Letter(s) from Mariah Clampton to Marco (Czech Republic)

Letter 1

hello dear,
thanks for your wonderful post to me.i love it so much and you sound so romantic and i really adore romantic man like you.
let me share a little of my erotic and sex fantasies, I'm open to trying new things and eager to learn new things.
i like to have sex in cool and private places,visit beaches and have sex in boats while sailing but i'm more comfortable in the bedroom.
i love to spend more time licking and sucking your love stick and kissing and licking your balls as well and make you juicy and i swallow all your juice all at one with pleasure.
i like the 69th position,doggy,and all other new styles.i like it when you fuck me from behind and fondle with my breast at the same time.
i can't wait to be with you to spend some days with you and we have sex all day.
i like to hold your hands while we go shopping and i just can't stop licking and sucking your love stick anytime you go naked.
i hope that we can arrange for a meeting soon my dear.
i'm from London,bethnal green in United Kingdom.
when are we meeting?
kissing,licking and sucking in between your legs my love.