Letter(s) from Karina to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, dear!!!
I an so happy that you are interested in me, it means that we have a wonderful opportunity to develop our relations))))To tell you the truth i have never tried to find my soulmate using the Internet but this time i did, so i hope that it was not in vein))) I will be waiting for your reply with the great anticipation)))Just let yourself jump into this sweet ocean of pleasant emotions, and i promise you, you won't regret!!!! Waiting for your letter))))Yours, Karina.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear!
Thank you so much that you have paid your attention to me, you even can not imagine how happy i was to get to know that you have noticed me!!! So i promise you that i will try to do my best to make our correspondence too interesting and fascinating. Now i want to take advantage from this situation and to introduce myself. So, lets start our correspondence, i hope you won't mind; - won't you))) As you know my name is Karina, i live in Ukraine, i hope you have heard about this country))) My city is called Cherkasy, have you ever heard about it? If you have not i could tell you whatever you want)))It is situated in the Right Bank of the Dnieper))) To begin with i would like to describe my personality, because i believe that human nature is the main thing in the relations. My mother always told me that i am not a girl but a little boy, because i was too active. I tried to get to know everything that surrounded me, all my friends were guys, so may be because of that i have some problems with my private life. All the guys i was interested in sow just their close friend in me, but not a beloved person. Most of all i appreciate honesty and sincerity in people. I hate lying i prefer to hear the truth whatever it is, do you agree with me, dear? I want to underline that i am too diverse person, among my interests are dancing, singing, meeting my friend, but most of all i like to spend time with my family and my native people. I believe that the closest friend in this world is my mom, so i tell her everything that happens to me in my life, so very soon she will get to know about you:)))))I hope you won't be against that, am i right? I just have one questions for you, dear))) What do you appreciate in women most of all? Do you have you notion of ideal woman, if you do could you tell me about it? I am sure that we have a lot in common and we have a lot to tell each other about, do you agree with me? So, i do not want you to think that i am too talkative and i do not want you to be bored while reading this letter so i am closing
here)))) I will be looking forward to hearing from you very soon)))) Yours truly, Karina.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear, how are you there?
Thank you so much for you sweet and warm reply!!!You even can not imagine how happy i was to receive your letter! It was like a piece of joy that has lightened my life and brought a piece of happiness into my boring life. You know, dear, i think that it will be too interesting for you to get to know something about my family, cause i think that you are to serious man with serious intentions and you need to know some facts about me and my native people. So, i am starting)))) I believe that family is the most important part of everyone's life. So I appreciate the notion of family like nothing else in this world)))) I live with my mom and dad)))) My mother is an engineer her name is Olga, my father is occupied with driving cars, he is a driver, his name is Serega. Besides my parents i also have two grannies, grandad and a cousin. Her name is Lena, she is 28 y.o. We are the best friends and we try to share everything that happens to us in our life. For me my native people are my treasure and i swear that i will do my best to protect them from everything in this life. I am sure that you understand me... dear i want you to tell me about your family and about your close people. Do you keep warm relations with them, do you often gather on different holidays? I am sure that you have a lot to tell me, am i right? As for my occupation, i am a secretary at the firm. I like my job and i try to cope successfully with my responsibilities, cause i think that i am adult enough to earn for living by myself. I need also to help my parents so i need to work. Honey, you know, today when i has opened my mailbox and found your letter i felt a hundred of butterflies in my stomach... I have never had such a feeling before! it was like a warm waterfall inside me.. I think that it means a lot. I am just like a little girl who has just got her first kiss... With every coming day you are becoming a part of my life and i hope that you have the same, this pleasant feeling...Thank you so much for having given it me)))) Well, my dear I am finishing here. I hope to hear from you soon and to get to know something about your family and about your life. i want you to know that everything that happens to you is too important for me to know... I will be looking forward to hearing from you
soon))))) Yours, Karina.
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