Scam letter(s) from Eunice Lartey to Juergen (Germany)

Letter 1
BANK>WESTERN UNION My love am happy about that now and my mum and i is happy about you and i will love to have you with me all my life and i know that God will make it soon we will together as one family as well and i will love and care about you as well ..Thanks my love this is my Uncle address you can send, me the money with my Uncles address so i can get it ok my love and i hope you will be honest man and trustful man as well ok my love...I love you forever and ever..You know that i dont have a id card here since i was not born here just my mum and my uncle was here from here and my family ok....well now am with my family and my mum and my uncle now who is a teacher now in Ghana..i hope you get me now ...i hope you will understands me now ...I love you my love i hope you can send me at least 100 euros so i can use that for the mean time now ...that with my mum and i ..we will sue it if you think is not enough you can make it 200 ok my love i hope to have the information on my mail ok ...ii love you so i can get the money to buy the stuffs i need ...bye my love
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