Scam letter(s) from Julia Prohorova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear Mike! It is me, Yulia from the dating site!!! I write you as I promised!
Was very nice to meet you and i am happy that we give it a try! I'll tell you more about me and I am sure it will be interesting for you! I am a young woman from Ukraine, I am 27 and i live in Ukrainian town Uman' near Cherkassy.
It is a countryside where I live, so I am not a pampered urban girl : )) I work in a small shop as flowers designer, or florist.
And meanwhile i am completing my education in Law - I study by correspondence. I am not a very tall girl but I am slender and I think pretty good looking - my height is 168 cm and my weight is 51.
By the way, I do not have any bad habits.
I love animals - horses are my favourite and I love horse riding!!
Do you? Will be so nice to know more about your hobbies!
My biggest hobby is playing the guitar - I play in amateur band with 2 of my girlfriends. I dream that some day my life will be not only WORK-STUDY-FRIENDS like it is now, but also LOVE-ROMANCE-INTIMACY with a man who will mean the world for me!!!
Why the dating site?
You know, i see that the world has changed - people do not meet each other in the streets or in cafes because maybe we are too shy : ) But i know that many nice men are looking for love in Internet - and I have chosen the same way as you!
And why not? I speak good English, I am outgoing and I love new experience so I am sure I will find my love from the dating site! I hope you liked this small story about me cause I have many things to tell you!!!
I will be delighted to know more about you: your family, hobbies, work, dreams!
I am sure your letter will be very interesting for me - so I am eagerly anticipating!!!! Warm kisses!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello dear Mike!!!
I am very happy to receive your answer! Thank you for telling me more about yourself - I will try to feel you, to imagine your life, and your letters should help me to do it!!!
I will be happy if you tell me how you like to spend your free time - cause maybe soon we'll spend free time together : ))) I also would love to know more about the place you live.
Would you like to know a little bit about my life? I was born here in Uman', and i live all my life in the same town, though by my nature i think i am a traveller, and i am very easy to adjust to new situations.
I love sports - I am a good swimmer : ) My family is big and we live all together - my parents, my granny and my older sister.
My sister is 30 and she is now dating a nice guy, I think they will get married : )) I think I have fantastic parents, very loving and understanding - they have always given me enough freedom to learn how to make my own right decisions.
What about my guitar playing - I learnt it just two years ago, but i think i make success : ) I am a quick learner - I think it concerns also learning the languages : )
There is also something I wanted to tell you : )
Some time ago an old lady-fortuneteller told me that I will meet a man from another country, who lives beyond the borders, or maybe beyond the seas - and we will change each other's lives and will be happy together on the Earth and in Heaven : )
I do not believe in magic, I but i wish this prediction to come true!
And now I am very curios - will you be that man? I send you many tender kisses!!
your romantic friend
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Mike!
I am very glad to see you here, I guess it becomes something like letter-dating between us : ) I prefer to say that cause the word "correspondence"is a bit boring : ) Now I know you a little bit, and I am curious to hear your voice, I guess you too?
Hope so!
Dear, Mike, if you would like, you can call me at work, my work phone number is +380636023345 and I work till 6 p.m That's to exchange more contacts : ) Thank you so much for a nice greeting card!!! I know you just a bit, but already i have a feeling i want to share with you!
You know, today i met my former classmate, I haven't seen her for 5 years i guess.
We had a small chat, and the told me she is already divorced second time!
And going to get married 3rd time : ) And she is the same age as me!
I think it is crazy, a lot of people in Ukraine get married very early, like 17 or 18 years old, and then a marriage is not stable and they realize that they made a wrong decision.
Dear, what about your country, is early marriage a common thing there? Want also to tell you little about my personal qualities:
I appreciate faithfulness and I will be a very faithful wife, I will never have any secrets from my man, I will love him and he will always be the best for me in everything!
I am looking for my Prince : ) Someone who'll be very close to my heart. Ok, dear, must finish a letter and I hope you send me the answer soon : ) I wish you wonderful emotions and wish you to smile!
