Scam letter(s) from Della Johnson to Alex (USA)

Letter 1
its really nice to be part of my friends now, i really will like to know you and will like to take you as my good friend and if things work out for us to love each other, then i will be willing to give you all my heart and everything that you need,, well it was lovely also to write me through the dating site , i think i have to start by telling you more about my self first. i am della johnson. i was born on the 7th of september 1981, in rome, i dont smoke and i dont do drugs, i am a mixed race as my dad is a canadian and my mum being an italian who is in rome now.. i work as a teacher who teaches art, and also i deal with art too as i buy artifact and do sell them. as with what i love doing is swimming, traveling , having a walk at the beach and watching scary movies., i am 5.9 feet, never been married before and i dont have no kid, i have been serious in my life all these while and i am now ready to settle down and meet up the man of my dreams, as i said about i loving traveling , relocating to you is not a problem if only we both turn out being serious with each other as i am a lady who want to put smiles on my partners face.. i work with the catholic association in italy and we have been traveling alot , to australia, germany , uk and now we are in ghana. i am in ghana for a short while just helping the ghanaian catholic to aquire good skills in art. i am caring , understanding , faithful and loyal with my self and everybody who comes my way, all what i need is to retuen me back with these things too. and as you can see relationship is all about understanding, if you dont understand me , we both cant work things out together,, i will need you to understand me and be patient so that we both can use this little period to get to know alot about each other,, .. well incase you need anything just ask and i will be willing to share with you and if you dont understand anything too , just tell me,. i need not to say alot ,, i hope you will write me back and tell me more too ,, kisses
Letter 2
hello alex, its really nice that you have emailed me , i really like what you have really told me about your self , i realy think saying the truth is the best in life , since i know that you are having two kids , i think that is ok with me , well i like you but all mattters is getting to know who really you are .. well i will not say much as i think communicating with you through the cell phone or through the chat will help us both to get to know each other well as communication is the best way of knowing each other well.. my cell number that you can call me on is 011 233 278 231 558 or you can send me a text by using 00233 278 231 558. thinking of you...
Letter 3
hello ****, how is everything , its has been so lovely to receive an email from you once again , i really will be glad to have your cell number which i can exchange some message with you as i really will like to know you well,, as you can notice , i have taken some new photos for you , just to tell you that i am thinking of you and i am always there for you ,, all what i need from you is just your care, and if things get on well for us, i will not hesitate to relocate to you as soon as you invite me ,, as you can see , monday is again and it has been so sunny over here so i have been in my room all day after getting back home from teaching ,, i am missing you and i hope you will say hi to the kids for me ,, take care and kissess
Letter 4

well my lovely alex, i hope everything is well with you this morning, i am ready to go to work and i wanted to check my mail frist before going to work , well i hope everything is fine with you and the kids, i will love it when you send me a picture if you and the kids, i am feeling abit tired as i think for staying long hours and not resting is making me tired, as i i alone do everything in my appartment and also get up to go to work keeps me so busy and tired , well i will send you a message when i am at work with my phone ok.. have a nice day and take care ,, kissess
Letter 5
well ****, how is everything today, i am feeling a bit relaxed and ok , i am just missing you and really need you by my side just to romance me and keep me smilling ,, i have been thinking of you all day, as if the mother of the kids will be happy with me when i come there and do take good care of the kids, all what i want to see is the smiles of the kids, i hope things work out soon for us to meet together so that i will hold the kids for real , i miss having my own too,, thinking of you , i hope we both meet tonight and chat , kisses an have a nice time ,, kiss
Letter 6
my love, how is everything , i am so worried about the kids not feeling well , what is wrong . i hope you did not take them to the bat watching place, well i am missing you so much too ****, it did rain all day today and the weather is cool , i love this weather today, i am missing you..and i will like you to tell me what you like and what makes you happy.. i want to see you and the kids happy , i will see about making or getting something nice for the kids when am coming , well what will be the best thing to get , you will have to tell me , i wish you good night ok ,.. kissess
Letter 7
****, how are you feeling , i am planning of taken some new photos for you as on saturday , i will be in the house not doing anything , i fell lonely so , i will use that day to work things out and snap some photos for with what you sent me in my mail do not say anything about i not needing any visa to come , if i need not to work on visa, that will even be better for me and that will even relief us from spending, well i called its one hour drive from here to the u.s.a embassy , am going there and i will be back soon, i will call you and let you know alot about what i was told over there. but all what i know is that , surely i will have to seek in for visa, because only few people are having the electronic passport now , i will have to work on my own too when i get back to italy ,, but for now , i will see the u.s embassy and when we meet online today , then we discuss and see how things goes... kissess
Letter 8
well how are you doing , i have found about everything about my flight to you over there , well since you have been busy , i think it will be lovely and better for us to chat later when you are less busy, i feel so lonely and tired, i have taken the photo, i will see about sending it to you when we meet nest time online ,, i dont know if i have to go out and have a walk at the beach near by,, well am confused,, well kisses and safe trip..
Letter 9
well ****, i dont know why you went off , what is going on. or you are also having problems with your internet lines, well i am waiting for you to email me your house address and also your cell number which i can contact you one when i reach the airport.. . take care and kissess
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