Scam Letter(s) from Alena Lavender to Christopher (UK)

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Letter 1

I am very glad to receive your letter. Now I have great pleasure to tell you about myself.
I live in Russia in the city of Ufa, were you ever in Russia? Ufa is a beautiful city, a city with historical buildings and a very wonderful architecture, with unique and unusual nature.
I was born on November 2, 1980, by zodiac sign Scorpio. chris I am your zodiac sign what?
I graduated from high school to the fine, then entered the Medical University.
Study was difficult, but the teaching is light, and not the teaching of darkness.
My father always told me since childhood that I'm very ambitious, and I've always gets her way.
I liked to study at the Medical University, liked the atmosphere at the university, such a friendly close-knit, I was surrounded by very good people, but not that I'm not so happy as a practice in children's hospitals.
University life I remember all my life, its versatility and diversity.
When I finished university, I realized that the world has been opened for me, open, and there was freedom, freedom of choice itself.
I got a job, the doctor-pediator. I liked to treat children. I was overwhelmed with maternal feelings =) I loved my job.
now I'm unemployed, I had to quit work for family reasons. I'm out of work for two months.
In my spare time I like to go to a movie, I like to walk the walk with a friend in the park and gardens.
Twice a week I go to fitness and swimming to keep my figure in good condition and I have it turns out.
chris as you like my figure? =) My time is great, but often I started to think about the person that I needed, needed as my soul.
I am so sometimes painful and sad that I'm alone and I have no tender and good support, there is no nice man.
And now I am writing this letter to you and me is becoming easier, easier, because who knows what we would get, but it is important that we found each other ...
I can very much more to say to you all, but I think I'll tell you this in the next letter.
Now you tell me about yourself, tell us about his childhood, about his life, where you learned to tell their parents.
I would be very interesting to listen to you, and your life.
I will wait with impatience of your fast response.

Letter 2

I am very pleased to receive your letter. nice to know what we have started communicating with you.
I am so curious to know everything about you, everything associated with you and with your life.
what is your mood today? I'm good. maybe it's because I found you! =) It's so cute ... I become so good at heart when he received a letter from you =)
But now I want to continue my story about my life. I think you are very interested to know. What kind of girl you and I began to communicate.
Chris I suppose you could ask me a question, why did you start to get acquainted through the Internet.
all because I was starting to annoy the men who only want sex from girls, so I can not find in his home town a real man with feelings of affection,
with the most beautiful emotion and with a big heart. I have had a relationship with one man, but still ended up that my ex-man changed me with another girl.
Now I am afraid that I will introduce in Russia with some man who will change me. if I'm cheating the people dear to me, I just can not forgive them that!
I want to find someone abroad that has a completely different view of the world on women and the relationship between man and woman.
Russian men only think about themselves. Chris, You know I love to spend time at the stove, I love to cook =)
When my grandmother was alive, she taught me how to cook tasty and healthy food.
I can cook almost all the different soups, sauces, pies, salads and many other delicious dishes.
What is your favorite food? I love ice cream, especially chocolate. I think all girls love ice cream =)
Chris And you know how to make his girlfriend the happiest on earth? =)
Chris, forgive that once you did not say that I'm from Russia, I very much wanted to meet you, I hope you're not mad at me for it!
In the family I have one child, I have no sisters, no brothers, and it is so difficult, so I'm sad.
hard for me, but I consider myself a very strong kind and I do not want to show their tears.
At home I live with my dog name Mojo. you have pets? I love pets, they're all so cute.
In this letter I send you my other photos, I believe they'll like.
Please tell me about yourself, your hobbies, about what you do at work.
Tell me about it, what girl you prefer and what you value most in women. I am very interested to know.
I want to know what you live, how is your every day ... Tell me ...