Big kiss to you!!!!!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Mike! I am here as I promised, hope that you have not forgot about me!
I see you haven't cause you've sent me a nice letter! Thanks!!!! So, how have you been? I have been missing you yesterday evening when i came for a walk with my friends and I got a bit bored : ) We went to the park, were sitting, just talking of trifles : ) I thought - it would be nice if we go for a walk together and those would be very bright emotions : ) Oops : ) I am a Gemini too : )) I was born 14 June 1983 : ))) Well, dear, i must hurry now.
Darling, so amazing that you make me think about you so often! Big kiss to you, my sunshine, be bright and happy!
your always,
Letter 5
Hi, dear Mike!!!! How are you? I've missed you, so I am here : ) It is so nice to see a letter from you! How have you been, dear?
Mike, dear, i am so sorry that you could not get through today!
I have no other phone where you can call me, but let's arrange to talk again on Monday? Please try calling me, I'll check he hone, it should be all right! I wish I could bring you some positive emotions, to give a smile to your face, to make you happy : ) Cause you are so nice : ) I am very happy that I have met someone so special, sometimes even seems like too good, too perfect.
Darling, today i have some photos to send you : )
2 of them are from my room : ) Even there i have flowers!
But they are not real : ) You know, we have a nice park in my town and i like to go there alone sometimes.
I sit at the bench alone and thinking about something, just enjoying nature...
I have been there today before i came to the internet cafe to write you.
I was sitting and thinking about you, I was dreaming, and I lost sense of time : ) My dear, I am planning to spend this evening at home - have to study something for the coming exams : ) as you remember i am completing my education in Law, so after work i have to study at home.
My darling, I **** you many kisses and let them touch your lips and bring you sense of my tenderness!
I will be waiting for your letter, darling!!
Have a wonderful evening!!!
Many kisses!
your Yulia
Letter 6
Hi, my dear!!! how are you, sunshine, my dear Mike?
So nice to be here and to read your letter! I am happy that so close person is thinking about me.
Dear, i am grateful to you for giving me this feeling of closeness.
How is everything with you?
My dear, i am so happy that after a lonely weekend i find a nice mail from you!
And a pity that you could not get me on the phone, It's a shame, here at work the phone doesn't work properly sometimes : ( You know, my darling, that is very generous of you to suggest me such a nice birthday present as a cell phone.
I would be very happy of course, I am a bit shy to accept presets, it is my character ; ) But of course i would be very glad if we could have more stable communication, I want you to be more than just a friend to me!
You know, phone here costs around 150 dollars i guess.
And about internet - we have plenty of providers, and it is not costly at all, most costly is to get a laptop, it is around 300-350 dollars.
Well, bit i do not want to get deep into this and to sound materialistic, my dear Mike, I am very happy i have met you, and i want to know you better, You make me feel very special when i come to internet and when i see your letter - i know you have been thinking of me! Oh, abut your question - my dear, i do like my job, really ; ) It is nice, creative and beautiful, i work here 5 days a week, and i have days off on Saturday and Sunday.
Well, of course would be fantastic to open own flower shop day : )) I know much about this business, and of course would be good if the work gave not only enjoyment but some income ; ) My darling, I must tell you that I am also very happy cause life sometimes is giving wonderful and unexpected presents - I have not waited, have not expected anything special to happen in my life and now i have met you : ) And my heart is not cold anymore, it is full of emotions, full of desire to experience more..
Dear, tell me, what is happening in your life now, what are your thoughts about?
I am sending you couple of my photos : ) hope you like them!
My dear, together with my photos i send you a kiss and many many smiles!!!
I want to make you smile and to make you happy!!!!!
With impatience of getting your next letter, your Yulia
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Mike!! How are you, my sunshine?
Darling, thank you for your letter, you know very well that I always wait for your letter!
Honey, if you were here right now i would kiss you from top to toe : ))) you're so lovable!!!
