Scam Letter(s) from Kate Smolarek to John (USA)

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Letter 1

JN, am sorry if I had Disturbed you but I think Email is prefered for first contact too, attached are Pictures of me. I hope you Like what you see.

Letter 2

Hi John,

If you say you wanna know me then i think I would tell you some things you need to know about me .I am a devoted, loving person and to have part of me is to have all of me.I have my own thoughts and my own idea ,I can come to a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.I can improve my interpersonal relationships, realign my expectations towards others,and gain a better self-knowledge that will help me define and achieve goals.I am online with the hope to find a man with a big big question for you have a big heart?

I'm looking for a man who has similar interests but looks, race, religion, size, and age don't matter to me. I look for whats in the heart, not the outside. I don't like them to be cynical, I don't like attitude, sarcasms is ok. I'd like a man to be honest and no games, i like fun loving, bubbly, goofy, silly at times, a good sense of humor. I'm not too picky a man who is serious, loving, caring, warm hearted, understanding, loyal, and patient.someone i can spend my life with.someone i can spend the rest of my life with,my soul mate and my dream mate.

He must be nice and friendly, get along with people and romantic.he doesn't need to be afraid to tell me how he feels about certain things or expressing himself. I admire strong independent men who aren't afraid to do just anything. I believe in 100/100% and being fair with each other. honesty and communication are keys to a good relationship. understanding and compassion for each other is one thing that I learned that makes a better relationship too. I believe that two people should listen to each other. If no one speaks up, then it's kept bottled up inside then it leads to unhappiness. I think men and women should serve each other.

I also make an effort to understand each others needs, and most important emotional support is important, kindness, nurturing, love, tenderness, understanding, and support by listening and not just hearing. those are the ingredients for a great relationship...

My dislikes are lies,cheats and other negative vises which demoralize human being or life styles that are not worthy of emulation... i m not online to play games nor pranks and i don't want to be played by anybody.
My hubbies are,listen to music,going to beach,traveling,shopping,beeing in the mist of kids as well as doing other productive things .these are things i believe you should first know about me and every other things comes i really wanna know more about you and what you are looking for in relationship..what you do for a living and everything you want me to know about you....take good care of yourself and hope to read from you soon.

I hope I have said Enough before you get back, Please Respond and lets Move on. God bless you.


Letter 3

Hello Handsome John:

You said my Letter was lovely, are you kidding me? what I just read from you was a break taking good nice and well composed letter which any woman would like to read over and over again. Distance be a problem? John to me that's the Smallest problem we've got because i believe If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one so why not give this a try without a long process of stress and thinking?

If truly you get more joy out of assisting others reach their dreams, Can you make my Romantic dream Desire come true? ( smiles)

Sex wont ever be a problem from my side,I shouldn't be on hornymatches to find someone but I realize its a website of those with good sex drive and need to please which was why I gently filled my profile a little bit and tried to contact you. where is this going to get us John?

ill see your response in your return Email and i hope its Positive and hope i haven't said anything wrong as well. Please get back to me,

Take Care!!!


Letter 4

Hi John,

May love fill your soul too John, the pictures you sent me were really dear and I love them with all my heart. i should say thank you for putting smiles on my face.

Basically I am a caring, sociable lady of a family who would like to meet someone like me!!
I enjoy entertaining especially Sunday Roasts with friends but my favorite food is Italian, closely followed by Tapas.
I enjoy walking barefoot along a beach (only in Summer though!)and have recently experienced CAMPING (Yes camping!!) for the first time and LOVE it!!!

I love sea foods and I love Blue been a color, I attached a picture of me in a blue jean and blue top in this picture. I grew up in Canada before I moved to New Hampshire after my breakup with my ex because I couldn't Stand all that happened BTW me and him and lost my mother the same i broke up so the pains were too much for me and i had to move to my relatives in the States. I would like to spend the rest of my life in the anywhere in the states where i find love and peace someday in my life. Actually every time i remember the happiness my child wood friend ruined BTW me and my Ex and loosing my mom same time to cancer it makes me cry but i know God is in control of my life. I am excited right now that I am talking to you because you sound like "HOPE" which i have lost in a very long time.

all i will say is A relationship is a two way street. It's never all your fault or the other persons. You go into the relationship together and work through it all together. So john i think i have satisfied you by saying all you asked me, so for the second time, WHATS NEXT?

Waiting to hear from you soon,


Letter 5

Hi john:

wow. that was a Lovely one from you. you want to look into your partners eyes? then I guess at this point we need to try to be together. Sweet John you have Misunderstood my movement completely. I am still in South Africa and my project is finished and i would be going to Capetown to pickup my Paycheck and return ticket, which is what I would need to change to any preferred airport you want to pick me up from. Secondly I forgot the Blue picture dint i? Am sorry I would resend it Again. if you want us to met them please as soon as you get to work and read this Email, lets start to take some step and know where to start from. I am convinced already that you are good for me. Please don't let me down.