I'll be waiting impatiently for your quick and warm letters

Your sincere Russian girlfriend Katya

Letter 3

I'm really glad to receive your letter, I am glad that finally found a man who is interested in my life me as a person, your letter concerns me deeply, warm heart, if not strange but I think we are close in spirit I feel a spiritual connection between us and hope that you are just a little too feel that I am, I'll wait for it. Today I had a very difficult day, I was looking for work, I was in five hospitals, I learned that if I could get a job, but I have neither of which did not work = (
My friend Chris I would ask you what do you like the music. I love life music, I love music which makes us think and reflect on every word uttered in the song.
You have probably heard the song of famous singer Kane, the song is called "Damn those eyes".
This song just comes to the sounds and words in a drop of the soul.
Chris, I'm very glad to know what you're going to buy a motorcycle, it's great.
I love speed, but I'm not when I did not go on a motorcycle. riding a motorcycle is dangerous or not I right?
I do not know is difficult now to obtain a visa or easily. I was once abroad, I went abroad to study, a visa, I did not raise no problems, but now I have no idea either difficult or easy to obtain visas to Russians to go abroad.
As for my parents, my father was alive, but he has big problems with health, his weak heart, and I'm very worried about it = (
my mother, I do not know what it is and where it is now. I do not like talking about my mom but if you want to know about it, I'll tell you.
when I was only three years, my mother left our family, she left me and my father's fate, she just left us for another man.
now I do not know what to my mom, I have not seen her since she left our family.
she went with them very badly, but I do not wish her harm, I hope she's healthy and I hope that she has a good family!
Chris, why I chose you? Quite simply, you've shown me a real gentleman, but you have become interesting for me, but you gave me the attention.
I have found you and this is important!
I wanted very much to know what you like in your work, you love your job, you love to do it.
I believe that everyone should be honest and kind.
I started to communicate with you and probably I would say at once that, for me, as a woman, a woman who wants to find love, honesty is very important and very good feelings of the person with whom I associate.
I hate to lie because the lie is to destroy this world. I want us to have a lot to you happened.
I want to believe that our relations will develop honest, warm and gentle ...
Today, I'll sit the whole evening at home, I bought the book and will read it. then I'll watch the film.
On television today, show a very interesting film. It - the movie adventure.
I like to chat with you. I think that you are sincere, good, great and fair man.
Now, I'll finish my letter.
I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely, Katya

Letter 4

I am very glad to receive your letter.
With each new letter I understand that you are a very interesting person.
I think we should write to each other as much as possible and more often.
Neither that, nor do male and female, as a closer mutual understanding and trust, we must know each other.
Your feelings are so sincere, your soul is so open and so beautifully. I feel you, I feel your every compliment.
I am very pleased that you speak to me like that. I love active people.
That can show your I can show my feelings, open them for nice man ...
I really like to dream and think about its future. I have a dream, I want in my future apartment was warm fireplace.
I want to be was an aquarium with exotic fish and sea turtles =) you like Chris? it's so cool =)
This is the house of my dreams. can you have too? it would just be nice if all this was.
Of course, I will create comfort in my house. I'll feel very happy woman if my husband will be reliable, calm, careful, strong, and smart.
Chris, I do like your new bike, he's very handsome, so brilliant =)
Chris, I would very much like that you drove me in the future on his new bike, but like you I ride a motorcycle if just one place?
I am very pleased, I'm really glad that we're keeping our contact. You very interesting person!
Your openness and honesty gives me such strength, strength in belief of our relationship =)
I look forward to your prompt letter dear Chris .

Your sincerely and with warmest wishes Katya

Letter 5

I am very happy to receive your letter.
madly in love to answer your letter. My Chris Can I call you my love?
I think it would be nice to you =) I'm sorry that we are so far apart.
We are divided into thousands of kilometers.
I believe that two people are drawn to each other the distance is just a barrier.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no power to close to such a strong, intelligent and careful man as you Chris. I believe that we will meet in the future. you really want this?
I really want to talk about love.
I have a lot of time dreaming I dreamed about the day when we will sit together around the fireplace.
Burn candles soft, pleasant light. I like people who have always a point of view on life.
I try to surround yourself with honest and sincere people. Love for me it means freedom.
Freedom to choose a loved one. I have to choose honest and understanding person, to whom I should give all sincere kindness, all my senses. I think that a family should be based on love.
If Marriage was not created to love, then marriage will not be long and certainly not happy. you agree with me?
Love - a gift that is made for the sake of a loved one. Love makes me look at the world in new ways.
I wanted to have a love for which I am ready to give birth.
I like to have such understanding and affinity, for which I would ready to give everything.
What do you think about all this? What is love in your opinion? Please answer my questions. Chris Our lives are met!
I'll wait for your reply and your wonderful pictures I love to watch you.

