Letter(s) from Marina Kopytouwa to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love James!
I wait your letter my sunshine!
Finally, I feel quite happy, I can bask in your light and warmth of your words, your warm affection. I give my love to give all their accumulated thoughts and heated emotions.
Yes, I have long concealed their emotions, but it is justified - I'm just losing his voice while reading your letters, especially that between us such distance.
Want to see your letters every day, every hour, every minute. And still more I want you to be beside me. Go with you to hand down the street, to feel your presence, not afraid or anything else. Want to talk to you, smile, kiss, molest.
With you I feel so good, so calm and confident.
I'm infected with your love, I can see it in your words, I feel it between your lines. I do not want to miss you, I just want to be close to you.
I owe my life to you. Without you its meaning dissolves. I you do not have you near, but you are in my head, in my heart. You know it myself, right?
You - for the sake of what I live for, you accelerate the idea, you give life, you're fillin 'all meaning. It seems to me, it took so long before I knew it ...
But now all we have ahead. I love you!
Be with me. I give you light. I know you hear me!
You are, you live, you exist.
Now we'll be together, because we found each other. Thank you for your patience, because I did not realize before that no one except you.
I need you like air and water. I know that you are very far from me, I can not pull up to your hand, I can not hug you, I can not feel your scent, which I represent, and that drives me crazy, but I do know that every day I wake up with your name, live with him throughout the day, I go to bed, and again remember about you. My darling and dear, without you I would not make sense to live on, because every day, just the thought of you makes me get up James sweetheart, I love you, love you!
Yesterday, I miss you terribly. There's never been for a moment that I had not thought about us! I'm so hard. And so cold without you. But though you're far away, more importantly, what you eat. Such a kind, gentle and lovely. And most importantly, my! Only mine!
I've never been afraid of the future, but now I'm afraid. I'm afraid that my tomorrow will not you.
And those who are far, thats why some roads, Stronger sense of ordeal When the love there are only fragments.
Yes, better dream than the severity of excuses I'm scared. At a distance so easy to lose, break, do not convey our happiness to each other. But you're with me always. Day - in my mind at night - in my dreams.
My own! I love you so much! Can not imagine how much you are precious and important to me. Only your love helps to live, breathe and believe in you! I endure. Only you and your love.
Want to reach out to touch you, but it's only your image. We share hundreds of kilometers. I can only look at him and me that so little.
I want to be closer, as they will allow the physical boundaries, kiss, hug, dissolve in you. What is it - how not to love? No, I think the word "Love" can not express a hundredth part of the state of my soul.
In my state there are no names. it looks like a disease, but I do not want her to be treated.
Feel like I can get for you a star, I can become a drop of dew on your lips, a slight wind in your hair, and like, I just always be with you.
Sunny, thank you for what you appreciate our love and I want to wish you a peaceful dreams.
Your Marina

