Scam letter(s) from Colleen Bixby to Kenneth (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Kenny, how are you doing there today and how is life treating you? you gave me your e-mail on the site so i will want to confirm if i've got the right e-mail.. Susanne..
Letter 2
Hello Kenny, How are you doing this morning and how was your night...hope you had a wonderful night rest and you are so happy its another wonderful day that promises to be more wonderful compare to yesterday... I will really love to know everything about you... I am also new to this and i am just trying to give this a trial to see how things will go....i am Susanne Quinones by name, 27 years, single and looking for my soul mate. I should tell you that I am very open-minded; i don't accept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don't close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public. For me, tradition and custom are usually roadblocks to progress and happiness. There is no one on earth that is more serious about finding love and a successful marriage than I am, and you can count on that.. Well i was born in the UK where my dad is from, my mom is from Oak ridge TN.... So they got married in the UK and that was where i was living and i had a sister that i lost in an auto crash at the age of really hurts so much ...i was raised as the only child cuz my sister died and i was the only surviving child.....i lost my dad at the age of 10yrs but before then we came to visit my moms family in the states and i really like it so much but i moved to the states 3yrs ago finally after the death of my mom and heartbreak in my last relationship....So i am presently staying with an uncle of mine in Casper WY.. So i grew up with my mom and it was so wonderful and i really love her so much cuz she was the one that was there for me all through my childhood days without a father.... My greatest dream is to find a man who will be my lover, i also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching and hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit. My favorite indoor activities are: Board / Card games, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dancing, Drawing / Painting, Listening to Music, Movies / Theater, Reading, Role Playing Games, Shopping, Video Games, Watching TV. Favorite indoor sports: Basketball, Swimming. Favorite outdoor sports: Basketball, Football, Swimming. Favorite types of Movies: Action, Adventure, Animations, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Romance. Favorite types of Music: Dance, Pop / Top 40, Rap, Reggae, Soul / R & B, Tech no/Rave. Favorite types Restaurants: American, French, Chinese, Fast Food, Italian. I usually read: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and magazines. For now these are all I could talk about myself,.so tell me about your self too, where you reside presently? How has life been treating you without a lady? what exactly are you looking for in a lady? what do you expect from me? tell me about your past love life.. I Wish to hear from you asap... Take Care
Smiles Susanne...
Letter 3
I am 27yrs, there was a mistake in the profile... So i will want you to tell me what really happened in both marriage that led to the divorces.. Susanne...
Letter 4

Thanks for the pictures, you are really looking cute and gorgeous and you seem like someone i would like to know better and see where things go.. Susanne..
Letter 5
What are you really looking for?
Letter 6
Hello Ken, How are you doing today and how was work? Hope you didn't stress yourself so much??... My day is cool though nothing to do since i got laid off from work due to the number of workers that were to be reduced so I'm still searching for work. I just want to tell you more about me I am 27yrs, 5'6ft, 124lbs, hair length average, hair color blond with nice looks though i do change the color of my hair anytime i try to make another style and sometimes i cut my hair but i hope that's not a problem, average body build, I am a single lady, never been married, no kids, no drama and have a positive outlook on life and also have a good sense of humor of humor cuz i love to laugh. I am a very easy going and you must have seen in the pics i sent to you, i guess i have got the ugliest look in the world. People says i am romantic but i don't see myself as being romantic you know the funny feeling of people telling you that you are something and you don't see the thing in you...i guess you will have to wait to find out if i am romantic or not and what ever you say is what i am going to i love to hold hands while walking with that special person. Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it... I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him, I caught him on bed with my best close friend, you know how that is, it's a SHOCK,lol... so this led me to break up with him, was I right by that decision??? But its not about just having any kind of man but its about finding the right one and i am not ready to settle for less. I seek a completely honest man who knows what he wants and he is confident of it and will go for what he wants, a man that knows what it means to love and be loved. i believe distance should not be a barrier as i can relocate for the right man. I seek a man with a compassionate heart... I seek for a complete honest man who i will relocate to if things work out with us, a man that will love me, adore me, a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever, a compassionate man, one with good heart and know how to handle matters, I want a lover not a fighter, lol. A man that will always be there for me, a man that will treat me right every time and also give me True Love. A relationship that ends up where it's supposed to is what I seek. If that's a serious relationship, good friends or great lovers, I am prepared for the next encounter life has to offer me. I want a man that I can trust without question and who can trust me the same. A man who loves me with her heart and soul. We would be like two vases of water poured into one larger more beautiful vase, in which we would be one. Holding each other, breathing to each other, tasting