Scam letter(s) from Alena Syericowa to Tony (UK)

Letter 1
Hello, Tony !!! It is nice to meet you on the site and write to you this first letter. My name is Alena and I am a simple Ukrainian girl. Do you know much about my country? If not, I will tell you in my next letter. In fact, I do not know how I should start this conversation. Perhaps, first of all I have to thank you for being so kind and giving me your personal e-mail address on the dating site. I hope that owing to our communication we will find a lot of common and become friends or even more. Are you here with this aim? It is very difficult to write this letter as I do not know what you want to know about me. Perhaps, you want to know everything.
My profile tells just a bit about my personality and, certainly, you will have a lot of questions to me, am I right? By the way, if you are going to ask me 100 questions in one letter, you will wait for my letter till the end of 2012. Please, do not let it happen, ok? I did not get used to start the communication with a man but in order to find my partner in the Internet I have to be courageous and talkative. Otherwise, the thousands of other pretty girls from all over the world will will try to conquer your heart before me. I cannot let it happen :). By the way, how is it possible to conquer your heart? Would you be so kind to give me some hints? I am very curious, really. I would like to tell you from the very beginning that I am full of enthusiasm to start our communication. This kind of correspondence is new to me and I do not know if there exist some rules which I have to follow. I hope that in the next letter you will tell me how you want me to talk to you. Please, do not doubt giving me the advices. I know that some people, being very polite, talk about the weather. So, I will ask you about the weather in your country. Spring has come to Ukraine and I hope that soon I will take off all warm clothes and enjoy the sunny weather. How is the weather in your country? As it is still rather cold here, I would be happy to be warmed up with your next letter with attached photos. Be sure, you will find out how talkative Ukrainian women can be. I wish you to have a very nice day. I hope you won't let be get frozen while waiting for your letter :) Best regards, Alena
Letter 2
Hello, Tony!!! I am very glad to get your letter. It is wonderful that you did not give me a chance to get frozen. I have to admit that you are a real gentleman, am I right? I have always dreamt of meeting a real gentleman who would be attentive, loyal and kind to his partner. I do not know what can be better than the tenderness and understanding in the relations. Frankly speaking, I do not know how I should start our communication. I know that it is the second letter I write to you, but I am still not sure if my letters are written in the good form. I always talk about the things which are in my head. Is it ok with you?
Perhaps, it would be better to be guided by you in this correspondence. I want to give you the chance to direct our correspondence in any way you want. I want to be a kitten in your hands. Will you give me such a chance? I have nothing to hide. Of course, there are topics which I do not want to discuss and there are topics which I will discuss with great enthusiasm. I want you to know that you will always get a sincere answer from me as I truly believe that honesty and frankness are the best friends for those who are trying to create long-term relations.
By the way, I am not here to play any games. I am not going to fall in love with you in this letter, I am not going to promise you anything until I am sure that we are meant to be together. Is it ok with you?
Like almost every person in the world I have burned my fingers on love and betrayal. It is painful, but I survived. Dating site is a new stage in my life and I sincerely hope that I will find the person who will become my second half. I do not want to find a man for one night or a sponsor. I would be happy to meet a man who would supplement me.
I want to look at the same direction with him - to have the same aims, goals, to achieve them together. Now a bit from my biography. I was born in the small town Rubyejnoye.
I know that it is very difficult to pronounce this name, but we got used to it. I was born there in 1982, on the 27th of March. My height is 165 cm and my weight is about 56 kg. I have never been married and I do not have any kids, though, now I realize how much I want to become a loving wife. If the God gives me the chance to become a mother, I will accept this gift with pleasure. I love kids very much.
Also I like pets very much. I cannot imagine my life without these sweet creatures which surround us. Unfortunately, now I cannot have any pets at home, as I am living in the renting apartment with my landlord, but in the future I would be happy to have a pet. What about you? By the way, I forgot to tell you that not I live not far from my native town. I live in Syevyerodonetsk. This town is better than my native one and there are a bit more perspectives. So, I made the decision to leave my parents and relocate. Here, in Syeverodonetsk I work as I person who arranges the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.
