Scam Letter(s) from Celina Sinnathurai to Marco (Czech Republic)

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Letter 1

OK good to hear, I am also looking for a casual date, which means a meeting for sex alone.........
so tell me where and when should we meet?

I will be available for this weekend....what do you think about that?

Ok good, wait and let me check the cost of air ticket....what is the closest airport to you?

I just called My agent and he said the it will cost me about 480pounds ..........

yeah I would love that too, but a volcanic eruption just occurred in Iceland, and all e-tickets will be delayed for several hours in Heathrow(London)due to some lost baggages.......
My neighbor just told me that, she just came in from Spain some hours ago.....
So all e-tickets will be delayed and besides i do not like e-tickets for any reason.......
I prefer Buying it from here and my agents has been in charge of that for almost 2years now......

yeah you can send it by WESTERN UNION............
do you know it??
the amount is 450pounds and 30pounds for agent fees
i hate this keyboard

Oh i will like to go and pay the Agent tomorrow or you will pay him yourself....
or you will send it directly to me...
please let me know so i can start preparing

Ok.........this is Mine, and I will contact the Agent to get me his own..
Name : Janet Tillery
26 fairlawn court road,
Can''t wait to be in your arms.



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