each other as we watch the sun rise and set in each others arms. Laughing, crying, singing, praying, playing, working together to make life fun and safe for each other. I have a good heart with so much love to give and receive from the right person but i wont like to be hurt again cuz i have being hurt several times in the past. I have not being into any relationship ever since my last relationship crashed cuz what my ex boy-friend did to me really hurts but i have gotten over it. I have a sister that i lost to auto crash when she was 6 and ever since i have being the only child and i lost my dad when i was 10yrs then my mom 3yrs really hurts when one loose loved ones into the cold hands of death. i really enjoy spending time with kids cuz they are fun being with though they do silly things at times but one just have to correct them with love. i believe in God and i try to attend church once in a week and when i am tired i watch on TV. A man that i will always be there for and will also be there for me is all i seek.. I treat my man with dignity and respect as my dad do tell me when she was alive that i should treat my man the way i will want my mom to treat him and he taught me to treat men with dignity and respect, i seek a relationship that will last forever and a day, a good friend, lover and i believe a good relationship starts with great communication and friendship. I am looking for a man that i will trust without question and who is going to trust me too as trust is of great importance in a true relationship. A man i am going to love from the depth of my heart and my soul and he will love me in return. I really appreciate nature so much and small natural things brings joy to my heart so holding hands and caressing, playing,each other while we watch the blue sky in the garden at night is what i really enjoy doing and the sunrise.i am yet to find this wonderful man but i am hopeful. May be what i am looking for is too much but hope is what make us to start our day each morning to face the day. I believe kindness, Family, Loyalty and Honesty are of great importance in my life. I believe if two people are meant to be together even distance cant stop them...if one is at the end of the world and the other is at the other end they will still find their way and will be together. I really love to have fun but you know when you are single there are limited things you can do to have fun but when you have the great passion in your life then you have unlimited things to do with that person. I am looking for someone i can share life's experiences and grow together in love with. My ideal match is someone with whom i share a strong, physical and emotional connection with. I believe communication is so important in a relationship (ability to tell each other everything and anything at any time and never to hide away from each other) and someone that will love me for me and if he has kids i will take the kids as mine. I love to cook all types of food but I have no one to share a meal with so I cook only when I have to. would u like to have a meal with me. Its pretty good here in Casper WY but i am also ready to relocate for the right one from here, just want to find someone nice because I'm ready to sacrifice myself the right man that will always make me feel happy not the wrong man. I guess i have written so much about myself will look forward to hearing from you soon..take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.... Smiles Susanne
Letter 7
I am really sorry to hear about how you were being treated in your first marriage... I know how it feels when you and your other partner are not able to work together as a team.. And about the disease, its no problem.. You seem really seem like someone i would like to know better and see where things go so i will want us to keep the conversation going.. Susanne..
Letter 8
Hello Kenny, How are you doing today and how was your day? Hope you are doing well?? I am really happy to read from you again.... Please i will like you to be honest with me and open minded as i am with you so we will know if we are meant to be together. I am new to this internet dating though i have never been in support of this online dating but i was convinced by a colleague of mine cuz she met her husband on here and they are both living together happily right now. I never believed there can be anything personal on here but i am willing to see how it is going to be... I guess you must have noticed that i have been talking about my mom more often than my dad...its cuz i lost my dad at a tender age and i don't know much about him buy i grew up with my mom and i loved her so much she was the one that was there for me all through the time i was growing up... Thought i should tell you some more about my growing up. My dad's family was not in support of the relationship between my dad and my mom cuz my dad's family wanted my dad to marry one particular lady but when my dad came over to the states he met my mom and they fell in love with each other so they went back to the UK and my dad's family never wanted to have anything to do with my mom. So they were not in support of the marriage but my dad knew what he wanted and loves my mom so much so he stood for what he wanted even when his family where not in support and thank God the love was mutual. While my Dad's family will come around they wont say a word to my mom and it really hurts but my dad was there showing her much love and care, making her feel so special and treating her like a queen that she is. so when they got married they had me and my dads family never wanted to have anything to do with me and it really hurts cuz i was not allowed to play with my cousins and my uncle will treat me like an out-caste which really hurts. To complicate issues i lost my dad at the age of 10yrs and they never saw me as one of their family so me and my mom where just existing like as if there is no family....though the money was available but there was not fatherly love cuz i had nobody so it was not easy growing my mom was the one taking care of me and guiding my steps with her words. I can never forget my mom and i love