Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Paul (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello. This is Elena. How are you? I hope that you are fine. You know, I'm sorry I could not write to you sooner. I just have had problems with internet connection. But now all is well. This is my new email address. I'll look forward to your reply. My kisses. Elena

Letter 2

Hello my dear. I am very glad to read your letter. How are you? I'm all good. You know I've been unable to write to you and I'm very bored) I've worked all this time. Tell me what you did? How do you spend your time? I am very interested to know that. I look forward to wait on your answer. My kisses. Elena

Letter 3

Hi my love ! I am in good mood after perusal of your letter! My feelings to you grow with extraordinary force! These stay of feelings to me so are pleasant also I need in your letters more and more! I so am grateful to destiny, that we had a meeting in the Internet. That has entailed to opening in me of new magnificent feelings! And it does my life more beautiful and desired. I think that you will make me the happiest woman in the world. I shall try to make with you similar!
Passionate love and kisses! Elena

Letter 4

Hello my love. How are you? A thank for your perfect letter. I am very happy, to receive your answer. Your letters bring pleasure to me and my mum. My parents are very pleased, if at us all it to turn out. My mum is slightly sad, that I shall live far from it(her), but she(it) knows, That so for me it will be better, that I shall be happy with you my love. My parents are pleased, that you such good man, but they want to know you better. When I receive your letters of love, I very wish our meeting. Today I can not fall asleep quickly. I shall think of you my prince. It is very heavy to realize, that you now far from me and I can not give you the attention, To present you the love, to embrace and to kiss you! I shall dream of you both about ours and about our meeting. I love you my prince. Kiss and there is a lot of love. Elena

Letter 5

Hi my loved ! How are you? I hope you be in good mood! And my letters raise it and it remains good on all extent of day. Ideas about you do not leave my head! And it results in a good arrangement of my spirit!
I frequently present as your lips gently concern my lips!!! We leave this world and us carries away in eternity! I so love this feeling!
This feeling you have presented me! My loved ! To my greatest disappointment my time has expired And I should finish this letter! My heart has fallen before you! And you its owner! Bye-Bye my love! I expect your letter as the frozen ground waits for arrival of spring!



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