Letter 2

Hello my dear James!
I'm glad to see your letter. How are you today?
I hope all is well. Because I have all just wonderful!
My love I'm so happy that we write to each other and had met a good man. I have received from you, writing and life filled with meaning for me. I start to realize that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you. I've always dreamed of, meet someone and live with him my whole life.
I already imagine the future.
I talked to my parents that I probably can go to you, they just were happy for me, my mother and my father blessed me, but I was happy.
They know that this is my happiness. I am very afraid that my father did not approve of my decision, but my luck it happened all across the street. Today I all day long just thinking about you, how we met. I imagined how you meet me at the airport, as we seek each other's eyes.
We find and rush into the arms of each other.
Oh how I want to be with you as I want to come to you.
I have for you is good news! My mother is a very good friend who works as chief accountant in one of our travel agents in our city. Mom told me that she always talk to her, we are at it go and learn about how to obtain a visa quickly. What documents are needed for this and how it will all be worth it. And I'm in the next letter you must write all that I know! How I wish that the time has suffered me through all the seas and oceans to you, my dear!
My dear, let me say that I am every minute, every second, with every breath of your and my body I love you even more. So strongly and painfully in mind no one so loved as you, my dear. You're driving me crazy, I know, I want this and I like it. How unfortunate that you were not around, sorry to fill up without you is not hear the beating of your heart, not to feel on your body, your gentle and powerful hands I know they are, you're so far and so close you are with me in my dreams, in my thoughts but you do not close, either because the game can we crazy? I will never answer you, why are you that draws me to you but I know that I adore you, I'm just a little of your emails I want to feel you, I want to burn up under you, I want to wake up with you, to die and be born again in moments of passion James, with you to give you my tenderness and pick up your mind.
When thou art with me, you will feel the depth of my love. When thou art with me, you will realize that it has a border, but you can not reach its shores, will not reach its bottom. Because my love, exuding a soft key, bottled turbulent mountain river that flows into the boundless sea. But the sea and my words - a drop of water in the ocean of my love.
And when thou shalt be with me, you put your feet in their salty blue my love, her lather, leaving the circles on the water without hesitation, if they annoy the opposite shore, do not raise a silt from the bottom.
When thou art with me, you zacherpnesh moisture hand to refresh the face, and understand that the salt of your tears - just a slight reminder of utihshem storm.
When thou art with me, you squint from the light of myriads of suns, leaping over the waves calm. And your head begin to spin from the mindless conversion of their number.
When thou art near me, breath easy breeze - the heir to the storm - you drugged their freshness and insouciance. The wind whispers softly: "I do not know where you are, I do not know where I am myself, but I want you to be with me."
I believe that all this will be, when thou shalt be with me. I really want you to be with me. I look forward to, when you next to me. I hope that one day you say: "I'm with you."
In the meantime, let my love beats clean key, filling a blue abyss, merge on the horizon to the infinity of the sky. Many thanks to you that allowed yourself to love! You taught me a lot, though, perhaps, that itself did not notice - like, believe in yourself, to understand, to forgive, and much more.
James Favorite! With incredible tenderness want to exhale that word. Even if you dreamed that so you can love, love! Every day more and more difficult and almost impossible to tame a heart the size of a planet. But it is. And requires constantly aware of themselves. Away reason and sober everyday! It is useless to gainsay the heart. Any dispute with him fails. There are no tears, no sadness. There is only pain. Burning, unbearable, is not subject to pain medicine of the heart.
My beloved James. You - a very good name in my heart. You - the one waiting and dreaming about someone. Madly about how to love one-of a single life.
Every day - should approach me to you. Do you understand? This fate, gave me you. God forbid-forces. Just strength to live up to our meeting.
Lord, do I not have suffered, not to beg you one single meeting? Did hundreds of lonely nights and days I did not had the good fortune to touch the beloved? To touch, words and heart. So sad to think that you are far away. Close, but so far away. Crawled on their knees to through Russia to cut many kilometer distance. Love it, but you all there. Love and loneliness overwhelmed me. And all because of you.
Thoughts of you harassed soul fainted, and dried. Love poems and songs all for you. Forces sometimes just leave me. How to live without you??
Wanted to cry for some reason to me. It's tears of joy and sadness.
Heart was breaking, cracking from the pain and wounds. How many times must a man endure before they will find their love, their happiness?
To any question I can not find an answer today. So painful.
Inside pulled your name James! Icy nights reproduces your image.
Since I live. Happiness, waiting for your favorite.

I am writing you a letter with love.
And enroll in this blood.
I want to say that I'm glowing
Without fear of feeling, but I do not know
What to give a response.
I'm so afraid to hear "no."
I do without you do not live alone.
You are the most-but not mine.
Your beautiful eyes
As daylight storm:
Glitter, sparkle and shine.
I was so brilliantly killed.
And how, tell me to live with it?
After all, no one more love!
With you I put together only in a dream.
You touch me there
So tender that it hurts the body.
And all the bad behind.
You live, live love.
And below the signature. Signed in blood.

It's just a delusion that you are doing to me? Say goodbye to you, darling!
See you soon Your Marina

