Letter(s) from Victoria to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

I am sincerely glad that I can get acquainted with such a good person as you. It seems to me that you are an intelligent person. Simply I did not think that I could find such a man here as I thought it is site only for fun. But now I speak with you and as it seems to me that you have serious relations.
It is difficult to say, but I should tell you .. but really I am from Russia and I write to you from there. I understand that it can plunge you into a shock, but I feel I should tell you this in the first letter. Because I am a fair and real girl.
In this letter I want tell you about me. My name is Victoriya (as Viki). I was born in Russia where there are a lot of bears and Russian vodka. My age is 25 years, my sign on the zodiac is Cancer. I am a woman who is tired od being lonely. I want family happiness with my beloved man. My height is 5 ' 7 (171cm) My weight is 128 (60,5kg). The color of my eyes and hair you can see in the pictures. I work as the manager on sales of home appliances (DVD's, LCD-tv, teapots, microwaves, washing machines, etc.) I fill many papers, I advise buyers, and I make out orders. It is a lot of papers concerning purchases on credit and the installments. I get tired as work like a dog. This work is paid not very well, the money I get I spend only for the basic expenses. I learned English at school. I had lessons of English for 5 years. Then also during 3-4 years I had lessons of English at the university, and also I was engaged at specialized school a little.
I am a young woman now, and I have much potential of power and energy whichnexists in me and my body, and I want and I dream of meeting my true love and to give my beloved this energy. I love children, different animals, music and dances. I appreciate true nobleness and kindness in men. I am a romantic and fairly clever woman who does not like to play different games with feelings of other people. I am a woman who appreciates gravity highly, confidence and purposefulness of men. I wish to see the good and interesting guy beside me which can subdue and fascinate me for ever. The guy who will appreciate me and true warm feelings. I wish to have long and serious relations, therefore I wish to correspond and develop relations only with serious men who are interested by search of true love.
I want to tell you, that I do not smoke, I do not drink (only socially), I do not accept drugs. I support a healthy way of life. I hate lie, treachery, terrorism, silly people, mosquitoes, cockroaches, illness. I hope, that you are not bored with my story)). If you wish to know about something else about me please feel free to ask anything you want to know about me. Do not hesitate!
My friend, it would be very pleasant for me if you could answer some of my questions. Ok? I want to ask you. Would you not be against if your other half in life was the woman from Russia? What should be your happy family?
I hope, that my questions do not seem to you uninteresting and you will answer them. I hope, that our acquaintance will be more cognitive in the following letters. It is better give to learn each other. Probably it is destiny, that I have got acquainted with you. Now I should close this letter, but I shall expect very much your following letter as it is possible soon. I shall wait for your letter andpictures!
Please take care!
With the best regards
Yours Victoriya.

Letter 2

Hello! did you leave me your address on the site AdultFriendFinder.com, I could not write before I have had problems with my computer. I can now write to you, if your email works tell me. Victoriya