Scam letter(s) from Alena Cheremnykh to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
All of us are familiar, but I hope, that we will correct it. I am glad to write you the message.
I am Alena and I very much would like to find essential another. To me 31 years
And I think that at this age already it is necessary to have to have a family and I want it.
If you like the same as I give, we study each other, better.
I think, that with email of the help against we can be better to study each other
Write to me on my personal mail:
Yours faithfully Alena Via -
Letter 2
hello my friend
I am glad that you have answered me. Because now it is a lot of lie everywhere and many
People any more do not trust that that all it really.
I have received your address of mail from service of dispatch of a site of acquaintances
I am glad to write you the letter. Because you the first man with which I write on the Internet
I will tell a little about myself. My name is Alena. To me of 31 years. I was born in February, 8th
I live in a city Zhukov it near to Moscow. You can look it on the Internet
I work on radio and I think out the program for an aether. I like my work
My weight 54 kg and my growth 176 sm. It so is important for you?))
My surname Cheremnykh
It probably all about me
Now you tell about itself. Why you search for the ******* the Internet?
If I have tired to you with the long letter excuse))
I will wait for your letter
Your friend Alena
Letter 3
Hei :) I am very glad, that you have answered me!!!
Many thanks to you for your letter. You have given me hope, that we
We can become friends, it would be very interesting to me to learn you more close.
I communicated once with the man from other country, but as a result he wanted only ***.
I think that you not the such. Now I will tell to you little bit in more details
About my life.
At leisure I like to go to the cinema and simply to walk in park. It simply pleases
Also calms me. When I studied, walks often adjusted me on examinations
And I received good estimations.
You like to travel??? When I was the student I went in
Many cities of Russia, everywhere all on a miscellaneous, people even speak on a miscellaneous))
. I was once on Black sea and unique time in the life saw such beauty...
Music... This my hobby not to transfer briefly... At me is both old plates and new music.
But sometimes want listen classical music of various geniuses, such as Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven and
Thanks that were answered by my questions)) but probably on my photo I am visible that not 183sm and 90kg)))
I think, that will suffice to write about me. Tell to me about your work, about
Your hobbies. Than you are engaged in a summer and winter season?
Also I would like to see some your photos when you were
The small. If you have such possibility, send to me them
Please. I have lost my picture album with such photos, and consequently
To me it is very insulting, that the best is time to my life - the childhood - remained
Only in my memory...
I will wait for your prompt reply the my dear friend!!!
the best
regards Alena
Letter 4

Greetings the my dear friend!!!
How your affairs? How is the weather at you??? I wish to ask you little bit personal question - you like ours
Correspondence. Because I consider, that for some letters it is possible to make
Such conclusion, it is interesting to communicate with the person or not.
Yes, on a photo there was a cape from a rain)
In this letter I wish to share with you some thoughts
Concerning a life in general. Around it is a lot of lie and a deceit, and sometimes
You think to trust this person or not. But I always give chance
To everyone I also can is not right.
It personally my opinion and if you do not agree with it, I will be
Is glad to listen to your point of view. It is desirable to have nearby of the such
The person who will help to make your life more brightly and more joyfully. I
It is assured, that you understand about what I speak. Unfortunately, I have no
Such person. I had an attempt to create a family, but it
Has collapsed. I wish to live... I wish to love and have children... She is mine
The most treasured dream... It is sense of my life. When there is no any purpose,
That the life becomes boring and monotonous. But if we want something,
That we should aspire to it and then all will be necessarily
Remarkably!!! Creation of a family and education of children, in my opinion, it
The purpose of two people which have decided to connect the lives together. And they
Should go to this purpose up to the end...
Write to me also please some your reasons concerning this
Themes. It would be very interesting to me to learn about it... With each letter
We learn our habits, thoughts and feelings is better, I am glad that have found
Such good friend as you.
I very much would wish to speak with you more, to learn about each other
It is more. I hope, that I have not tired you with the letter and soon I will receive yours
The answer. Successful to you of mood!!!
Your friend Alena
p.s. At you is skype? We could communicate and see each other
Letter 5
Hello my dear!
How your affairs my friend?