Darling, today I want to give you some positive emotions, I hope i'll succeed in this : )) Your letter for example always gives me wonderful emotions!!!!! I am dreaming that you and me will be very happy together and sometimes we'll spend time cosy - just you and me cuddling under the blanket : ) Or sometimes we'll go out and meet your friends who can also become my friends : ) I love this life! Especially after life has given me YOU!
My darling, do you feel my desire to kiss you! Oh, it is incredible desire!!!
I want to kiss you right on your lips!!!!!
Sweet, there are some photos for you - one photos with my friend, another photo from the match in Cherkassy : ) Well, now i can only send this kiss to you,but i am sure you'll receive it!!!!
Write to me soon, my darling!!!!
your loving Yulia
Letter 8
Hello, my darling!!!! Sunshine, i have wonderful feeling when i read your letter.
I was upset cause i did not get your letter for a week!
And then i was very surprised to find your letter in a spam folder : ( So my dear, i am sorry that i answer only now!
I did not find your letter right till today!
So nice to realize that we are close to each other and even distance can not make us apart.
Darling, how are you doing? Is everything going well in your daily life?
What are your dreams, what are your aspirations?
I must say I wish I were there with you, I wish we could make plans as a couple - smile together planning something nice : ) Spend weekend together and share emotions about work, about everything : ) Just share life together.
Sometimes I look at other couples and they are so happy! I know that we deserve happiness too!
you do deserve happiness, my honey, Mike, and I wish with all my heart that I can give you this happiness.
Sunshine, you're very special for me for being open and for appreciating me like a real gentleman appreciates a real lady : ) Darling, I am missing you very much.
In my life everything goes its way : ) I hope so much that we can have a possibility to meet in close time : ) I know you are in Afganistan now, but my dear, what are your thoughts about our possible meeting?
Where do you think we can meet? You know, my boss is telling me that i should take my vacation next month, I am thinking that it is good, maybe we meet each other? So honey, I hope, if everything goes well, i might have a holiday, so, that is for you to think about - maybe we can have a holiday together: ) or maybe you would like to invite me, I will be glad if everything goes well and finally i can see my darling Mike : ) Ok, sunshine, I hope i make you smile and of course i hope that this night when you go to bed you close your eyes and imagine me : ) Sweetie, i must go no, i send you a slenderest kiss and all my love!!!
Have a great day, darling!
your Yulia
Letter 9
Hello, my sweetheart!!!! Mike, how are you there?
Have you been thinking and maybe dreaming about me when you went to bed yesterday night?
I was imagining kissing you and i felt pleasant shiver running through my body...
Darling, you're in my heart and you're in my life always with me!
Dear, I wish to be closer to you by any means : ) My studies is fantastic - on Saturday i have passed my last exam and now i expect for a diploma!
Darling, the shop where i work is called simply "Tsvety" - it means "Flowers" : )) Darling, i am very happy that you want to have one or two kids - I dream to have children also!!!
Today i want to send you some photos again, hope you like them: ) You know, dear, this night i was dreaming about you an me walking on the beach and listening to the waves... holding hands...
Darling, you know, waves are so romantic, like your whisper...
I dream that you whisper to my ear... darling, just dream about you : ))) My darling, tell me how are your days now, what are you thinking about, what do you do in the evening...
I just dream to be closer to you!
And I send you million of kisses and my affection!!!!
Have a wonderful day and remember:
One girl in Ukraine is thinking about you! Your Yulia
Letter 10
Hello, my Mike!!!! Thank you very much for you warm, so warm letter! It makes me feel so comfortable and warmths my heart when it is cold outside : )))) my love, you're really a Sunshine, cause you are melting my heart! you touch me to the bottom of my heart, you can't imagine how much! When i know that you are waiting for me there, spring comes to my soul!!!
Dear Mike, i am sorry that your time in Afghanistan is boring at times, and of course i regret a lot that you will not be able to take free time until April next year - but i understand that rules are rules!
