Scam Letter(s) from Olga to Albert (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Albert! As pass your week-end, I hope, that at you all is good, and you well spend these days. Albert, I today have woken up also weather was cloudy and there was a snow. I love, when it is snowing. And you love, when in the street it is snowing? Albert, tell to me what your favourite season, likely summer? I most of all love spring. In the spring so it is beautiful, all around blossoms, sing birds, I like to walk in the spring on a wood, you go and hear as sing birds. Albert when I come to the parents to village I often I walk on a wood. You like to walk on a wood and to hear singing birds? At us in Russia speak, that spring this time of love, I so would like that there has more quickly come spring, and I have met the love. I hope that you well spend the week-end and soon to me will write and will tell as you have lead them. Olga

Letter 2

Hello my friend Albert! How there has passed your working week how the first day off has begun? I today have woken up and have looked out on a balcony, weather was hot. Albert, I long looked at street, and observed of weather. Then I have gone to walk, I walked, and thought of you, what you now do, sleep or work? But I knew, that that you did not do you all exactly, think of me, and from it I had a smile more. I have decided to go to library, I went and was pleased, that have come, a fine season summer. Albert but when I have come to library, has opened the mail box and I have not seen your letter was afflicted to me became cold and on my body have run a shiver. Albert, tell why you today have not written to me, why in my body the spring today does not reign, and there is still a winter. I so like to receive your letters, your letters to me give a smile. I hope, that with you all is good, and you simply have not had time to write to me the letter.
Yours Olga

Letter 3

Hello Albert. How your day? To me I hope, that your day today as it is good as well as mine. Today at us very much a sunny day. Today it is a lot of light in our city and from it on my soul there is light and it is more joyful. In our city today a holiday, today day of ours city.
All people go to the central place of ours city and celebrate this holiday. It so is cheerful to me always holidays like. And at you pass holidays of city? Tell to me about it if you have such holidays. Today it is a lot of people in the street and all of them are pleased dance and have fun. I tonight wish to descend for this holiday. To look as the holiday and that there interesting resembles. I heard, that today there will be a concert. Will sing there singers and to dance good dancers. I hope, that today day it will be good. I as hope, that your day and your mood will be as well as well as mine. I hope, that you will tell to me tomorrow about your day. Today I have not seen your letter.
I am sad from it. But likely, you are borrowed by preparations for week-end and I can understand you. I hope, that in the beginning of your week-end, you can write to me your answer and will tell that you are going to do and that at you interesting. I shall wait for your answer.
I I hope for you kind. Olga.



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