C each time your letter brings to me more and more pleasure and
Pleasures, therefore I do not want, that you have stopped to me to write.
It seems to me, that we became close enough
Friends, but I understand, that we should communicate more many for this purpose,
To consider itself as those.
I am not afflicted children . Simply it is my dream)) if it demands to wait after time of relations that it normally
You probably asked a question, why such girl as I
Searches for relations on the Internet? I will answer your question. Because you understand
That around now. Many guys at my age want only ***. And all!!!
I not against it but it there should be feelings instead of easier physics.
They do not think of us girls. Or simply drink **** in litres in court yard.
And I wish to have the normal husband.
My girlfriend has advised to address to the help of the Internet for search
The good man for creation of long relations. Because
The Internet to what does not oblige. But now I a little that we with you have not met and not
Have got acquainted in the street))) it would be better.
It is a pity that you do not know about skype. Because it is easy to communicate and see it each other
I think, that you have understood, that our acquaintance means for me and I do not want
To lose that we have at present. Our correspondence!!!
I wait for your letter with the big impatience!!! Sincerely your Alena
Letter 6
Greetings the my dear friend!!!
I like to read your letters and to this became for
Me an integral part of my usual day.
I was on that a photo in 29 years, simply it is clothes it seems such and does me by such age)
I think to you it will be interesting to learn about what qualities for me
Are important in the man. First of all my man should trust me. It
Should be up to the end fair with me. Honesty - here, that most
The main thing between two loving people. When people trust each other -
It means, that at them strong mutual relations. You agree with me
For not important what way of life, the man conducts. For me important what
He tests feelings to me. If with me something happens, it should always
To come to me to the aid.
If he has fallen in love with other woman it owes to me openly and fairly
About it to tell. Lie for me worst of all. I hate people, which
Lie constantly, especially to the loved person.
Now I will finish the letter. I wait for your answer and new
Photos. Your ALena
Letter 7
My dear!
Thanks for your letter. How your affairs today? I'm fine, mine
Mood simply excellent. And in many respects it has risen that you
To me has written today the letter! To me
Very much we is pleasant with you correspondence. To me it is very interesting for learning about yours
The past, about your present, about your thoughts and feelings. I am assured, that
We should continue our relations. I think, you will not object,
If I name our correspondence by relations. After all we know each other
There is already enough, and I think, that this term of dialogue we can name
Friendship. How you consider?
When I was in Egypt there really is on what to look and eyes run up from beauty only.
Also it is not trusted that now there there is a conflict because people there very friendly
You know, I consider you as very clever and good man. On
My sight, we have much in common. Your thoughts are very similar to mine, we
We have similar values in a life. Some things for us are
Bad, we appreciate some or we despise equally.
I wish to be fair with you, now I test to you very much
Strong liking, but not love. Because I consider to grow fond of the person
For such short period of correspondence it is impossible. Forgive me for frankness, but
It so. Undoubtedly, you very much like me as the man, but while it
Only liking. That, allow to develop our relations and we will look,
That will be further. How you consider, I am right?
I saw many cases when my girlfriends fell in love in in the life
Men, met them, but it were only fleeting
Short-term hobbies. After a while they left and
Cried and complained on destiny. But they were guilty. It is impossible
To rush to a whirlpool with a head (as speak at us in Russia). It is impossible
Completely to be given to the person whom you know not so well. Before
Than to get any relations it is necessary to understand and study the person, it
Habits and thoughts, its ideals and values, and only after that to accept
The decision - whether such man is necessary to you or not.
Here only for this reason I do not wish to hurry event, I wish to learn
It is better than you, whether that can understand at us to be, something more. I
I hope, that after a while I can learn you enough,
To draw a conclusion. But you should me help with it. Those letters, that you
To me you write, it is not simple words, it is a picture of your soul, with the help
Which I wish to understand you. The understanding - here that does not suffice us in this
Lives. It is necessary for us now...
I hope, that you will understand me, that you will draw a correct conclusion from
My words. I wait for your answer with huge impatience.
Your Alena
Letter 8
Greetings my darling!!!