her so much so i went to West Minster International University, Tashkent Uzbekistan where i had my degree in Fashion Designing... I am outgoing and i love to go out to social events like going to concerts, going to the cinema, dancing to a cool slow music, walking in the park while holding hands being at the beach(i love this so much...its always fun to relax at the beach listening to the cool rhythmic sound of the water wave and appreciating nature....) but you know all this things are not as much fun doing it with someone special... I believe life brings so many challenge and one of the challenge is finding the person that is right for you. Some might be so lucky that they will see the person easily without making any wrong choice and some might have to go through the hard way to have it may be to appreciate and embrace true love when they finally have it...i believe to every man and woman there is someone right out there though there are some choices that will look so appealing and will look like the right one but they are wrong choices but one thing i don't know is that why i have to go through the hard way to learn much about love. I was terribly hurt by what my ex boy friend did to me. My whole world crashed and i lost my mom then and it was life everything in my life was gone and i was just an empty vessel... At first i never wanted to have anything to do with any other man out there that when a man get close to me i feel they are all the same and they are not different but now i see things differently and i believe its just for me to have a wonderful marriage when i am finally with the right person. I guess you have had your own experience too and we must have learn one or two things from it. So i don't want to get hurt again and i don't have time for time wasters. I am easy going and i don't keep friends cuz my mom will tell me that a friend will either make or mar you and how am i so sure that they wont mar me so to be on the safer side i don't keep friends. I will really like to know somethings and i hope you will answer them with great honesty. What qualities do you seek in a woman.....? What are your turn on and offs.....? Can you tell me what you like to do for fun when you're not working....? Can we chat on Yahoo Messenger cuz i feel it will make us feel more closer ? I will be expecting to read your mail as soon as possible and see where the chains of connection between us leads to. I look forward to chat with you soon. i hope you like my pictures i sent to you. i will be so glad to meet you and work out something good for our first meeting. feel free to share your thoughts with me. take care of yourself and have a wonderful day... Cheers Susanne...
Letter 9
Hello Baby,
How are you doing today and how was your night, hope you had a wonderful night rest? its always wonderful to read from you and i am always happy when i have a mail from you cuz i know its another day in which you are going to make me smile from the depth of my heart. I really like the way you are expressive about yourself and i am so happy to read through your mail. I will like to ask a couple of more questions. I really want us to feel a lot more comfortable with each other and see where things go.. Can you tell me what time you Normally get on the computer and you will be free so that we can chat...?
Do you check your mails at work and will you have time to chat with me at work ? Does distance and age matters to you ? Do you like to show affection in public(holding hands, kissing, hugging) ? What is your favorite food,music and color ? What are your ideas of a perfect first date ? I need to let you know that i have experienced a lot of heart breaksin the past cuz men do take advantage of my caring nature and the way i go into a relationship. A lot of things go with my relationship that's why its always hard for me when my relationship falls. My last relationship crashed and it was like everything was gone and i felt like dieing. it took me a while to get over all that happened in my last relationship but i am glad i am a different person now. If there is anything in this world that i am scared of it will be falling in love with the wrong person. I am looking for a man who will love to experience great passion and love. I am looking for a man who knows what it means to love and be loved. My turn on includes Honesty, Trust and my Turn offs includes Lies, Jealousy, being proud and people who think the earth are on their hands, and people who think they are above others. I know there is something special, unique and different about you ever since the first time i read from you. i need to know if you i can trust you with all my heart. I will really like you to give this relationship the needed attention cuz i believe there is no time that can be compared to the one spent between lovers so i will really like us to make it a date that we must check our mails on daily basis and reply then even chat on a daily basis and if not possible you will try and let me know cuz i wont like to be worried about you baby. Please baby i will like to know what you feel and what your expectations are about this. it will be an honor to know more about you and learn somethings with you cuz you seems to be ready in getting to know my kind of person and soon we will meet in person. I cant wait to get to know your feelings, motives and intentions towards each other and it will us grow knowing trust each other and building the true lovebetween us. You sound like a wonderful and caring person that i will really love to know everything about. I do really hope i can trust you with my heart as i want you to be assured that you can trust me with your heart as i will never break it or make you cry in any form. I know what i am saying because i have been hurt in the past and i know how it feels. Hope i can count on you as you can count on me and you can share your worries with me, you can count on me to walk you down a long winding road. I promise never to break your heart or make you sad if you promise you wont do that to me too... i do care... Susanne P.S.. I am sorry about yesterday, i had connection problems that was why...