This job is rather nice as I always meet interesting people and make their special event even more special. I am new in this sphere and that is why I cannot tell you much about this kind of business. I am just one of the employee with the fixed salary. If you read my profile you know that I do not know any foreign language. In my profile I wrote (some English), but in fact I know only Hi, Bye, Kiss. Not too much to write the letters and talk to you.
I use the help of the translation firm. Fortunately they help me in all the services (translating, typing and sending the letters). You see, in order to talk to you I have to pay for their services, but it is ok with me. I know that it is my fault and I have to blame anybody but me. I know that this news is not very good, but this issue will be solved in the future, as I have a great desire to learn the language of my beloved. You know, I am so happy that spring has finally come. I know that usually spring is the time when people are in blossom and they are ready to start the new relations. Perhaps, it is destiny that we met each other in spring. Do you like this season? I like it very much. It is so nice to look at the nature waking up after the winter's sleep.
How is the weather in your country now? Ok, it is time to wake up. I am finishing my "short" letter. It was so difficult to tell you about everything in one letter. I hope that I did not seem too boring. Have a nice day
Letter 3
Hello, Tony!!! Thank you for your letter. It was pleasure to read it. How was your day? How is everything about you? I hope that you are safe and sound and that you have time to talk to me. Being far from you I do not know if it is easy for you to talk to me; I do not know if you consider me a good interlocutor. I just hope that I do not seem to you strange. What did you do today? What did you eat? By the way, what is your favorite dish (cuisine)? I adore Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Ukrainian. Of course, as every woman I prefer cooking by myself, but while living alone I got used not to cook much. Perhaps, I am saving the power to cook for my beloved every day (I mean in the future). Do you like cooking by yourself? Talking about likes and dislikes, I would like to tell you that I really do not like to wash the clothes. I like to iron them but as for washing, sorry, I hate it. I like wash up the dishes, I like to clean the apartment, but I do not like to wash the windows. I adore planting and taking care of the flowers and bushes. What about you? What you do not like and dislike to do? I am very curious. I am sure that we will easily do everything together, but I prefer sharing with you such trifles in order not to have misunderstandings in the future. You know, it would be so nice to talk to you about everything, but I do not want to make this letter too long. I want to give you the chance to eat and rest a bit. If I were next to you, I would cook something special for you. What would you prefer? I really want to be a very good wife. I want to share everything with my beloved. I want him to be happy with me - in good and bad times, while waking up in the bed with me and going to bed together. I want him to see in me the personality I am - no lies, no secrets (or, of course, every person has his/her secrets, but they should not influence the relations, do you agree with me?). I want my beloved to look at me and want to make love to me. Yes, I really want to feel his ****** desire. I know that ****** relations are very important for every person and that is why, being an honest and straight-forward person, I prefer talking about such things now. I hope that I did not make you uneasy, as it was not my intention. I just think that we are adults and can easily discuss any topic we want. Ok, I will finish my letter. Perhaps, you have lost your consciousness while reading my letter. If yes, I am flying to your country to bring you to your senses, ok? Well, have a nice day and write to me as soon as you can. I will wait for your letter impatiently. Alena
Letter 4

Hello, dear Tony!!! It is so wonderful that our communication continues. I am happy to have a chance to talk to you again. Though, I can see only two reasons of you writing to me. First, you like my letters as they help you to fall asleep very quickly. And second, you really like me. Do you know what I prefer??? hehe How are you? What is the weather in your country? Do you see the sun often? If yes, please, ask it to come back to Ukraine and make my days a bit brighter. You know, I miss the sun very much. I like sunny weather. I like when the sky is blue. Now the weather is rather gloomy and I have to raise my spirits artificially. Do you have the good recipes of raising the spirits? Do the sweets help you to feel better?
