Scam Letter(s) from Diana Payne to Rich (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Sweetheart:-(.

Am just getting back from the Airport now and i havent alot going on my mind right now..Well i was able to get to the Airline agent out here today find and i got my flight book through KLM Airways over here..Am really feeling sad and worried cos i never knew the money with me is not enough for me to get my flight booked..I had to deposited the $1500 with me and i was told i need to balance up the money in 3days time and my flight will be totally confirmed..I will send you the flight detail now. Am really sad cos i need to balance up with $480 honey and i try to get my paycheck cash over here and they bank down here told me they dont cash international check due to there local banking system over here..Am really worried and depressed now

Rich i know this is gonna be on trust..i need you on this,i mean i'll need your favor on this..i mean i need you to loan me the money so that i can complete my flight balance and i promise i will pay you back when i get my paycheck cash back home..I got my paycheck over here and the local bank never allow me cash it,cos they dont cash international check out here..That will be a dream come true for us meeting up soon and sharing our feelings in person and i promise not to let you down and also to make it up to you. It's a promise! I cross my heart rich!!!

I Promise to pay you back in All Way Possible rich..I Swear It!!! please try and understand me,i really need a helping hand out here and i hope you can work something out for me real soon,i know this might sound stupid or silly but i will appreciate anything you can do to help me..I'll be hoping to hear from you real soon and let me know how soon you can give me a helping hand on this..i hope am not being too forward and hope you can help me on this..i wish i have an alternative...i wouldn't have put you on this:(.

Miserable Diana:-(..



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