With love and kisses. Your Katya

ps how will you ride my motorcycle if the motorcycle is just one place? but where I sit down? =)

Letter 6

How's life? Thank you for your letter.
Much happiness to receive your letters. I hope that today you have good day.
My dear Chris now with your dog okay? said that veterinarians at the hospital?
I believe that your son is very handsome and charming man like you my dear =)
Your son will grow a good man, he will be a successful man in all things, as you are.
Your son loves the girl and that's fine, he is young and most importantly, the fate will show him all the beautiful moments of life, you will agree with me?
I'm glad to hear from you something that I have a place behind your back on your bike.
I'm sure it will be very fun to ride a bike next to you is romantic!
Chris, yes I have a right to the car, but I do not drive a car because I have no car.
I hope that in future I'll have a car, but I am afraid to travel by car, since I'm not very well drive a car = (
what do you think I could ride well behind the wheel?
I very much want to talk to you on the phone, it will be so nice to hear your sweet voice.
Chris, leave me your phone number so that I could easily get through to you. I can call you at any time?
as soon as I buy a special card, I will definitely call you. card is necessary to calls were cheaper.
Thank you so much for the photo, I'm really much I love looking at you, you're a real gentleman and I would very much like to meet you in the future.
I love your eyes, I am very like your lips, I feel so much miss you =(
Ducati is a beautiful bike, I like very much =)
I constantly think of you ... I have found true love and romance in a relationship with you.
I think you Chris - the man which I was looking for.
I was looking for you for a long time, you became my very dear person.
I think that we are very close to our happiness. Do you think too?
I know you not for a long time, but you seem to me the most fair, kind and sincere man.
My father always told me that I must be fair with people, I never deceived anyone.
I told my father about you, my Chris. He is very happy for us.
My father told me, your acquaintance is not by chance, fate helped to find each other.
I wish to share with you our happiness. I want to know what can make you happy?
I'm a good girl if I did not cheat and do not offend anyone, I never will give up rights.
I will be with him until the end.
I'll wait for your reply.
I think about you every day of Chris.

with Love. Your Katya

ps I hope you have fun with your sisters. nice trip my dear, be careful to go.
Give ardent greetings to his son =)

Letter 7

I am very glad to receive your letter.
Every day, your letters make me stronger and stronger.
I would love to meet you. Chris, if would I was coming to see you soon then whatever we did on the first day? I'm very interested =)
My father is very happy for us. my father was sure he was confident that awaits us happy and bright future.
My father is very glad that you so much courage. He said that I will always be protected and what you will never offend me.
I was very pleased to hear from his father such nice words. I even cried, the tears were of happiness insane.
My father was always right, he's very thoughtful man! Even my friends say that you are very good and very nice man.
Now my friends also want to find a man like you =) it was so funny to hear them =)
But I just told her friends that you have a unique man in the world, such wonderful people like you anymore.
My dear Chris, yesterday I was looking for a job, but I have not obtained or anything, I can not find a job at the time = (
I'm not so easy = (I'm very worried about this, but I really hope that I will arrange for work, do you believe in me?
You unique. My love! I am very glad that I found you, fate has given us a great chance.

I give you lots of kisses your Katya

ps I will call you the other day =)

Letter 8

I am very glad to receive your letter.
I am madly in love to receive your sweet letter.
you write so beautifully, with such a romantic, my dearest Chris I treasure you, I'm really happy to know that you're my man!
Chris I think about us, about our future very much. I constantly think about our meeting.
I think if we want to be together, the meeting is simply necessary.
I understand that we deal fairly short time, but I have a feeling as if I know you all my life and it's very good. I know you very well =)
what do you think you have enough, I know you? I have a great interest to you, you made me very happy.
Chris You really like me. Only you and your letters bring me happiness. Chris If I arrive to you soon, how you represent our future?
to come to you to do a lot of effort. you are so far away and in my heart to become so sad. This is a big distance between us to oppress me.
I want us to be close to each other. I want to walk with you on the evening of the park, hold your hand, hug you, tell you nice things, mmm .... it would be so romantic. I want to test our feelings. What do you think about this?
Chris Yes, I believe in fate, destiny has presented me of you and it's the most beautiful thing I have, you're my favorite man!
you are very dear to me. Today or tomorrow I'll call you, I'll be very happy to hear your sweet voice!
I look forward to wait for your letter.

