Scam letter(s) from Elizabeth Hinnen to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Steve or Robin About my package which i said was going to be sent to your address for me. It is going to be delivered in the morning under the name MARCIA LAX, no signature is required to receive the package. It contains a Motorola Tablet. Let me know when its delivered. Thanks, hope you get well soon. Elizabeth
Letter 2
Hello Steve. I have not heard from you. I hope you are feeling better now, My client has sent the check and it will be delivered to you on Tuesday, its a check of $2150, i hope you will be able to help me take care of it when you get it. The rest of the package will be delivered to you on monday. I hope and pray you get well soon Elizabeth
Letter 3
Name: Elizabeth Hillen
Address: 4-2f tamma orkid
City: cheras
State: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Zipcode 56000 That is the information you need to send the money through Western union, there is no need for secret question and answer when sending money to Malaysia. I will be waiting to hear from you. Elizabeth
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