My darling, i also am so upset that was not able to get your greeting card! Anyway, thank you so much for greetings, it makes me very happy that you think of me and that you are happy for my success : )) My dear Mike, it is such a pity that we are not able to talk on the phone even! Tomorrow i will check the settings and will make sure that the phone at work can accept international calls. I wish so much of course that we could communicate more privately, it would be much better if i had a computer at home, we would be able to chat by Skype, see each other, talk as much as we wish!!! My neighbours have wifi satellite, so connecting to internet will be easy, the problem is just that i do not have a computer, I've been trying to save for it, but always i had to spend my savings for some more necessary things like winter coat or just for living.
My dear, oh, yes, Ukraine is a cold country : ) But cold only in winter! In winter it gets to -30 Fahrenheit, but it is very hot here in summer! Last summer we had over 95 Fahrenheit for 2 months! July and August are the hottest months on Ukraine, that is why i had many possibilities to get tanned : ))) So, my darling, today you've learnt more about Ukraine - its climate is very diverse in Summer and Winter. And now, in Spring, is very nice, warm weather. Everything is in blossom, so colorful and pretty : ))) My darling, i will be waiting for your next letter, and i hope that you will manage to get me on the phone tomorrow!
My internet time has finished and a pity, but i must leave.
My dear, i want to wish you a great day, I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience!
And will be waiting for our meeting even more!!!!!
love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 11
Hello, my dear Michael! Mike, i was so glad to hear your voice today!!! You sound so nice!! Somethimes i could not hear you well, but it was so pleasant to hear you, to talk to you, i could feel you through your voice!!! And thank you so muchf or the cute greeting card for my mom! I have already printed it out and on Sunday i will give it to her! I think it is great that you have such a nice holiday Mother's day, I want to take this tradition to my family also! Sunshine, i am so happy to read your letter, I am readying it for the second time and I can't believe that i am so lucky girl! Darling, you're really the most attentive, the most caring person in the world! I feel that I can trust my life to you, my dear, you make me feeling very special, you make me feel appreciated and desired... I am so lonely without you, it's hard to explain - when I have found you I felt like I am not a complete person anymore, i need you to make my heart complete. Dos it sound strange, dear Mike? I hope that some day, maybe in a year, we will manage to meet...
and by now we only have these dates in the internet cafe and also i have your voice in the phone!
My dear Mike, about a lap top - thank you, really, you are so generous to suggest it, i know of course it would make our relationship better, our communicating more bright, but i do not think that American online shops ship goods to Ukraine, and if you want to buy something in Ukrainian online shop, you can pay only with Ukrainian credit card - that s all because of this credit card fraud, it is very often in Ukraine and in Russia, these hackers get caught nearly every day and appear on the news.
My darling, i wish that somehow of course we get more close and more intimate, as we will have to keep pur hearts on distance for some time.. that makes me upset :((( My sunshine, it is a pity that i am far from you this evening, I wish I were there to gibe you very tender kiss. Now i can only send it to you by letter : )) My honey, send you all my love and very many kisses your Yulia
Letter 12
Hello my dear Michael! Thank you for your nice letter about Frustrating communication ))) I hope that it is not so frustrating sometimes : )) I like your voice very much, and i do enjoy talking to you. I am a bit upset that we will not have a chance to meet in near future, but as we can not really chance it, we will have to take it as it is until we have a possibility to meet.