For me huge happiness, that you have again brought to me pleasure yours
The letter. I cannot without your letters. To me it becomes much better, when
I see your letter in my mail box and I understand, that my day
Has passed knowingly!!!
How your mood? How is the weather? At us in Russia weather warm. Today
I am very tired on work. But I all the same with the big pleasure write you the letter!!!
How there has passed your day? What was at you interesting, new? At me
Today there was a usual day...
I am very glad, that I have got acquainted with you. Now I feel myself not
Very lonely, as earlier! It is very pleasant to me to speak with you, it so
Funny, interestingly, fine! For me it is very uneasy
To tell to you about some things. First of all to me
To have to describe words, the emotions. And it is very uneasy. And
Simply I wish to write you the beautiful letter that it was pleasant
To you. For me it is very important.
Well the darling, I will finish my letter now... I think of you
Much also I wish to receive your answer as soon as possible!!! I am glad, that you
With me...
I wish good mood!!!
Sincerely yours ALena
Letter 9
Greetings my dear!!!
Thanks for your new letter which has warmed my soul your warm
And gentle words. You became for me
The loved one before whom I can open the soul and tell
To you the secrets. I hope, that you test to me too the warm
Feelings. I'm fine! How you?
Today at my place there was a trouble. In a bathroom the crane and me has broken
The sanitary technician was necessary to cause to repair it. And now I have understood,
That is very difficult in this life without the man who always will help you
In a trouble. Which at any time time will tell to me warm words and can
Me to calm. I look sometimes at my girlfriends - many of them already have a family, children and
They are happy. I too want it. I wish to be happy and to feel
Nearby a strong man's shoulder, I wish to worry together and a grief and
Pleasure, I wish to love and be favourite simply. I hope you me well
You understand. Sometimes to me to become very sadly, I look out of the window, I
I feel lonely, to nobody necessary, it not pleasant feeling...
I have not understood a little, why I should feel shy?
I very much want that you have appeared that person, which to me
It is necessary. You very interesting, kind, serious and reliable man. We with
By you it is had much in common, we equally look at the world and we have the general
Interests. My opinion about the relation between the man and the woman very much
Similar on yours. I hope, that you will understand all that I have written to you and
Soon I will see your answer in my mail box.
Yours Alena
Letter 10
Greetings my lovely friend!!!
My darling, you do not represent - you have dreamt today me in a dream! I
It has been simply shocked by it! We with you walked after a city, ate
Ice-cream, communicated and cheerfully spent time. To me was so well,
Because I never tested such pleasure. Let it was
Only in a dream, but I still had such pleasant sensations. When I
Has woken up, I began to recollect all in the smallest details and have understood, that
Much I do not remember... To me at once it became sad, but later I have understood, that
There is no need to be upset. I have smiled also to me on a shower it became easier... I
I think, that it is a good sign. That you think Concerning it?
I will tell to you at once, that if I communicate with you that I do not communicate with whom that still. And you communicate with whom that still? I not such woman which communicate with 1000 and then chooses one. If I now with you that I with you up to the end also wait that will be in due course.
I many times saw married couples in park and thought on it much
To occasion. To me happens very alone, sadly... If glad would be
The person with whom all difficulties it is possible to overcome, divide all
Happy days and all joyful moments in a life together it would be
Simply remarkably. But to the big regret, there was no still that prince
On a white game who would offer me a hand and heart it is serious.
My dear forgive me please for such sentimental letter.
All is simple it has already collected at me in a shower and I have decided to share
These thoughts with you. Simply because you to me are not indifferent. I very much
I appreciate our relations and at all I do not wish to stop it! I wait
Your reciprocal letter!!!
Yours Alena

Letter 11
Hi my dear!!!
Many thanks to you for your letter. I am very glad, that you have written to me
Some warm and gentle words. To tell the truth, I am very glad on it
To occasion.
Today my mood good because my girlfriend has given birth in the morning
The child. She has given birth to the Son. I so am happy for it. She has decided to name
Its Ivan. This present Russian name. It now is in hospital,
But I think, that if all will be good leave fast it can
Therefrom and I can see its and its child! :)
How your mood? What at you new occurred?
