Letter(s) from Pam Anderson to Jason (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jason,I hope you doing good...I sent you an email and you didn't reply me,You told me you have $150....you can send it and i will get the rest of the money for the ticket....Please reply back to me,the Address again....NAME-RICARDO VALLS ADDRESS-Ft lauderdale,FL,USA Your WifeEmilly

Letter 2

Hello Babe,How you doing hun? I'm so happy for the email you sent and i'm so happy for the ones you've been sending to me all this while....Jason,i know you're a very lovely and gentle hearted man and i will love to spend my life time with you,Jason,if you can come up with $170 for me babe,i will make sure i get the rest and i will be with you before weekend babe... You can only get to me through emails for now because i don't have IM on my PC for now babe...I hope you still have the information i sent to you and if you don't i will still attach it here to you hun...... NAME-RICARDO VALLS ADDRESS-FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA,USA
Babe,i hope you don't make any mistake this time again hun....I really love you so much and i just wish i could be with you hun.Regards to youWith LoveYour WifeEmilly

Letter 3

Babe,i want to be with you as soon as possible hun....Babe,i want to be with you before this weekend hun because i want to b with you throughout the weekends babe,so you can have much time for me at work and we can be happy through the weekends and make sweet love babe

Letter 4

Hello My Dear Jason....I'm missing you so much and i'm so happy that i will be with you very soon...Babe,i ought to be on in CO with you today but i'm on menstruation now and blood is rushing so much,Babe,it's started yesterday and it's going to stop tomorrow,So babe,i will be with you by Saturday babe...I miss you so much and i love you so much mydear....Babe,i'm in so much pain now because my stomach ache so much and i have migraine but it's all going to end tomorrow mylove.....I hope you will understand me babe...
Kisses and Hugs to you
Your Wife,

Letter 5

Hello Jason....
It's feels so good to know you,well i haven't met you in person though but my daughter emilly told me so much about you and she told me how much you love each other and planning to be with each other and marry...Well,Jason, I hope you love my daughter as you said and i hope you going to be my son in-law.....I'm aware that she was suppose to be on her way to CO to you today but she has been rushed to the hospital yesterday night, It's her menstruation time and i guess she lost so much blood and she fainted....The Doctor said she will be fine before tomorrow but she needs some blood and some medications too,so he said i should pay him $450, I could only raise $250 because i already raised some money for Emilly for her ticket to you so i don't have much money with me again....I was so confused and worried,so your fiancee told me to inform you maybe you could help out with the remaining $200.
I'm willing to pay back if you do but it's an emergency now and i will be glad if you can help out.....She told me you sent some money to her for her ticket also through my neighbor's address that works at the western union store....You just send through him now if you willing to help out.
The Address to him...Name-Ricardo Valls
Address-Ft Lauderdale,FL,USA
I hope to meet you in person very soonest and hope to get back from you

Mrs Dawn Robison

Letter 6

Hi Jason,i can see you really care from the way you talk and thanks for been there for us. I will tell her everything and i know you love her from you words. Please keep trying your best for her sir and God will surely help you too. I have also been trying my best to get some money but had no luck yet. Will keep you inform about her and please let us know how everything is too.