Right now i will tell you frankly - something in your letter has made me real indignant! Do you assume that I might want expensive presents from you, if you assume that I might want even to scam you!!! Dear Michael, who am i in your eyes? A monster? A money hungry girlfriend? I do not want any I-phone, or any luxury things, I am a modest person, and i have never done anything to make you think that i want you to give me expensive presents or to pamper me in any way! I have ever asked you even for a very small presents, i never complained that i want own phone, or anything like that. I am quite happy with life i have here, and yes, it is not very convenient to talk only when i am at work, but if you think that this way i want you to give me costly gifts - no thinks! That is very bad, dear Michael, that you assume that I might be after money, as I am very simple person, and I do not care about it. If you knew me better you would not think that i might be like that. Maybe you are used to American women who value those things a lot, but what i like is our communication, and not that you send me costly things. Moreover, if you send me some package - no matter what that is! I will have to get it from the custom point, and there they will unpack, check it for security, and evaluate it. And i would have to pay the commission (import tax) for it, which is quite high. That is why, my dear Michael, I will better save for 2-3 months and then buy a simple phone, which is here is not so costly, but around 150-200 dollars, and not more. What is really frustrating, is the lack of trust between us : ( So sad that men think if the woman is pretty, than for sure she is after money : ( Why is that always so, Michael?
Ok, probably enough about that, though i got really insulted. I hope and i dream that when we know each other better you will understand that I would never go after money, and that i am a hard working and educated person, and i do not look for a 2-legged male wallet, but i am looking for loving partner.
What abut talking more often, I do want it very much. Today i am not working, as we have a big holiday here - Victory day, we celebrate it very year on May 9th, as the End of 2nd World War.
My dear, I hope that tomorrow you will have a chance to call me and we can talk more.
Really, it is important no to have any misunderstandings, and to learn more about each other, as we have much time for that : )) I give you a tender kiss and i wish you a nice and sunny day!
Talk to you soon!
yours, Yulia
Letter 13
Hi dear Michael! Nice to see you again, and i of course accept your apologize, though for sure it was not pleasant to be compared with scamming women. Probably i made some mistakes in our communication (still do not understand which exactly) that i made you think that way about me. Yes my dear Michael, i also heard about the internet cheaters, but it is amazing that you might think something like this of me, as i have never even asked you for anything. You suggested to get a phone yourself, and then, yourself you decided that i might want this present eagerly : ) I do not wish any presents, al i wanted is just to meet you, and i told you about it frankly. I understand that you can't come now and visa for you is quite complicated. Well, I think it is a very good option to meet in Kyrgystan, I do not think that i would need a visa there. It is a long way from here, but i guess that by the time you move there for work, i will save for the ticket.
About the custom checking packages : ))) yes, they do it always, saying that the main reason is security cause of world terrorism, but in fact they just want to get paid for everything, to get import taxes. As very many things are much cheaper abroad than in Ukraine, and over the last 10 years people who have relatives in other countries as relatives to buy phones, computers and other stuff and send them to Ukraine. Government is not happy ; )) They want their tax. Just like that : ) Oh, well, I know that in the movies it is not easy to know the foreign culture! I also learn about US from movies, and according to tose, all the women in US are super pretty, and I do not know why would you want me, a simple woman from Ukraine : ) My dear Mikie, i was all the day near the phone today, but you did not call, or there was a problem on the international line - hard to guess for me, but hope we can talk tomorrow or on Thursday. My sweetie, you please have a great day, and i will hurry to go to the aerobics.
I send you a warm and tender kiss!
Letter 14
Hello, my love! Sunshine, i am so happy to read your letter, I am readying it for the second time and I can't believe that i am so lucky girl!
Sweetie, i am very sorry that I could not write you sooner - i was at home with high temperature, stayed at home and was missing you, was feeling terrible as i could not give you even a small note! Sunshine, I feel better now, cold has almost gone : ) And here i am again, and i can finally read your nice mail!
My darling, it is very good idea to write a letter at home on paper, and then when i come to the interent cafe just to type it. My dear, I know it would be much better to talk more privately, i dream very much that some day I will manage to fulfill our common dream and to get a comp so that we could see each other. I want a lot to make our communication more personal. Sweetie, I want to do at least something to get closer to you! My sweet, I've met my sister yesterday and she took this photo of me with her mobile : ) I just wanted to send you a special note : ) I hope you like it!
Sweetie, i like many things that you wrote in your letter - like that you do not like to have *** with a woman if you do not want to go further in relationship. Here a lot of men are only interested in ***, nothing more, it is sad as for me.
