing and will go home now, with my best regards, Nailya.
Letter 4

You really made my day with your letter!
I want to thank you very much for your quick answer.
If to be true, I waited for it very much.
Waiting for the mail like in old times the postman delivers the mails and people look for the postman through the window :-)) Especially when you have a good expectation like a letter from beloved! In old times the beloved put her or his perfume on the paper so that the other can smell her or him and feel near :-)) or sometimes a kiss on the paper and the beloved man or woman kisses the paper and feels the love! Sometimes a piece of hair cut and enclosed the envelope :-)) like my teenage love did many years ago :-)) I don't live in the past but never throw it away or forget and keep even little memories and remembrances! Sometimes I look at them and have a trip in the time tunnel and have really strange and even painful but at the same time sweet pain in the heart :-)) accompanied by a melody that reminds me of those days :-)) I don't chose but sings automatically, naturally :-)) Now I get a letter from you and it give me the same feeling and taste like those letters with that perfume or kiss and I can even see and smell and touch your hair!:-))I don't know why I am writing again now or why I am sharing my mood and emotions with you, the lovely man I know for a short time :-)) but keep in mind that I don't share my feelings with everybody very often but I only share with whom I really value and feel emotional with!
So, what are the usual things the unknown people ask each other? probably about the hobby... well, I can't tell that I have some particular hobby, the ocupation to which I would devote all my free time... I am pretty busy at work and to tell the truth I am so tired after it that I have no time on something but to go to bed and preapare something to eat and to read a nice book.
Oh, and I like to cook very much! My Mother is very fussy about foods we eat and she teached me cook very well. My Mother is a teacher, she works in primary school and deals with small children as well as me. We have something in common in our professions:)
about my favourite films and books... I can strongly recommend you to watch my favourite film "Sweet November". Charlize Theron is my favoroite actriss. And I like very much "Gladiator".
Also I like very much "Autumn in New York" with Richard Girr in the main role.
About my likes and dislikes... well from food I prefer anything that is deliciouse and not too waisty! though I don't mind hamburgers and fried chicken sometimes :) I am not very fussy about foods, but anyway I never overeat.
I like to spend quiet evening at hope reading, watching tv or simply talking about anything! I am not a club girl, but sometimes I like clubbing with friends though next day I feel very tired and even a bit broken, that's why I don't go there very often.
My lifestyle is very common. Like most people I go to work every day and I like my work. it is half of my life but at the same time I never forget that work is work and family mustn't suffer from it! so I try ti find the so called "gold middle" :) if you understabd what it means because in Russia we say "zolotaya seredina" ("gold middle") when we want to express the balance between many things. so this is me how I am :) not a perfect superwoman of cause, but I am in harmony with myself and this is nice I think! do you agree?
But my favorite hobby is fitness. It helps me to be in a good and healthy body.
Unfortunately we can not talk in messenger or web cam with you, because the internet connection is very bad here and as I was said it constantly disconnects with the provider, so my internet cafe don't let use different messengers. though probably it will be possible soon, when they will settle the new detached internet line.
I think it is early for me to give you my phone number. I will give you it later 100 %, but I need to know you closer first.
Please, write me as much as you can about you because I am interested in every detail of your life!
will come here tomorrow and hope to see your reply soon! And do not forget to present me your next photo.
bye-bye for now...
P.S. in your letter you mention the age matter, but I don't think that this is a great problem! I like the fact that you are older then me and I suppose that this is the best union when the man is older then a woman ;) I have never taken interest in men who are the same age as me, because I don't know why I don't feel comfortable with them. and with you I feel comfortable and safe even through the letters, so I think that in real life everything will be much better!
the Russian poet Pushkin said: "there is no age for love" (in Russian it sounds much more beautiful, but the meaning is the same) and I am absolutely agree with him!
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