Letter 6

John did you just called me Scary after all we have been through?God!you have just Disapointed me and I feeel so Cheap to have forced myself on a man am so ashamed of myself. Bye for now.

Not Happy,


Letter 7


After I tried to Ignore your messages because I was upset, you sent one that i couldn't. are you serious about me or just toying with my heart? If you love me the way you have said then John, you need to know that Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever.

John, In my world, I walked to a different drum. You came along and joined me in my journey. I am now in harmony and at peace in the world of love ad all of a sudden it went down just because of a little misunderstanding? Common John, I believe if we do not attempt to meet we could end up breaking up without seeing each other. I am done with my project, and all I need to do right now is go to Capetown which is in another province to pickup my Paycheck and return ticket to the States. Initially I left from New Hampshire and i am supposed to go back there but if you are serious and really want to see me? then I willing to try this out, But on one condition, I want your commitment, are you ready?

This is it John, if you could afford my fare from Pretoria to Capetown to pickup my Paycheck and return ticket, then I will take care of all my Expenses to get to you all by myself. that's all i need from you to show me you really ant toying with my heart and you are serious about me. I am waiting to hear from you John and I hope this time it wont be for a breakup ( Smiles)

Your Lovely Preccy

Letter 8

About the flight Hun, I would have to Take a taxi from Pretoria ro Or Tambo airport to fly to Capetown ok? Can you please be able to Lets work this out? can you be able to Afford what I will need to go to Capetown tomorrow? if yes then Hun lets work this out ok? I will take care of all Expenses to get to you After i pickup my Paycheck OK? Thanks and I am waiting to hear from you.

Letter 9

Dear John,

The day you left me I felt so empty inside. I knew part of the reason why you were leaving was because you felt i was unreal. I tried to do everything to keep you and this relationship working, but I guess you needed space. I thought that when you left it would just be another day, but the truth is that true love never goes away.

The day you left was the hardest thing, because I just knew one day I would be by your side. The love I have for you will never die no matter how much you make me cry, my heart never lies. every night I think I'm in a dream, but when I wake up I'm wishing the same thing, and that's to have you to hold me for one more night. I will never forget all the happy moments we shared together when we just meet and you send lovely emails to me.

The day you left me, I didn't know what to do, I just knew one day I will be missing you, for you to take our love and not give it another thought. For my last letter I will write I just want to say goodnight and good luck because you know deep down I am the woman for you, but like you always said if we are meant to be we will be.



Letter 10

Well anyway. I just want to ask if you really want to see so i will be sure I did not Make Any mistake..and then i will tell you my Surprise
Ok Good, the Suprise is, I have madeup my mind to come and meet you in XX
Honey There is a little problem but it would be solved, I earlier contacted my company yesterday about my return ticket to NC so they sent me a Scanned copy of the Adjustment they made for me to get to NC in an email which I have also forwarded to you. But Its for 12th and I need to change things OK? I need to go pick it up ASAP and change my flight to this week and fly please Respond we need to talk urgent....
Sweetie what I need us to talk about right now is How you can help with some Money so I can add it to what I have to get to Capetown, Pickup my Paycheck and also change this ticket to the right date and have you Information about when to pick me up, How long do you want me to Stay for in NC please talk to me please..
Initially It was that low i needed because I had some money but right now sweetie I am $520 Short, going to Capetown and back to Pretoria and then OR Tambo for my Ticket changing and everything.. If you can help I would be so Glad Sweetie Please no more fight ok? and be nice when am with you in XX
Honey Thats too Much, Please Send $400 ok? Thats Enough. Can you be Able to send it Via Western union? I need everything Done ASAP. its $400 I need ok?
First Name: DAMILARE
middle Name: MATHEW
Last Name: AZEEZ
address: 175 troy street, sunnyside
City: Pretoria
State: Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Postal code: 0002

Honey Did you get this? Please let me know you got it right ok?If you use any Question and Answer please let me know ok? Please Respond now so i will be sure you got it, I just called the colleage now that i would have some money from my Man today ok?
Sweetie I can Arrive ASAP. my plans is to go to Capetown tomorrow morning and have my flight Fixed tomorrow as well then fly on Saturday Morning..
Ok No problem Love, I will be waiting OK? I cant wait to be with you. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Your woman to be,


Letter 11

Oh thats Great sweetie but you are yet to email me the MTCN # with Question and answer you used plus your address and Senders name you used OK?
You are my everything and I got the Information sweetie.. Thank you for loving me the way no one can. You understand me and you know just how to make things right. You never knew just how much I love you when we had a misunderstanding last time, but I will spend the rest of my days trying to show you. You saved me from the worst, and you are always there for me. Fighting is never an option and making love is always as sweet as we will make it when we see at NC. No matter what, there will never be another for me and I will always keep you safe. I love you for all eternity. Again, thank you, Baby for the Money I will Start Packiing my stuff now to fly to Capetown tomorrow morning.

