Romance scam letter(s) from Kim Jacobs to Richard (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Rich, Thanks for writing me, how are you doing?, I hope you are fine and cool, here is an introduction about myself, I am mixed Race, I am half American and Chinese and I grew up in China with my mother for about 15 years, I have a bit of Asian accent, smiles, I am a passionate woman looking for a passionate man who wants to be loved forever, I want to find someone to share my life with, I am eager to find someone who can love me and make me happy, I have a lot of love to give you if you want it, I am caring, sharing, considerate and very friendly, I can talk a lot sometimes but I would prefer listening and learning, I have been very lonely on my own and would love to have someone who can show me lots of affection, I want to find the right one as I need it more than anything, I am not materialistic so I want a partner who is not down to earth, some one who likes to be happy and someone who will spoil me a lot of love and care about. I have a Daughter called Emily, she his only 3yrs old, growing so fast and she loves to smile just like me, Emily is a very good girl, she his a little Smart kid that likes to talk and play, If she wants to go out and I don't have the chance to go with him she keeps singing it to my hear till I tell her yes, she can be very naughty but I guess its part of growing up, she his very lovely and I love her so much because she makes me laugh and puts a smile to my face, Regarding my work, I am an Petro Chemical Engineer, I work on contracts either to install materials in plant refineries or work in plants refineries sites for drilling of Oil for companies over the world, so I get a chance to travel out of the country few times in a year, I am an only child, I do not have any other siblings, I am a widow presently, I lost Emily's father in a car accident a years ago when Emily was just a baby and i have to raise her on my own, it was a real difficult time for me then but I am glad that things are better, we miss him but I am ready to move on and find that special person that I can love and cherish, so here is more things about myself below: Music i like : I love ballads also music from Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Elton John, The Corrs, Enrique and Human Nature, I love dance music as I love dancing, Don't know ballroom dancing but wouldn't mind learning one day, I love r&b, hip-hop and rock. Books I like Reading: I read newspapers and some biographies but not many, love to read novels as well as movies & TV: I love watching House, NCIS, Idols, Dancing/Singing with the stars. My favorite movies To Kill a Mockingbird and most of Tom Hanks, Richard Gere and Harrison Ford movies, I love comedies and Romance. Sports i love: I like Swimming, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis. I hope to hear from you soon and you telling me more about your self just like i did, take good care of yourself for now. Lots of kisses and hugs. Kym.
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