Letter 3

Hello my dear James!
Thank you for your wonderful letter.
I very strongly love you and without you and your letters to me very badly. I need you and in your words. Do you love me and this biggest happiness in the world. I am very much forward to our meeting and I think it will be very soon. Without you and your love, my heart will be empty forever. I know that you too want to see me. We love each other, and we should be together. I'm really looking forward to this moment.
As I told you my love, I'm with my mother went to her friend in a travel agency and find out.
I need a passport and a visa I would need 400 euros. I understand that it is very difficult to very expensive to come to you, but I hope yet to get this opportunity and see you!
For us in Russia it is very big money, if my salary for a month only 160 euros. This is for our city and our country is even a decent salary and a lot of money. I have to pay the rent, for all utilities, buy food, clothing and cosmetics. Parents, too, there are no such big money. They are still paying right now for training nurses. This is a very large amount! In Russia we do all dearly loved. And this disparity in prices. That wages are not enough of anything at all communal and family needs. Salary people the state does not raise, and the price of food, shelter all grow and grow. It's just awful. If we have only a loaf of bread costs 15 rubles, if it is to transfer your money is obtained about 50 cents. A design for a passport, you need a different edits with place of residence, or work. And each certificate is worth 5 euros. Therefore, my dear I do not have that kind of money for a visa!
Everywhere one problem! That we should be together requires money.
Without money I can not be with you! I can not come to you! See you and hug!
I do not know what to do now. Dear you have to invent something! I can not without you. I'm with you endure all the difficulties, but only you could only have been together with me. I know that I can!
I know how hard it is to live in another country. On this I wrote to my sister in Switzerland. She is also a pediatrician, as I do. And like her, even though - for what it excellent specialist, was very hard to get love and respect, and status of their patients in a strange city in a foreign country. However, she managed, was able to survive everything and now everything is going just for her. Since it is the best at his hospital. Despite the fact that she was Russian to be treated as professionals. I think that I, too, can all survive and settle in your country. Most importantly, you are always surrounded by a support of the beloved, beloved husband!
I'm ready to fly half the world to meet with you, as this will be the happiest day of my life.
When you showed me, I told you that my whole life changed. I made you favorite gift for you which I bought long ago for you. And I sure will give it to you at our meeting. I pray to God that He heard our prayers, and we met!
Know that my love for you. My whole life belongs to you. I badly want to quickly get a letter from you. And I want to hear from you words I love you, my Marina! Will you do it? I very much expect that from you.
I want to see you and wait for that day. I ask thee to speed up our meeting.
All my friends and family are very happy to hear that I'm in love and soon I'll be with her beloved man. And I'm happy that you're happy and your feeling towards me quite true, tall and strong. I wish you good days and nights. I really want to kiss you, but since I do not have such an opportunity now, I am sending you a hot and passionate kiss. I look forward to our meeting and is ready to fly to you as soon as possible.
We have a very long time endured loneliness, living without each other and deserve to be together and love life.
I fell in love with your whole soul to the very depths of my heart. I look forward to each of your letters. I think that will slightly miss their friends and relatives in your country, but, you will be with me and I'll be happy. From your appearance, I became like a little girl - happy and cheerful. At the same time, I became sick to think about meeting with you.
I just decided everything for myself that I want to see you, I want to be with you.
Browsing this morning in his room on the cold floor, his face buried in her knees, I sat and cried and did not want anyone to see a loved one as I feel bad without you! Before his eyes flashed pictures of the past, happiness, joy, tears of severely burned my face. Between us thousands of miles, hundreds of cities and dozens of streets. Want to turn the forward, to fix everything, do everything his own way, to regret it is not subject to me, nothing can fix it. Every day, wants to escape his heart, I want to forget. But I believe in you, you know, I'm sure I'll come, I will not give your love will not give up on it.
Just have to wait, it is necessary to deceive time and I'm cheating.
I hate myself, my lucky stars that she chose me such a life, a life away from you ...
I would never could imagine that such a friendship can be and love you, too, did not know about.
New day, he goes by without you, but begins with your letter. It is strange you're so far away, and I almost did not feel that distance you might even be much closer those people who are in a meter away from me. You can not measure love the distance, but that time, our love long ago passed the test.
I love you, as this is possible, I will do my best, whatever that distance was only temporary, I want to be just next to you, do not want others to me, kissed and embraced, I do not want other eyes, lips and smile I do not want others if you are. I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!!!
What will happen at the end of our journey where we will come and not lose faith in a better. After all, there is still a lot of difficult and sometimes we will feel that it is not insurmountable, but I will not surrender, I will not turn off track, it's not just the same way after so many times we found ourselves at the threshold of some desires. Yes, the distance between us, which oppresses and sometimes want to go and make the hearts of freedom, yet again have to walk along the edge of the senses and to compress the nerve within its will. That's the way life is, do not we all thought out, and we do not change. But if you still have a chance to fate, I think it is stupid not to take advantage.
I say goodbye to you and wait for your letter.

Favorite write me soon,
I'm going crazy! Let me love you.
I want to be your shadow. Always
close to you to be.
Movement of your repeat.

Each word is catching.
Listen to you and say nothing.
And never anger.
Fulfill your desires.

For the lips move to follow.
Unity is not violated.
Eyes on you not to be reduced.
And in one breath to breathe ...
Your Marina

Letter 4

Hello my dear James!
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
I'm so glad to read your beautiful words that you write to me. I really like reading your letters. I understand you very much.
Darling I'll be doing the work visa. And there is no need any invitation. I want then to get a job in your country.
My dear James that relates to documents that reside with you.
That all documents and visa, I can do for 400 euros. And everything is ready and will not be any problems. When my mom found out, she said it will not last long. Possible within 1 week. Of course, if you will not have problems with money.
So cute if you can help me with money I am ready to do all of the documents very soon. Lovely how to send money, my sister from switzerland sends money to his mother through remittances Western Union. There will need only my name and country.
Nothing more need be specified.
And to get your money I need to know the city from which you sent.
Your full name. The exact amount of remittance. And the number of money transfer.
My first name Marina, last name Kopytouwa.
Darling, I think that you can do it very soon so that I could start making the documents. I really want to be with you and I think that you also want me to be close to you as soon as possible. That would be just SUPER! This is my dream. I can not even think possible. That would be the happiest day of my life.
Darling I love you very much and I'll be dreaming about our future with you. I would hope that all is well.
I will finish my letter and look forward to your letter.
With love yours Marina