Scam Letter(s) from Elena Zybok to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Michael

I'm glad to receive your letter, thank you for your reply, and thank for your interest to me. I hope we would have nice correspondence in the future.

I want to tell you about myself, My name is Elena, and i live in the east of Ukraine in city Rubeznoe, it is small city, but i like it. I was born 2 of november 1982. I'm Scorpio, and as i have merits of scorpio, in my soul there is the fire of passion, fighting with the flow of emotion, sensitivity and vulnerability. If i decide to achieve something, be sure that no one can stop me, and i decide to find my future husband here! I go this target, and want it very much, but the same time i'm very sensitive and vulnerable.

I must say that in relation i correct, demanding, passionate, jealous, loyal and have all the qualities indispensable companion of life, which is provide a way of life to my man!

I tried to find a man in my country, but all guys which i met here, paid they's attention only on my beauty but not on my soul and i want to find my beloved man which could understand me, with whom i could say about everything and share by all my secrets and desires, who would support me and i would support him in difficult situation.

You have a very interesting job i think and it would be nice to hear you sometimes!

Michael if you find some mistakes in my letter, do not worry, because English isn't my native langauge, and i learn it in university. I have no practice since the university.
Tell me about yourself, I want to know what's your plan on the future, and how serious you are?

Please Attach more your photos with letter and i will do the same.

Wish you a good day!


Letter 2

Hello Michael

How are you today? Thank you for your reply, you make my mood great now. I want to get more and more your letters and learn more about you. I'm interested in you, and hope you too.

Thank you for your kind and sincere answer.

I think you want to know me better, so i can tell you about my work, my job is usual, i'm working in the office, i'm secretary-assistant in small office. So everyday i come to work at 9 and see my boss, who gave me tasks, sometimes i go to the other offices, my work day ends in 17 and i go home, just a simple workday. You can told me how look like your day!

Tell me about your last relations?

I do not have speakers, i have access but without sound now, do not know, they do not work...

Michael you know i have a few hobbies, most of all i like to read books and watch romantic movies, and dramas sometimes i can cry when i watch it, tell what you like to do in your free time, i wonder to know.

You can ask free what you want to know about me, and i will answer with pleasure.

Wish you a wonderful day with smile on your face.

Elena with kisses!

Letter 3

Hello my dearest Michael

Oh, what a pleasure for me to receive a letter from you today, thank's a lot for writing it! How are you today? Hope life doesn't keep you too busy to think about me and write me a letter back! :-) Well, here everything is fine, I'm in a good mood and health and (like always) ready for new experience.... with you. :-)

I was a litle tired today but when i saw your message in my inbox i felt there is an butterflies in my stomach. O-o-o, what that mean? I think i am lucky and that i found you here in this huge wild world of Internet, and if we built our relations, i think it will be unforgettable. ;-). Well, what should I tell about me? I cook well but I don't like to cook for me only. As people use to say the way to man's heart is through his stomach, is it true? Do you like to eat tasty food and do you cook?

Now i prefer stay at home, because it was too cold, and this weekend i think i would go to the cinema, to watch some movie with friends.

My dear i really fed up in this dating sites, There is no serious people, most of all married and just want to play with my feelings.
But i'm alive person, i have feelings too, i do not want to play with somebody! And if you a serious towards me, i'm ready to try our relations. And my last relations was serious we are dating 4 years, and even going to marry, but we are break up, for some reasons... it was very sad... but i do not want to think about past, only future!

My darling, i now do not enter the site, i do not need it now, when i see you, but i want to write and speak here, through mail!

Thank you for your letter again!



Letter 4

Good morning my dear Michael

You are the light in my dark life, i can be happy only when i think about you.

Honey i am sorry that i did not write to you, this week i really wanted it but i did not have such opportunity, i had terrible time:-(
this week my salary was shorted, i do not know what to do! And this terrible weather! It was raining and snow all the week! I was caught in the rain and my shoes raveled out! Honey i am sorry for this not very optimistic letter, just i really have no money to pay for new boots. I hope you will rescue me, i just ask you about it, i ask to help with payment for my new boots. I am really sorry for this request, but i have nobody to help me except you. i do not know when i can write next letter to you, because i feel very sick today and maybe a temperature.

Honey, anyway i want you to know that i am very miss you i think about you all the time.

Miss you very much.


Letter 5

Hello my dear Michael

Sorry for the short letter, but i'm sick, and feel bad, just i want to remind that i do not forget you and still think about you



Letter 6

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your letter. No, never thought of breaking our correspondence, I like you too much! I haven't been writing because I've been awfully sick all this time and came to work only today... still a bit unwell, but happy to continue writing you, and to get out-of-doors at last. I've been missing you a lot, honey! How have you been? Are things better with you?

The doctor said I might get sick again if I get my feet wet... but I don't have enough money for new boots, so I don't know what to do.
Darling, could you help me out? I have 120 dollars, and I need 200 more... I wouldn't ask money from you, that's a shame for me, but it seems I'm going to catch a cold again, it's all wet around here.

Oh, as you're expert in music: what do you think of the band called The Pixies?
I heard them the other day, I think the song was called Hey, and liked it a lot.
I'm asking about your opinion of them, because I trust it most :)

Write me back, I'll be waiting, honey!

Kisses, Lena!



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