Your Katya

ps the photo is my favorite pet is Mojo =)

Letter 9

Thanks for your nice and sweet message. How was your day dearest?
I'm all good. Now I feel fine. I'm so happy.
Happy because I have you. My dearest Chris, thank you for what you sent me your picture, you are my best man, you're so cute, I love your eyes, life would look at you =)
Today in my city all day rain. I had a lot of time to cleaning the house, cook something sweet.
So sorry that you're not around, I'd baked a wonderful chocolate or apple pie.
We would sit at the table drinking coffee or tea, and at least breakfast.
When we're together I'll often do you cook surprises =) I love to cook different foods.
Cooking for me is a little hobby. I'm writing new recipes in a special book and then I cook this tasty and healthy food.
I would hope that you will like it cooked my food. Still a great pity that we are not together.
I want to fall asleep and get up only in your strong, but at the same time gentle and loved his hands.
My heart is torn to pieces and engorged with blood and filled with an inexplicable torment when you miss me.
And how I miss you! You have no idea = (Chris, I'm so glad to hear that your son support you, Give my greetings to her son and his girlfriend =)
my dearest, I would very much like to visit you soon. I would really like to see our first meeting took place you in the UK, do you agree?
I want to love stroking your hair, touching them with his female love and warmth. I do not want and can not look at someone other than you!
You really need me! My heart will go on in a mad rhythm only near to you.
I want to stay in your sweet embrace, that would be on your back down my anxious hands, my neck were covered with kisses of your lungs. I want your hands down somewhere, and I corrected them =)
I want to watch and look in your eyes. I wish that you were happy! I want to be your guardian angel or just a favorite child.
Whatever, when I was bad, you said something in my ear, and I hugged tightly in return!
I wish that would have our hands entwined as one, hearts were breathing in the same passion that you were always there!
You are only mine!
I love you!
I'll wait for your letter.
I kiss you sweetly on the lips.


ps Chris, can you send me a photo of your room? I would really like to see where you sleep =)

Letter 10

Chris, took a little time from the moment we met, but I think I know you all my life.
I am very attached to you. This is a new feeling for me, it filled me, I have not experienced this before. Maybe this is love.
I have no man do not say such words, but I trust you, and I hope you feel the same.
I really want to meet you, you filled my life with meaning. I've never been so happy in the far distance from a loved one.
Great distance between us scared me, but now I'm not afraid of it.
I believe that fate brought us together and not have to miss this chance.
I look forward to our meeting and I will do everything possible for this.
Your Katya

Letter 11

I swear that I'll call you! I do my best! I'll call you, do not worry!
I get out of leather but there'll call you! because you are my happiness and for love to fight!
to combat by all means, and I'm ready for you to give your life, because life without you is hell = (
Chris, please get me right on the site Dating I created a profile just like that, just wanted to talk to people, but I found you, and I am happy that fate has linked us!
I didn't I go on this site anymore, I do not need it, because I have you, I am a faithful girl!
Chris, you confuse what I like red wine? drink I very rarely, only on holidays.
because I know and understand, then to drink the health of harm!
bunny my Chris, except you I do not need no one, only you, your love and your concern!
I sent you a video just for you to see me what I am actually, I wanted to show you a nice, cheerful, friendly!
drinking tea and eating biscuits in it is not bad or anything, I just wanted to please you Chris!
I want to spend my life with you, it's fortunate for me to be with a man whom I value, which love you!
I am willing to do anything for you Chris! you will understand it very quickly and you will be happy that I found a girl like me!

Letter 12

almost all the photos does for me is my best friend Anna.
she's a great photographer, it's her hobby, and she takes photographs of a very long time.

Letter 13

As I told you earlier, very important to me confidence, especially in the first stage of relations, because it is very important.
All built on trust. If there is no trust in man, it is not about public relations can not be considered.
And no means no love without trust. I'm sorry that I write. I'll trust fully. I gave you my heart.
And you write me what you think about the risk of mistrust. I really want you to be completely trusted me. I'll never deceived in anything.
If you are in some doubt, then you can again read my letters. Do you think that people do not feel anything can write this?
We can say that almost every letter, I put our hearts, I tried to open up to you, I tried to do so that you may know me better know me as a person.
Now try to put yourself in my place. What I am now? What am I supposed to feel? you write about doubt, about the risk. Risk!??
The risk of losing me? I've always been honest and frank with you, I want to be with you.
Forgive me if I was a little harsh in words, but I ask to understand me.
I ask you that you have read this letter is not just, I want you to read his heart, I beg you to understand me.
Understand and believe me. I want to be with you very much, especially now as never before. I will try do everything for this, and even more. I love you very much.
My angel, Do as your heart tells you. But from your opinion is very much dependent.
I need you. I want to be with you!
Forgive me for all my words. I am pained to say it.
But the hardest for me when I know what you think so poorly of me.
I think about you.
Your Katya



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