Letter 10
Hello Baby, How are you doing today and how was your's really nice to see your mail and i must say i am so happy you are this expressive in your mails. You sound Great and I will like to keep talking to you in other to know more about you. I am so pleased to read your reply and I am hoping to get to always hear from you. When i got up in the morning i was i was so happy because you were the one on my mind when i woke up...I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever. Distance between us does not bother me as I know we are going to meet soon if things work out. I believe there are five basic keys that can make a relationship work out fine and with this there will be problem. i believe a good relationship is based on COMMUNICATION, HONESTY, FAITHFULNESS, TRUST AND LOVE Communication is the act of building intimacy between two people. People in a relationship should not be a stranger to each other. So in a relationship you have to try and know everything and anything about your partner and the ability to tell each other everything and anything at any particular time and NEVER to hide anything from your partner because you two has become one which now work together to become one.We are really doing a good work with that. Honesty...I know you have being sincere with me because i can see it in your mails and i want you to know that i have being sincere with you because i believe if one is lieing you are doing too bad things to yourself. The first is that you are the second hand value of the picture you are trying to paint about yourself which is preferable you are yourself and you are not trying to be another person and secondly you are denying the world of the real person you are and that means your real self is dead and it's the new personalty that is living so you are not different from a dead man. So i love honest people. Faithfulness is of great importance because cheating kills faster than poison. I hate people that do cheat with passion because it really hurts when you are cheated on like what happened in my last relationship i will tell you about that in my next mail. I believe you are sincere with yourself you wont like your partner to cheat on you so the best thing is not to do that to your partner too. TRUST is another very important key to a successful relationship. In every relationship one should try as much as possible to be straight forward and be trust worthy so that your partner won't have problem when people tell them a different thing about you. One should be able to say ''' I know my woman cant do this''''' and she didn't do it. I know many people do say different things that they don't know but one should be able to tell them that ''''that's not my woman'''''' i mean one should be able to say ''''''i know my angel she cant do this'''''' i believe many people do have problem with trusting their partner they bring what happened in their previous relationship to the present relationship. baby the best way to love is to love like you have never being hurt before as that will make things easier and never see that your ex in the new person you are with. Love is the greatest Gift of life. Everything in this life was made as a result of love. Without love it will be so hard to live in peace with your neighbor. I believe True love is of greatest importance in a relationship and if the true love that comes with great passion do exist in a relationship then you wont want to cheat on your partner, you will always want to spend time with her and that will build the intimacy as a result of the communication, you will never want to lie to her because you won't want her to feel bad when she knows you are lieing.. Your happiness will be her happiness so you wont want to have a reason for her to be sad. So true love is needed in a good relationship. Here are My Answers also Just to follow up each other and know more about each other.
(1.)Can you tell me what time you Normally get on the computer. I do get online anytime i am free and i am always at home since i am not working.. (2.)Do you check your mails at work? As you know i am presently not working so i try to check my e-mails anytime as far as i am on computer.. (3.)Does distance and age matters to you ? Distance is never a problem to me because i believe we can always get together if we feel comfortable with each other and i believe Age is just a numerical value and has nothing do with with a relationship.. I think it's the Love and Care we both share for each other that matters most.
I have reasons for choosing older men because i believe the young men are out there for fun and they don't really know what they want but the older men seems to be sure of what they want and they are not out there for fling and they are more caring and loving compared to the young men out there..
1. An older man will appreciate you in ways that a younger man can't. Life experience is meant to teach one to embrace all of the qualities in a person and to develop compassion and understanding for the imperfections that we all share. Less judging, more observing.
2. An older man will take his time with you, get to know the real you. He understands that the more we really know each other the sweeter the fruit's of love.
3. An older man has more to offer. Age is meant to bring wisdom and if one is paying attention, wisdom comes through life experience. He may or may not have a lot of money but that is less important than the real wealth of unconditional love and kindness.
4. An older man can be a better lover since the raging hormones of youth have settled down it becomes easier to fully embrace the art of **********, taking the time that is needed to create a deeper union. ********** can then transcend ordinary ******* to deeper and higher levels of emotional and spiritual bliss.
5. An older man (if he's really done his homework) will not only talk about his feelings, he will actually understand why he has such feelings and where they came from.
