Romance scam letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Jason (USA)
Letter 1
You the best thing that happened to me in a very long time and i will forever love you.....and treat you the best i can and make you come all the way.And make....,love to you as long as it makes you happy.And i wanna ask you baby?You never leave me and promise me i come to you soon to be your legal wife?I come to you if you want me to come to you my love.
Do send me eroticsm of you and i will be in alliances with you as we undergo the process of passionate love making and desire coupled with affections.
I will love you till the end of time and beyond Honey!!
Letter 2
You hot baby....I like you for you just yourself not pretensions whatsoever and i appreciate that about you....the real you i wanna spend the rest of my life with you that is what i desire right away i know and believe you can make me happy till end of time and beyond.I am cyber shy and one one thing i want you to abide with me is the issue of nudity i wont send you any until i meet you in person and you do whatsoever with me.I tried internet love but didn't work out i found out he was not real ,but you made me want to be cyber love crazy again....i appreciate and love you real good baby.I am the only girl in a family of three...two boys.My father Late he was a Christan Missionary and my mother live in Belize.......,now.Guess,you know the island of Belize.??I lost my job during the recession last year and was fortunate to get an international job with an international pharmaceutical company and was posted to South Africa In January to expand
the horizon of the company as the new and upcoming economy.This is my cell number could send me lovely messages: +27737946234...Looking forward to hearing from you.
Letter 3
My Love,My King ,
I believe you send me a lovely text message this morning while at work.....i wanted to be sure if you were the one that sent the text so as to be able to send back a response of appreciation and value of my and our love.
Yesterday you were in my dreams all through.....i couldnt help it....its just providence that have brought us together and its gonna last till the end of time and beyond.
I like Movies just like you do baby and very romantic ones that brings out the passion in us. 1.My Breat size : 34B
2.I do shave my pussy..i like having it clean shave.Hope,you like that baby?
3.I will be able to relocate if to you yes be closer to you than any thing else baby.
4.A good warmth kiss on my boobs and pussy finger gets me crazy and horny baby!.
5.I can oonly masturbate with a real man like you ...seeing your pics wil bring out the passion for the masturbating.
6.Yes of course baby...would love that by you sure you make me feel the way i have never felt before baby...
Send me a message on my cell number and include your name baby to be sure its you my love.
Love you real good baby!!
Letter 4

My Love,
How are you doing today?Your pics are absolutely lovely and i look the pics i feel horny for you,,,and i am sucking your hard hard dick right away baby.....You the best thing that ever happens to me baby.And will always be the man for me till the end of time and beyond.You make my world around as beautiful as it could be ......,,,,and it always be fun to chat with you.I am in office and in the next two hours i will go see the travel agent and i also plan to tell the managing director about my travelling once am back from the ticketing agency.I love you as i look forwarding to chatting with you to be able to cum into my mouth and look forward to sucking you dry.
Love you!!
Yours Forever ,Alice
Letter 5
Name : Fatai Olayinka
Address: 20 celliers street
City : Pretoria
State: Gauteng
Country : South Africa
Postcode : 0002 Above,is the Travel agency address that you will have to make the payment to.You have to send me the MTCN NUMBER after payment and your details at the same time which i take to the agent for collection at the bank.
I love you with all my mind and heart till the end of time and beyond!!
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