Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Sergienko to Anders (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Anders
I am glad that you find my address. I am here. Oh, thank you for your warm words. It is very pleasant for me to hear them from you. I am really want to met with you. Maybe, I can come to you. I really want it. You are right, that we don't know each other well, but we have time and I hope that soon we will know everything about each other. Why do you think that a good looking girl can't be ******? I save my chastity for a right man. I don't want to give it just anybody. I think that it is a treasure for woman.
I hope that soon you will write me a next letter. I really want to continue correspondence with you. Please, take care, Anastasia
Letter 2
Hi, my dear Anders
Thank you for sending me money. I will be able to get them after holidays. You see all banks are closed, so I will get them just on Wednesday. I hope it is ok.
Honey, you wrote that I can't miss you, but you are wrong. I know that we have never met in real, but I feel your soul. I feel you next to me. Please, trust me. I really want to be with you.
I try to imagine us, you and me in many different situations! I see you waiting for me at home, I see us sitting at the dining table looking into each other eyes. I see us in bed making passionate love, kissing, touching, with the main effort, to give each other total pleasure. My thoughts are with you all the time. There are some words from a song I once knew; "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" I think it's quite true!
Your Anastasia
Letter 3
Hi, my dear Anders
I am glad to receive your letter. Oh, I am so happy that my words make you warm. Thank you for nice photos. You have amazing friends. Oh, I like your room, I am sure that we will make there the passionate love. I am very passion person, but when I think about you I become to be crazy. I want to be with you. I dream about you each night. Of course, we must not use to our imagination, because I scare that my appearance can disappoint you. I want to be perfect for you.
As for passport, I told you that I will get money just on Wednesday and on Thursday I will go to passport office to apply. I hope that it is not a problem for you. Today many people have a holiday, so banks in my town don't work. Tomorrow I will go to Lugansk.
I send you passionate kiss, Anastasia
Letter 4

Hi, my dearest Anders
Sorry, that I didn't write you earlier. I didn't want to make you sad. I missed you very much. During those days I prepared for a holiday and yesterday I celebrated it. I am so sorry that you was far away. I received flowers from my father, but you can't imagine who I want to receive them from you.
I like your ideas about our relationships. I will never leave you with emptiness in the heart. I will not heart you, I promise you.
What about flight, it is possible to fly to Kiev, but I also can go there by train. It is cheaper.
I have much work. I must to write some small research works, to write article. I am very tired, but you give me power to do everything.
Please, don't be upset. I am with you.
Letter 5
Hi, dear Anders
Thank you for your understanding. Soon everything will end and I will have time to write you ****** letters. All weekend I will be at home and will write my works. I will use time to focus on studying. How will you spend your time? I hope that you will have good rest.
I work with linguistic literature. I don't think that it is interesting for you.
Honey, I will answer your questions later, ok.
Kiss you.
Letter 6
Hi, my dearest Anders. I missed you a lot. I am happy that you had a good time. I wish I could be with you!!!!! I am thinking of you all the time too. I can't wait to be with you. Soon we will share everything as you said. I send you many kisses. Have a nice day. Anastasia
Letter 7
Hi, my dear Anders
It is bad that your computer is broken. You send me an address, but I always write you to this address. I am confused. I hope that you are fine and that you will write me soon. Kisses, Anastasia
Letter 8
Hi, my dearest Anders
I am glad to receive your letter. Viruses are very bad for computers))) I hope that soon you will fix everything. How are you doing today? How was your weekend? For this moment I do my home tasks and soon I will go to the university. Oh, honey, you will not lose me. I will be always with you. I miss you very much. I hope that soon my documents will be ready and we will be together.
Kisses, Anastasia
Letter 9
Hi, my dearest Anders
I am happy that your computer is fixed now and we can continue to communicate. It is good that you had rest during weekends. I wish i could be with you. But soon we will be together and it warms my heart. As for me i didn't do something special on weekend. I just rested and did home tasks. Now I am going to go to University. In one and half hour I will have a period, so I must go.
I dream about you too, sweet kisses, Nastia
Letter 10
Hi, dear Anders
Sorry that I didn't write you earlier.I was very busy, but soon will be weekend so i will have some time. I understand all your points completely. We will not lose our contact, don't worry. I am thankful to you that you understand me. Please, don't afraid, I will not leave you. It is good that you have much time. So you can have fun and rest.
I miss you very much. Your Nastaya

Letter 11
Hi, my dear Anders
I am glad to receive your letter. Why do you think that my silence means something. It just means that I am very busy. I have many tasks and lessons. Also I will defend my coursework, so I don't have much free time. Sorry that I didn't write you earlier. I hope that I didn't make you upset.
I will check those homepage. Thank you that you will send me invitation paper. I will be waiting for it. You can't imagine how happy I am now. I can't wait to see you, but I think it is too earlier to gather documents, because I don't have passport yet and I think that I will not get it soon.
How are you doing? Have you some news for me?
I really miss you and I didn't want to hurt you or make you sad.
Your Anastasia
Letter 12
Hi, my dear Anders
I am happy to receive your letter. You blame me that I didn't write you, but you also kept silence. So, where you were????
I am happy that you found your sister. It is so wonderful. You didn't tell me that you lost her, how had it happened? Will you meet with her? Tell me everything. Are you really ready to wait till Christmas before meeting????? You are so patient. Was you close with your sister? I ask you because I have cousin and we are close to each other and I can't imagine that I can loose contact with her.
I hope that you will have a nice day.
Warm Regards, Anastasia
Letter 13
Hi, dear Anders
I am glad to receive your letter. You have to be confident on us. I don't avoid you. I really don't have much time, but today is Saturday and I have a free time. I am at home now and prepare for Easter. Will you celebrate it? Tomorrow we will have a grand holiday. On next week we will bake paskhas. It is very interesting and it is a great tradition. So, how do you spend this weekend?
Thank you that you told me about your sister. I can't believe that you lost contact with her. It is really strange. Oh, she worked as au-pair-girl, I wanted to work as au-pair- girl, but now I see that it is a bad idea.
Oh, it flatters me that you want to devote me your time, but I think that it is also important to meet with your sister. I can't believe that you can wait do long.
I hope that you will have a nice weekend. Kisses, Anastasia
Letter 14
Hi, dear Anders
I am glad that you want to make pictures for your sister. It means that you want to make her happy. Why she doesn't want to come to her birthplace? Is it too expensive for her?
I see that you are not religious. As for me I am also not religious,but I celebrate Easter, because it is interesting and it is a great tradition. Celebration of Easter is partially a pagan holiday, so we just have fun, do a lot of things in order to have a nice holiday, cook many delicious things.
I hope that things will go fine and we will meet, but if everything will not good we will find a way.
Thank you that you understand me and that you want me to study well, but you occupy all my thought and it is hard for me to think about study.
I wish you to have a nice weekend. Kisses, Anastasia
Letter 15
Hi, dear Anders
I thank that it will be really expensive for your sister to come to you, but I think she wants it very much. Maybe you will ask her.
Oh, I don't idealize you. I know that nobody of us is perfect. I know that perhaps we will have some difficulties, but I hope that we will cope with everything. I know that it is not a fairy-tail, but we have to believe in better. Not everything is bad.
I will miss your letters, Nastya
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