Scam letter(s) from Kelly Smith to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
My Name is Kelly Smith, am 35yrs old I live in North Carolina Well let me describe my self, I am honest, Loving, caring, Romantic, Decent, loyal,kind, respectful and friendly, and out going personality I am thoughtful and generous with everyone i meet people who is honest.. I am a self-confident individual who enjoys talking with and helping others. As a good listener, I am very understanding and compassionate about the needs and desires of others. I am liberal in my political views. About my work am an Antiques Dealer I traveled all over the world to import them down to the state, and in my spare time I enjoy traveling around the world,Visiting great restaurants and having friendly conversation is most enjoyable.My favorite music is classic rock but I do like a variety of music. I like Foreign foods sea food, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, steaks and etc. I watch some sitcoms, Weather channel, CNN.,some classic movies, Sports channels TV shows and etc .My favorite color is definitely blue. I enjoyed Good stories. Fun surprises. Sweet messages. Long kisses. Walking hand in hand. Dressing up and going out. Dressing down and relaxing. Being comfortable no matter what and being real. Being honest and true My favorite activity is walking or sitting on the beach while watching the beautiful sun set with the movement of the ocean. Throughout my travels, it has been a great joy to see the various enchanting vistas painted by the sun around the world. Although I do business any where around the world because my job is all about traveling About my Date Am looking for my best friend and soul mate. This man should be trustworthy, loyal, spiritual, affectionate, and romantic. he should be able to communicate him thoughts and innermost feelings. he should also have a down-to-earth attitude regarding life and all that happens throughout one's life. This woman should be a blend of strength, yet tender, playful yet serious, feisty yet feminine, and a romantic who wants to share him life with me in marriage. Hopefully, This man will share my love and a wonderful romance will grow and develop.And i don't mind relocating.I am a single 35yrs traveling, animals, cuddling up... I enjoy walks on the beach, walks in the mountains, running, sushi, eating out, traveling.You sound like you are a type A person. Am I correct?Trust is something we must earn. As I always say, "what one does speaks so loudly I can't hear what is being said".Walking the walk not just talking the talk is what's important. I am who I am and at 35yrs young, I'm still growing.I don't believe in the old saying "this is who I am and I can't change".Change for the better is a life journey. God's word reveals this to us. We should always be in a growth mode. I agree that a relationship takes time, searching ones own heart, and getting to know each other in all situations, good days and bad, health and sickness, richer or poorer..people take these words so lightly and give them little thought.They are there for a reason. There are trials everyday of this life. How we respond to them is what's important to me. we need to start somewhere. Be assured I don't play games so you can relax.I hope you don't either.I am pretty good at recognizing a player a mile away.Trust, that's what we are working toward.Relationships take nurturing just as a beautiful garden. I was once at a wedding where the pastor gave a brick of silver to the new couple. He explained that their marriage must be polished daily in order to prevent tarnish and ruin. Unfortunately, the husband did not do that and had an affair with another woman leaving his wife with two beautiful little girls. Sometimes God does allow us an opportunity to start over with new blessings. I hate divorce and feel it is acceptable only when structurally based.I guess that is why it has taken me so long to consider starting over. I, too, am very selective. I don't ever want to experience a breakup. I'm looking for a life long relationship. As far as me being passionate, I am. I have always worked hard even when I didn't have to and could afford not working.I have lived with much and I have lived with little. It's the journey and integrity that counts. Nothing is ours, it is all a gift from the Lord.It is all His! To believe differently is arrogance! I never receive without giving back. I, too, can communicate with anyone at any level. I enjoy being dressed up or in a pair of dockers or jeans.I enjoy fine dining and the theater or cuddling in front of the fire watching a movie at home and having pizza. Just being together is what counts. I'm not kneedy..... the only time I'm kneady is when I'm kneading homemade bread!! :-) I can enjoy being close or apart. But the closeness is nice. I'm very trustworthy, faithful and honest and require these attributes in any relationship.I`m looking for someone to love me for me and respect me for who I'm someone that we can both love each Other unconditionally share 50/50 never cheat or lie..i want someone that would be faithfully to me and cherish me like a queen , i don't want a man for what he could do for me or offer me. though I'm not rich but i believe love is more than of money ..
i want a real man to love me for real love. I want a man that we can both trust each Other and love each Other Build our own family and Grow Older in love forever I treat my man like a King of the world also...I cherish and spoil him with lot of love . i make him smile and happy always.i just got hurt too much i want to find someone to trust and love unconditionally do i describe you ?let me know what u think?Hope to hear from you soon.
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