I so am glad, that you at me are my dear... After all I can
To tell to you about all. I share with all of you my impressions. I
I can entrust you the problems, and much only. It is very good!
Because I trust you. After all relations are under construction on trust, and without
Trust not where. You agree with me? You as can to me all
To trust, speak about all and to share the problems. I always you
I will support and will give a help hand! I never leave nobody in a trouble, I
Always I help people. Also I consider, that it will sometime return to me
Back! :) Correctly?
My post address the country Russia, a city Zhukov street Soviet the house 86 index of mail 630021
Well on it I wish to finish the the letter... I Wish you fine
Moods!!! I kiss you on a cheek :)
Yours and only yours Alena
Letter 12
Greetings my lovely and good person!!!!!
I am very happy to see from you the letter in we wash a mail box. Huge
To you thanks that you continue to answer me. I to you very much
It is grateful.
I am very glad that have found such good person as you!
You have told that can support me ******, but sometimes it and is the best support
How your mood? I'm fine! Mood too the good! :)
My dear, I do not know that such occurs to me, but in the last
Time, I a lot of time think of you. I all time think of you, you
In my head! When I go to bed, before a dream I think of you, when I
I rise, I think of you... :) And you often think of me?
It is very interesting to me to learn about your most secret
To dream??? You have such dream? I would be very glad to hear it from
You. I will not insist on it, because this your personal.
But I all the same hope that you share with me about it. After all we with
You now real friends. I as hope, that tomorrow you again
Will answer me. I with the big impatience will wait from you for the answer.
With deep respect, your good friend Alena...
Letter 13
Hello my tender, my dear! How you? What at you
Recently, I feel myself alone. I see as on ours
To city young pairs go together, walk, kiss. And me so in these
The moments there are no you.
I do not have family, my parents were lost when I was small. I was brought up by
the grandmother but also she has died 7 years ago.
I very much wish to kiss you, to feel taste of your lips...
I think that we can become more than friends. How you consider?
We now so far apart, but know that in this world is
Such person who never will leave you, always will help you and
Always will be a number, there will be always nearby a difficult minute, IT ?. I
I think of you... I never will betray you and I will not leave!!! My dear, I
Has found the unique man in a life. It seems to me, that it YOU
!!! I do not wish you to lose, because you became for me native
The person. You - of whom I think 24 hours a day. Even when I sleep,
You dream me in a dream. In the morning I wake up also to me to become joyfully and
Heat on a shower because of you.
I with huge impatience will wait from you the letter. Your letters, me
Very much warm, they bring for me pleasure... I Kiss you... Yours
Letter 14
Greetings my most expensive man!!!
I cannot tell words that I feel when I receive yours
I thought today of my last life... I never thought, that in
My life there will be such person who even through letters can
To feel to me any warm feelings. It for me very much
It is important to feel when the man thinks of me and perceives
Me such what I am actually. I never thought, that the Internet can help me
To find the man with whom I am ready to create a family. And you thought, that can find the such
The woman as I???
My parents came back from mine aunts which lives to Kazan on the car. Was a rain and their car has brought also it has got under the big lorry. And they were lost. So to me my grandmother has told.
One of these days I talked to my girlfriend about you. It was very glad,
That I at last have found happiness. It is glad, that I every day
I smile... Sometimes I long... But this grief only that you are not present
Near to me!!!
I will wait for your letter with the big impatience and I wish to tell to you,
That I have no anybody except you who is really expensive to me so
Strongly as you!!! You should appreciate it... I wait for your letter...
Whole, yours Alena
Letter 15
Greetings my favourite!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
For me great pleasure to receive from you letters and to answer on
Them. I am very grateful to you for attention to me.
You did not stand to me of money, but now I understand that it is invaluable dialogue with you
This morning, when I have finished a dream... I long laid on a bed and
Thought of you. Also know, what I have understood? I have understood one the most important
Thing. I LOVE YOU!!! And I already at all do not represent myself
Without you. I think that I cannot without you. You to me are very expensive. You to me
Are very necessary. You are necessary to me as water as to a bird it is necessary the sky is necessary to fish.