6. An older man that has fully embraced life and all it has to offer will have taken advantage of the lessons available, learned many of them and reached a point of balance, an ease with which he moves through the ups and downs of it all. A high level of patience and tolerance will have developed.
7. An older man can be like a fine wine.(over used but still a good one) Over time he has developed great character, deep complexities and layers and layers of deep and varied flavors. Rough edges have smoothed out and the finish is long and lingering. (4.)Do you like to show affection in public? Yes i like to show affection in public since am comfortable with it and i really enjoy doing it. i believe when you truly love someone then you should be able to show the world that this is my angel and you should be proud of him anywhere you go so kissing and hugging is a wonderful thing to do and the fulfilling power that comes with kissing the man that is meant for you is so much that you just feel you can have it every other time. (5.)What are your ideas of a perfect first date ? A candle lite dinner somewhere nice and cozy where we can be alone and just talk about life and then maybe dance after that to a cool slow music. I will really like you to be sincere and expressive when it comes to feelings and emotions because i am really sincere and i will like to know how you are feeling too. am down to heart about the things i say and do because i don't like hurting people feelings because everyone has a chance to laugh, so why should i make them sad because i wont like people to make me sad too...I feel so connected to you already and my instinct tells me there is something very special about you. Hope am right? i guess i have written so much again...i just keep writing when it comes to writing to you and i don't know why...i guess i feel so comfortable telling you things i have find it so hard to tell people but you came along and everything has change any way i will look forward to your mail and i do really hope to chat with you soon... Still thinking about you Susanne.....

Letter 11
Thanks for the pictures, you are really looking cute, handsome and gorgeous... I also wanna thank you for the motivation about standing on my own but i will want us to talk better about that when we are together okay... Thanks sweetie.. Susanne..
Letter 12
You will send it through Money Gram to this info.. Augusto Quinones
Casper, WY. 82604 And after getting it sent you will send me the following info Reference #
Amount sent Thanks darling
Letter 13
Hi Sweet Ken, How are you doing and thanks for the email. I want to use this opportunity to thank you so much for sharing your life and for being so honest with's really hard to find a man that is so honest like you and i want to use this opportunity to tell you that now i feel more comfortable with you....Thank you so much for opening up to me..I absolutely adore your emails. Your very honest and down to earth personality compliments mine also. You are free of that inequity that seems to occupy so many people and for that I must tell you are a sweetheart. I cant tell you what a positive and wonderful happy aura you cast upon me with you kind words and straight forward thinking. You are being yourself and you are being totally honest, because that is just who you are, and for that you are a sweetheart and I already adore you very much. I cant wait until you and i get together so that we can enjoy each others company, and also so that I can give you a big warm hug to thank you for your lovely presence in my life. I am thankful for everything between us and I appreciate you very much. I want so much for us to enjoy each other, to be together and do things and just be happy and enjoy life, that is what it is for. I wish I could talk to you and hear your voice and let you know how I feel, how these feelings I have are so wonderful and pleasant. You sound like such a warm loving person, and you are deserving to be loved and cherished and appreciated. I would like you to know that obviously you and I both know there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman. But if we cherish the wonderful things that we do share in common and build on those wonderful things we will have something that will grow and flourish with time into something very beautiful and long lasting. That is what finding a soul mate is all about. Indeed enjoying each other in all ways is important, to share with each other through good times, sad times and when times are rough are what a loving very passionate relationship is all about. I'm a responsible lady with very good home training, and I love anything outdoors very much... I do have a college education, I love to eat out and attend functions as well... I think that is very important, when we enter a room I want to enter with my arm around you or holding your hand and for us to have a warm smile, because we are with each other, and are happy. That is when we know we will have a good time, because we will be enjoying each others company. It really does not matter what others may think, really I don't know what you think, as long as we are with each other and enjoying ourselves it matters not to me what others think. As for a couple of other things I have been hurt many times before and i don't want to fall into the wrong hand again in my life..Now i want to settle down and get married to the right man..I work in a job where I help people each day with their various fashion projects and I get to see the outcome of their efforts and my assistance, I like that very much. As for sports i love it so much..I am not much of a sports person, but I do like baseball and basketball and do go in for a game of scrimmage from time to time, and I love soccer. Regarding dress, i dress so i can present myself in such a presentable manner..I think that when we go