My dear, there are many questions you asked, i wish to answer you, to show you more of my life! Sweetie, i am not a messy person, especially in a kitchen : ) I like to cook and i like to keep everything neat. But i am not picky - i mean i am not getting angry when i fin something not at the same place where I lest it ; ) I believe that a bit of disorder is only for better : ))) What about you, darling?
Darling, you're really the most attentive, the most caring person in the world! I feel that I can trust my life to you, my honey, you make me feeling very special, you make me feel appreciated and desired... I am so lonely without you, it's hard to explain - when I have found you I felt like I am not a complete person anymore, i need you to make my heart complete cause now I feel that every day I live without you is senseless...
I know that it will be some time that we can not meet, but I am burning with anticipation, can't wait to see you for the first time, to kiss you, to touch your hand, to feel how your lips taste. it is incredible feeling, I am like a little child who is waiting for Christmas present : ))) My sunshine, it is a pity that i am far from you this evening, I wish I were there to gibe you very tender kiss. Now i can only send it to you by letter : )) My honey, send you all my love and very many kisses your Yulia
Letter 15
Hi my loved Michael! Sweetie, ** are you today? I am very happy to get your mail! My sweet, i am all right, there was noting serious with me, just got cold.
My darling, I miss you very much, you are always in my heart! Of course i do dream that we have have some exciting experience together - to go travelling, scuba diving or hiking, or just to go to the cinema together - would be fantastic!
My dear, i am very sorry that your laptop died! it was new, right? Why it died so fats! That is a pity, my dear!!! Well, what is hapening here - i am also saving for a laptop : )) Yesterday got my salary and make a first piece of saving, put away 50 dollars and promised myself that i do not spend it whatever happens : ))) I just want to have nice talks with you some day, and I am getting obsessed with idea of chatting with you online : )) that would be amazing to see you on cam one day! My darling, did you try calling em today but someone else picked up the phone? A man? Probably you called when my boss and her husband were here, and he answered.
Oh, well, i really miss you my dear!! My angel, this is so unusual feeling for me, I am just going crazy when i am getting a letter from you!!! What have you done to me? : )))) It is so incredibly wonderful to be in love! My heart seems to beat double faster, my feelings to you are so bright!
my love, I can't wait to be with you, it seems I've been looking for you all my life! I am very happy that destiny has given us a chance to meet! I need you so much and I wish this love story never to have end! My lovely, you're making me feel very special, when you tell me that you're waiting for me so impatiently I am just trembling with anticipation!
Honey, I know that these days will pass very fast and then our unforgettable days together will start!!!
I send you all my love and million of kisses all over you!!!
With love and passion, your Yulia
Letter 16
H my dear Michael! Sweetie, I am so sorry I was not able to write! My darling, i was so worried each day we were not chatting! No, no, it is not time, not money issue, and I do not leave you, no! Honey, just the internet cafe in my town is closed : ( Forever : (( It took me a while to understand that it is not a temporary problem, they have just closed, this all ; ((Said that it is not profitable : ( My darling, my heart is bleeding when I read your letters. I am happy i mean something to you, you mean very much for me. I am now writing to you from Cherkassy. I took the bus after i finished work, arrived here to be able to write to you. Of course i can not go 120 km ever day to write to you, but i do not really know what to do. Sweetie, i am very touched that you offer me your help, yes, i know, we already had a talk about it before. Well, no, i would never think you try to buy me or something bad, no. I am not silly, sweetie. And especially in this situation, without internet cafe, not accepting your support would be the same like pushing you away! I do not want that, darling. I would be very thankful to you, though i am very shy about that. Sweet, I have missed you. a lot. I was worried, i thought that you do not call me cause you are upset with me that i do not write, i did not know that you just could not get through, sweetie. Cause the phone at work seems to work ok, as usual.