I like ice-cream and chocolate. What about you? I hope that you are not very tired and have enough energy to read my letter. My day was not very difficult. I had several clients and now I work on their order. It is nice when people come to our office and have good mood. They arrange the holiday for their dear people and this fact makes them happy also. But sometimes I face the people who have so many ambitions as if they are Gods. I think that the simpler you are, the better people treat you. Do you agree with me? How was your day? You know, it is so nice to talk to you. I like your letters. I like your style. I like when you talk to me about this or that and you feel at ease sharing with me the life of yours. You know, sometimes I come to the office of the translation firm and think of you reading my letter. You read in on the screen of your computer, am I right? Do you know how I write to you my letters? I sit and write my letter on a sheet of paper. I do not use the computer at all. I read your letter and write mine. As soon as my letter is finished, I give it to our translator and she translates, types and sends it to you. So, my way of writing the letters is a bit old-fashioned, do you agree with me? I am dreaming of learning the foreign language, of learning how to use the computer, of learning how to drive the car. Oh, I dream too much. By the way, do you have the dreams which are still unrealized? Of course, you have. You know, I have a very nice dream which I want to be realized in the nearest future. This dream is rather specific and a bit childish. You know, some years ago I visited our Crimean resort and there was the dolphin show. At first I thought that this show would be rather simple and it would not impress me much. But when I saw real dolphins acting like the people and carry out the tasks of their trainers, I began to cry with excitement. I was so touched. This show turned out to be the most interesting to me. After the show the people offered to swim with the dolphins, but this option cost much and I refused. You know, I still remind this show and I feel a great necessity, yes, necessity to swim with the dolphins. I know that the dolphins possess such energy which helps ill people to recover. I know that they cure autism. Of course, I am not sick, but I have a great desire to swim with these animals. I would like to tell you that today's evening I am going to spend with my parents. After talking to you I will go to the bus station and go to them. I think that they would be very impressed to know that I am talking to a man from another country. It will take hours to explain to them how it works. I am sure that they will want to get to know much about you. Can I tell them about you? It is time to finish my letter. I do not want you to consider me a boring person. I have to go, but I hope that soon you will make me to come back to the office of the translation firm and read your wonderful letter. Please, take a special care of yourself. I send you my friendly kisses and hugs Alena
Letter 5
Hello, dear Tony!!! Thank you for writing to me your wonderful letter. I waited for it with great anticipation. It is wonderful that you entered my life and made is happier. While talking to you, I forget about everything.
It reminds me the process of writing the diary. It seems to me that every girl had a dairy in the childhood. We also had the books - questionnaires, when all our class-mates told about their interests, favorite groups, films, friends and enemies. At the end of every questionnaire there was a question about the person's liking. In such a way we got to know whom he/she likes. It was a real fun. Did you have such books? Kids are so naive. At the same time they are really sincere. When they are little, they do not know what lie is. They talk to you and everything they say goes from their heart and mind. It is pity that when the person becomes older the things change radically.
It is pity that people hide the truth under thick layer of lie. I have started this correspondence with you with the intention to find a soul-mate in you, the person who will listen and understand. It seems to me that we have this harmony. How are you today? How is your mood and health? I hope that everything is great and that you have time to read my letter. How was your day? I hope it was not very difficult or stressful? Mine was ok. Nothing special. I have a kind of nostalgia today. I had a day which did not bring to me positive emotions. I had a very unpleasant conversation with the client who decided to cancel the order and now she asks me to give her money back. But the birthday had to be celebrated tomorrow.
Everything is ordered and all the services are paid. So, I am in the dead lock. So, I am a bit sad today. She was in hurry and did not sign the contract. Though, perhaps, she did it intentionally. I do not know. As I am new in this business, I do not know what I have to do.