Kisses and Love Always,


Letter 12

Honey My love will Grow more than you think it would, Sweetie Let me pack OK? and I will be back Online in 2 hours time, is that perfect for you? Please let me know if Not, ill be by computer and continue talking to you...
Honey Just checking if you have sent an email ok? I might be here latter than the 2 hours almost done with packing stuffs ok? Just wanted to let you know ok?


Letter 13

Honey Thanks for Making my life better I am So happy that i have meet you Hun, Its been a very great joy for me, and God bless you for coming into my life, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and i can't let go of you.
Sweetie thanks so much for coming Online..there is something Important we really need to talk about OK? I am currently in Capetown i just got back from the Outsurance Insurance company.
I just Scanned a copy of the Insurance i went to pay for today, its the sum of $1500 for some Gold I am bringing along with me, I wont be Allowed to carry them on the Plane uninsured Attached is the certificate i was given so you could see everything am doing is Legit. and i am getting ready to meet you asap.
Sweetie don't be confused OK? I did not tell you about it before OK? Its Sum Gold iam bringing along with me and have used all i have now to do all that, Please honey I still need your Help, Is there anyway you could Borrow some money from anyone? I need to Hold some allowance while coming back to the states i will give them back to you, its just to hold it cos i am having a Stop over and for emergencies OK?
Sweetie I know you have tried and I do not want to Stress you OK? Actually they said I need to have at least $3000 with me which I am trying to Gather myself I am going to a Pawn Store to Pawn my necklace so I can raise some money plus some money I also have, But honey whatever you can raise is OK alright? No matter how Small, i will give it back to you not spending it OK? if you can just raise it ill be fine and give it back to you as soon as I land in NC OK? please Respond I am waiting anxiously for the moment we would Kiss each other whatever you are able to raise will relieve me from the stress of looking for the whole money OK?
*Wow, that a lot of money for me. I don't have near that kind of money. I am not doubting you OK. Please explain why they are telling you that you need 3000.00 dollars. What is all that money for? And who is "they". How much do you have and how much do you think the necklace is worth, exactly how much short are you from the 3000?
This is really short notice.
*I can do probably 500.00 today. I am currently waiting on a check a company owes me for teaching a seminar, this check is for 8250.00 but i owe 4000.00 of that to my mother for a loan. That check should be here any day now, but it is not in my hand. It could be today, it could be two weeks. Are you on your cellphone when you call? I have a skype account which is john.noblitt1 is that will help also.
If I had more time I could probably raise more money, but the short notice is kind of a problem.
Honey who am I to stress you? I am so sorry If I have OK? Honey there is no way a woman would be sure a man loves her than the way you have done for me. Honey whatever money thats yours is yours, I just need you to help me OK? $500.00 is OK that would definitely reduce the Stress i would go through..
sweetie I just paid R10s to get on computer right now so I could talk to you before i leave the airport to take a Meter taxi to Pretoria OK? everything seems alright, just wanted you to know i left Capetown and am now at OR Tambo airport so you know am Safe

Letter 14


I love you; there it's simple but so true. I miss you so much . I don't want to break up with you; I love you more than anything. You are my world, my life, my reason to live. The 10000 miles will not destroy us, we both know we are strong enough to make it through. It was you who pulled me through leaving. You were there, you held me close even if u were not here physically, I was crying, you said it would be fine and I believe you, it will be! I love you, John, and always will. I can't wait to see you soon! Please drive safe and Email me as soon as you get to a computer.

Love always,


Letter 15

Am fine sweetie Am so fine. Honey if I have my flight Detials and need money to get to OR Tambo to fly from Pretoria can you be able to do anything Today? plus what airport is that airport close to you so I am sure i haven't made mistake?
Isnt there anything you can do today honey? Please i need to see my Man asap.
Honey I am im Pretoria ok? and if you can get anything from $300-$400 then its OK. as for my flight I will send you details ASAP. just need to conclude how ill catch it Hun ok? thats why I needed you to do something tonight..
I can't reply because i am still loooking for a way to tell airline ti change my ticket again i wanted ti surprise ytou and fly tonight.bbut there is nothing i can do.
honey I Missed my flight yesterday thats very ridiculous honey. are you on the computer? we need to talk baby please..
everything takes money and you know it hun. Why cant you be able to send $200 or $150 it would also help.
Honey I am so Down right now, When id that payday you are taking about hun? i am trying my best
Baby am here .youcant even do anything not even $100 sweetie? nobody to borrow you that?
How much did you send on my way ok?am chatting with ipad.
ill call you when i get to airport ok? Kisses.
Oh u are Laughing and speahless after i had an accident? WDF check my picture attached am not completely ok right now.. Ankle problem..
I can't Im right now i Had a minor accident on my way to the airport all because i needed to be with my Man and then you sent a message thinking I ran away with money God have mercy am so upset right now I am so upset.