together to a function or out to dinner, I love to dress in a classy way with my best pairs of pumps on,my hair and nail done very nice and I love the man I am with to be dressed looking totally hot in his suit and tie with a very nice look and warm smiles..I do want us to compliment each other when we go out, I think it is both fun to dress up and enjoy a night on the town, or slow dance in the pale light of a nice ballroom, or to take in a show. But also dear when we are not out to a function, when it is just you and I trying to unwind and relax as a couple, I love for you to wear something comfortable, be it jeans and a t shirt, or something casual. I want you to be able to relax, and have no stress so that you can enjoy yourself fully and not have any worries about anything, you have the right to do that, and I think also that when you don't have to worry much about life you will enjoy yourself, and laugh more, and just be more carefree, then we can concentrate on being very romantic and just enjoying each others company. Of course equally getting dressed up and showing up in our best dress is very important...I think there will be an equal amount of times where we will go to functions and share in a relaxing atmosphere equally. But we can decide that between us when we like to go casual or dress to the nines... Most of all I look forward to developing a relationship where I can be supportive and very very loving of my mate. I've worked very hard all my life and I have done just fine, I am happy with the results that I have had. My only regret is not being able to share in a loving relationship with someone who is equally looking for the same things. I think I have found someone very loving, who has an open mind, and has a bright future, and is very very intelligent and smart, and fun to be around, who has an equally **** side as well as a very down to earth, laid back very honest and deeply passionate nature. You are a very loving soul who has taken his time just like I have to find the right person to share life with. We are not party animals and both of us don't seek that kind of life...I think we are more reserved and crave each others attention and just being together as a couple and find that to be more important than going out to clubs and hanging out with a bunch of people. You put a smile on my face and give me very warm feelings, and I like that very much. We are getting to know each other very much, and that is important. I think we both have a very infectious happy go lucky type of nature that may appear quiet to others, but at the same time can show each other tremendous amounts of affection and just enjoy life no matter what it is we do. I think a wonderful first date would be to spend the day with you going to a nice museum, and holding hands and talking and taking in art or science exhibit's, then taking a nice walk and having a wonderful dinner someplace nice and cozy where we can be alone and just talk. I want my focus and my time to be shared with you. I do also look so forward to meeting you...I believe in my heart that there is so much about you that is so much more than looks...My mom has told me many times before she died that the most important thing of all is to have a good heart, and be a very loving and compassionate...I really do believe we are both like that. Anyways I hope everything is well with you and that you are having a good time..I do so look forward to getting your next email. Take Care, I hope everything is well with you and I am thinking of you..... With Love.... Susanne
Letter 14
Hello Darling, The car should be finally fixed in the morning and i will let you know as soon as i am ready to leave.. I miss you so much and i really just can't wait to be in your arms.. Love always,
Letter 15
Hello Sweetie, Thanks for the mail.. Immediately i got your email my feelings turned over on you and it seems you are the right man which i have been searching for to bring back the smile which i use to smile when my parent was still alive, For a good relationship to grow we need to trust each other and be honest with each other to achieve what we want to achieve well i am seeking for man which will be the flesh to my flesh and also the **** to my ****, It's true I have never seen you and we have never met, Never shaken Hands or even truly hugged and yet! I know for sure you care for me by the kindness that you give and our keyboards keep us together doesn't matter where we live. So I am emailing you to put a smile on your face and to let you know in my heart you have a special place. The sun is always shining just above the cloudy haze,as we share friendship across an online maze.We express love and kindness without a face. It comes from deep inside our hearts from a special place. Within our lives we share special dreams, unusual and unique and it is with our keyboards that we speak. You are a friend of mine from the emails we exchange,I wouldn't know you on the street and it doesn't even seem strange. You have brightened my life with the thoughtfulness you show. Your words encourage me more than you could know. As people change and times keep changing too,one thing stays the same ~the way I feel for you. For this friendship we possess we owe a world of gratitude and debt, because we would not know each other if it wasn't for the net, I will want you to tell me your feelings about me and what you think we can do to achieve our goal.Hope to hear from you soon. Susanne
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Age: 22
Name: Lilian Badara
Age: 24
Name: Marianna
Age: 27
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 28
Name: Elena Bader
Age: 30
Name: Caroline
Age: 31
Name: Anastasia Ello
Age: 27
Name: Becky Tery
Age: 28
Name: Laura Baravikaite
Age: 18
Name: Grace Dorcelle
Age: 27
Name: Nazerke
Age: 28
Name: Kate
Age: 36
Name: Anna Lebedeva
Age: 21