The employees who work with me tell me that it is my fault that I did not make her sign the contract. Perhaps, they are right. Sometimes I can be very inattentive. Ok, forget about that. You know, it is great that I can talk to you about good and bad things. It is great that we are not afraid of talking to each other and share the true feelings and emotions. I do not have to pretend that I am happy if I am not. It is so wonderful. My dear, let me share with you a story from my life. I know that I go back to the past very often but as every person my life was rich of events and they were some which influenced me emotionally. It is one of them. Once I had a holiday in Yalta and met there a woman who has just lost her husband. They were married for 25 or 26 years and their life seemed to them really wonderful. They understood each other without any words, they lived as a single whole. Everything was so great. Unfortunately, they did not have the kids and, perhaps, that is why they splashed all their love and care on each other. Before dying the husband of this woman was ill for 5 years. Of course, poor Lady had to take care of her beloved. In spring he died at the age of 55 years. The Lady decided to escape from her native town and collect her thoughts after this awful tragedy. You can ask me how I managed to get acquainted with her. We were in the sea and she asked me where my hotel is situated. Perhaps, she wanted to talk to a person in order not to feel so lonely. My darling, do you know what did she tell me about her marriage life? She said that she breathed the same air with her husband. This phrase impressed me greatly. Do you know why? I have always dreamt of having such a partner - to breathe the same air, to look at the world in the same way, to be a single whole, to live every day as the last day of your life. Perhaps, I am exaggerating now, but it is my dream. Of course, it is impossible to live without the problems, troubles, quarrels. But if you respect and love your partner, every day spent in his/her arms will be like a dream day for you. I am so eager to sacrifice much in order my beloved to be happy, believe me. Oh, sorry for being so sentimental today. Again I was taken away. Sorry, it seems to me that my letter is rather long. Perhaps, I have to give you a chance to eat and to relax. Please, take a special care of yourself and write to me soon. Your letters make my days brighter. I send you my friendly kiss and hug Alena
Letter 6
Hello, dear Tony!!! You cannot imagine how much I like your letters. You are the person who brings me positive emotions and joy. You inspire me. Did you learn somewhere how to impress me so much? I am sure you took the classes.
You know, owing to our communication I have uncovered a lot of features of my character. I realized that I can write very long letters and not being tired of this process. I realized that I can be more open when I write the letters. I think that you have changed something in me and I am very appreciated for that. In your letter, dear Tony, you asked me about the travels abroad. No, I have never been abroad, but it is my dearest dream to start travelling. I hope that it will be realized one day. Do you know that in my previous letter I forgot to tell you about my meeting with the parents. I tried to explain to them what kind of communication we have with you. As I am not very good at computers and it was really difficult to me to explain how it is possible to talk to you if I do not know your language and do not use the computer. But in general they were happy to know that I am trying to do my best in order to create long-term relations. They wished us the best and expressed their desire to meet you one day. You should not worry about that. My parents are very friendly. They do not bite, believe me. Of course, it is too early for us to talk about serious relations. I just wanted to say that they said Hi to you. How are you today? How is your mood and health? I hope that your day was nice and you have a lot of positive emotions to share them with me. I want you to know that your letters always raise my spirits. You have such a great quality to influence me positively. Perhaps, you will cheer me up this time also. I have to share with you a thing which makes me suffer a lot. Do you remember the Lady who made me almost angry with her desire to cancel the order. I really hoped that my ability to persuade the people will help, but this time I failed.
Now I have to pay a kind of penalty. I know that it sounds silly, but it was my mistake not to sign the contract in time. I took the money and the Lady asked me to get the contract ready and promised to come back to the office in a day. I called her the day after but she gave me a lot of excuses and postponed the signing of the contract. Making the story short I have serious troubles with her. Do you know what makes me worry? I do not want to lose the contact with you. Our correspondence is very essential to me and I would be so happy to talk to you again and again. My dear, I put a lot of efforts to find you and now I am so scared to lose you. Because of my problems I cannot afford paying for the translation services. It sounds funny or sad, I do not know. I have never thought that I will face such an unpleasant situation. It is weird to me to complain as I am a very strong person. But sometimes the consequences are stronger than we are and it scares me a lot. Now my life is not very bright because of some events which have happened recently, and, frankly speaking, I do not know what to do. This correspondence is very important to me and I feel so sorry that I cannot fulfill my and your dreams. I hate complaining and I do not want you to think that I am here just for fun. I hope that my letters were rather clear and from the very beginning I told you that I was here not to play games. Just sometimes the consequences are stronger than people. I am a woman and I am rather weak. I feel so sad that I won’t be able to talk to you. I have become attached to you for a short period of time and now I feel great sadness inside. Is it possible to change something? Are you interested in me? I do not know for sure. I want to believe that together we will find the way out. I really do not want to lose the contact with you. Is it possible? Maybe I will leave you the e-mail of the translation firm and they will find the way out for us (it is Of course, I am not insisting. But if we are both interested in the development of our relationship, let us fight for us. I am sorry to write to you such a sad letter. I really did my best in order this situation not to happen. But I failed. Maybe I am too weak. Please, do not leave me. I send you my kisses and hugs Alena
Letter 7
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