Letter 16


I don't know how to start this letter; I have so much emotion in my heart. I never thought this would happen, never thought that it would be this way,Never knew you could feel that way because i wasnt sending messages?

I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. The times we spent together sending emails I will carry forever deep in my soul in the hope that one day we will meet and still feel this incredible, untouchable, everlasting love for each other i was on my way to you when I had that accident and you totally did not have any trust in me.

The choices I have to make are hard and this decision is one that no one should have to make - the choice between trust and the one I love. How? Why is this so?

I leave you with this final thought … one day we will meet under a blanket of light and purity. Our love will shine again once more and we will be free to fly away … forever.

it hurts me and i think I need some time to get over that speahless thing, my ankle is Sore.

God bless you.

Love always,


Letter 17

If only I'd find the courage to give you this letter. I never knew love until I knew you. We shared our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls with each other. We shared a feeling so deep that simply cannot be put into words.

The love in my heart for you will never change. People say that time heals everything. But the truth is, I still dream of you, I still cry myself to sleep thinking of you, and I still wish on ever star that you were here with me. First thing I do every 1minute is check my email. I still love you and want you to have the best of lifeand please dont get me wrong that I do not wana be with you that's wrong i was just heart broken.

What hurt me the most is the day that should have been one of the biggest in our lives; On coming to you I had an accident, even if i wasnt online you should have known something was wrong not be running away. Do you want me to give you one more chance? the only reason why I still love you is because u have putin your whole self into this and you have tried alot as much as I have, and you want to ruin this. do you want me to try this again?

waiting to hear from you,


Letter 18

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Hoeschen, Precilia

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Flight Duration
1 hr 20 min

US Airways
Flight 887
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From New York LaGuardia (LGA) 10:05am -May 21, Sat
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Letter 19

So much is on my mind I don't know where to start though. John, to be honest with you, I really think we're losing love. Things don't seem the same anymore. John, I really love you and want to be with you but this is not how.

The first time we supposedly broke up when you first called me a Scammer about the newspaper thing?, you were telling me you wanted me back and you loved me - and it seemed like it was true, but now I don't know where our relationship stands. I'm feeling really confused; I don't know if I'm your girlfriend or just someone you can have sex with and Insult. I need answers right about now.

My flight Left After 1 Pm because there was a little problem with my ticket and has to be Worked out, I got to NC like a fool standing like an idiot at the airport not seeing you, never knew you could leave the airport that early and quickly and can't even wait to see me?

You know what hurt the most is that you didn't even wait at the airport for up to 12 hours for you to conclude or see me and come by me to say, "Hey," or give me a kiss, hug ... anything, and I'm supposed to be your girlfriend. When do you plan on showing it? Now you have just spoilt what we have built we faith and alot of stress And another thing ... so, that's how it is when you're starting your bad attitudes; I'm just another girl in your little black book huh? John, that really hurt to know that my own boyfriend - the one who supposedly loves me, can't wait for me and say hey or something, but when you're not with your friends and it's just you and me sending messages while am away, it's another story ... but I know what I have to do.

I'm just gong to have to find your money, send it and leave you alone once and for all. I don't want to do it but I want things the way they used to be and it looks like that won't happen. I love you, John, and obviously your love isn't as strong as you say it is. my uncle was Disapointed in me and all my relatives laughs at Attached Pictures should tell you how Heartbroken I am can you Imagine I have started smoking all because of you? Shit..and now i had to wear the watch i was bringing for your daughter. thats crazy

Good bye,

Heartbroken Precilia

Letter 20

Oh My Dear Husband,

I spent most of my many years on earth waiting for the maturity and courage to give my heart to someone. Then when I stopped waiting, I simply stumbled upon a stone on my path and stood up again to find you standing there. I "fell" in love because of a stone as hard and strong as love itself. Thank you for letting me falter into your life in such a beautiful way. Thank you for teaching me that what can be seen from a distance is still existent and within arms' reach and still be there for each other. That small hesitation in my life made all the difference ... thank you for lighting my life.Sweetie you are the best ill be online in a second got ya Voice message.

Love always,

Your Wife,




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