My feelings to you strong, and every day all of them are stronger and
More strongly...
I understand that so it is not impossible to speak but in other words I can describe the feelings
Road and you can tell to me about the feelings? What feelings you
To me test? It will be very interesting to me to learn and hear it!:)
I consider it destiny, that our courses of life have met! I consider,
That we will be happy.
I will wait very much from you the answer. Whole, I love, I miss,
yours Alena!
Letter 16
Hello my dear! About as I to see glad again your letter In
the mail box. Your letter is filled by honesty and kindness, Love and
caress. You very good and attractive person!!! It is a pity, That we -
far apart now. Each woman searches for the person, Which will love it,
and to respect. I want the good relation to me Directly. I want the
man who sincerely concerns me, and Will love me. I search for serious
relations with the man who can To understand me and who will be
understood by me. The relation between the man and The woman very
important. The man should treat the woman kindly, with Love and
respect. It should be with it nearby in bad and good Times and to care
of it. The man should give to the woman all love and Care. It should
make so that its woman was the happiest On the Earth.
Also the woman should make the same for the favourite person. To
support it always, to be with it when it requires in To support.
And I think, that the love is very important for relations between the
man and The woman. Here such type of relations which I want. My ideas
- it is close to yours. I in you have seen this person. You very much
The good and remarkable person on light. Inform, please, for What
relations search for you? I very much want, that we have continued
with you Our relations. I think, that you, that person who is
Necessary for me. I with impatience will wait to receive news from
Sincerely yours,Alena
Letter 17
Hi my lovely!
With the great pleasure you read the letter.
I am very glad, that your feelings to me such fine. I hasten you To assure, that my feelings to you too very strong and sincere. I Each time when I lie down to sleep, I present an our meeting. I I think, that she will be fine. The first minutes will be disturbing. In fact We shall meet you, we shall see each other in a reality. But then we With you we shall speak and speak. I shall hold your hands, to look in Your eyes. It will be the most touching minutes. Heart will be To jump out from my ******. I shall love you, as who another. I I think, that our representations about a meeting coincide.
I hope, that you will be capable to present me unforgettable love.
Otherwise as we could find each other. I hope, that this letter It will be completely understood by you, in fact I sincerely tried to tell to you About my feelings to you my lovely. Does not pass also day that I did not think About you. Such person as you is a limit of my dreams. But most The main thing in you advantage, is your love to me.
But she should be It is checked up by time, it is proved to acts and it is tested by destiny. Yours Beloved Alena
Letter 18
Hello my dear
Thanks for your letter and now I see that you want that we have met
Certainly I will not arrive to you without a message about that that I go)) I want that you have met me at the airport and have taken away to yourself home
How you think that will be after that and during time as we will see each other first time?
I when at me was today a dinner went to the nearest travel agency and learnt about a trip to you. All about cost and about documents which are necessary. All is much easier than it seemed to me. The problem was in that that I thought that there will be problems with the visa. But all is easy. The visa to Canada can be issued for a week and it gives us chance that I can issue the visa the house of my holiday and I will not worry about it. We still have time. But there is a problem on more essential. Cost of tickets is little bit more than I expected. Tickets they stand if to translate it from roubles in dollars that stand 1420.20 at me approximately there are 1100 dollars. I do not wish to ask from you but other choice at me is not present. You can help me with other sum? I will return all to you as soon as I will earn. If you give up to me that I will understand you. Simply I do not wish to lose possibility to meet now because other chance such can and not to be. Also I do not want that our correspondence simply remained as history.
I hope that you will think and tell to me the decision.
I hope that I for you during our dialogue did not become an empty place
I will wait for your letter and your answer
Yours Alena
Letter 19
hello dear
I understand you and I am sorry for my request
But you a little not correctly argue. It turns out that if have met the person
And it has gained of you trust that you would lend it money. But agree that if at it with caiiai the beginnings
Was aim to deceive you that it will deceive you even after a meeting.
I was not going to sell the trust or for money
Therefore it was your decision and I accept as you have told
I was not going to deceive you because you like me
And I would not like to lose chance to remain in a life with the good person
I will wait for your letter
Yours Alena
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