My darling, i can not write much now, cause i still must catch the last bus to Uman. Sweetie, i am so worried about our communication, i want you to know that it means very much to me!
My dear, Michael, i will be very thankful if you can help me with a laptop, cause telling you the truth i do not put aside 50 dollars a week, i can't do that, cause my wages is 200 dollars a month. no, no, it is a good salary, do not think that it is bad! For my town is a very goo wages! Just a bit hard to save for something. My darling, i know the bank you wrote me about, sure i know about it, it is not far from my work : )) My darling, i do not know how to struggle with my shyness when i accept your support ; ) But i want you to know that i am very thankful to you. and i will be very happy if we can chat every day! And even on cam!!! Oh, i dream of that!!! Sunshine, i must give you my data which you said i must write here: my full name is Yulia Prohorova, and address Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Uman, Krapivnitskogo street, 37 Sweet, i did not hesitate to give you my address : ) I was just shy to accept your gift : ) My darling, please tell me, are you doing well there, are you safe? What are the news about moving to Kyrgystan for your work?
Oh, honey, i must hurry, I will miss you very much, and I will arrive here tomorrow again, I hope to get news from you.
I miss you and i think of you constantly.
your Yulia
Letter 17
Hello my dear Mikie! Sweetie, how are you there? I am so sorry I did not manage to write you sooner!
I've been trying to get from work sooner, sweet, but was not possible! You see, the last bus to Cherkasy leaves at 6 p.m., and it is exactly when I finish my work, and the bus stating is 4 km away from where i work, so there is not chance to get there on time unless I leave 30 minutes earlier. My dear Michael, there is so much i need to tell you now, as I read your letters and my heart is so full of feelings and emotions! Sweet, first of all i am very sorry that you feel bored there : (( I know this feeling, and sadly, I have it also very often, when i come home after work, I am not alone there, i am with parents, but that is very different, I still feel very lonely. i wish I could talk to you, i wish I could share with you how my day was, and to know how you are there, to have a chat, to make plans for future, to dream together...
My darling, so you are the person who needs everything to be accurate and for sure : )) Well, nice to know that : ))) My darling, zip code from were I live is 20301. I made a mistake spelling my street name with English letters, it should be written this way Kropivnitskogo, so now you've got my address written in a right way, darling, thank you for being attentive, you know, here we use Cyrillic letters, so i was not sure how to spell the street name in English, but now i checked for sure : )) Sweetie, thank you so much for support, and for being so understanding and tender with me, i do want us to be a team, a couple and to get very strong and happy together : ) Darling, you know, when I realized that the internet cafe has closed forever, that was a shock for me and to tell you the truth I was very scared that it will be terrible news for us. you give me a hope that we will communicate even better than before, and sweetie, also you give me a hope that whatever happens, we can solve it as a team.
Today is a very hot day here, my darling, summer is coming and i always think that time will pass, seasons will change and the day will come when we can see each other. Sweetheart, I am very thankful to you for your support, I will get the cell phone which you want me to get and the PC, I appreciate so much what you do for our relations. Honey, i understand that it is a big commitment, and i dream that we can talk any time we want! Chat by internet every day! My darling, I dream that we meet in January 2012, well, it is not that long to wait - 6 months : ) Well, i am so impatient to meet you, and i guess i will start counting weeks as they pass by :)) Sunshine, I do not know exactly which time i can be in the bank on Monday - I can go when my boss lets me leave the shop for a lunch break. but that will be on Monday, for sure.
Honey, on Monday morning i will borrow my sister's phone, so I will wait for your call about this MTCN, i understand that you are right, it might be not real secure to write it by e-mail. Honey, the number of my sister's cell is +380930524601, you can also send sms, this phone is good for sms, sweetie.
My dear Michael, i know you're thinking abut me, and this is making me feel so special.
I will now have to finish the letter, and you are probably near your comp now, so you'll get it right away : )) my darling, I will stay here for another 15 minutes, with a hope that you might answer me right away.
send you many kisses and all my love!
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