Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Stepanova to Bobby (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Bobby!!!
I'm fine!!! And as at you today mood!!! Today very hot day, a maximum of temperature which at us happens - 34 degrees on Celsius. And I today shall go to bathe with girl-friends!!!!!! I called to you, but I at all did not hear any ****** - there was a full silence!!! I shall try still!!! the problem is that that I do not have own phone and that it have established it is necessary to pay $200 and I do not have such money, and it was not necessary to me, there was no yet you!!! And I began to buy telephone cards to try, to you to call, but for some reason it is impossible to me!!! I want, that you knew, that I the serious girl and do not love lie, but you do not think that I think that you with me play - I trust you, but I would like to hear your voice still!!! But at me for some reason it is impossible to phone to you - please, do not switch off phone at night!!! Please, be in earnest to me!!! I cannot find words at all and I do not know how to express my feelings - I such hot, I am hot!!!!!!! I CAN ARRIVE TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TELL TO ME THE EXACT ADDRESS - I WISH TO BE AT YOU!!!!! BUT THE HELP IS NECESSARY TO ME!!!! It is necessary for me for road of a few money!!! If you can help me - that send me it is fast translation through the Western Union that we were together as soon as possible!!! My data for a remittance - a name and a surname - Ekaterina Stepanova, city - Kazan. And I shall be at you the first flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You such excellent!!!!!
Your letters for me are very important, as they the most dear to me in my life - you such romantic, clever and most dear to me!!! I with you I feel assured as I know that you saw in a life much and you not any silly boy - you are an expert in a life!!! I feel you, I know that you romantic, and sports and … …
Well still it is necessary for the woman?
I wish to know your intentions under the attitude to me!!!
With this letter I send you a photo of my mum, the grandmother and (me there 18 years)
I shall wait very much for your answer!!!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 2

Hello my loved Bobby!!!
I to you wish to tell that at me official registration of papers goes well!!!
I am am helped by my aunt with it, and without it I would not consult probably!!!
Well I today have already told to my aunt about this airport KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE!!!
It to me has told that that it to me will issue it - and it means that that I shall arrive there - KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE!!!
You will meet me??????????????
I should you tell that is urgently necessary for me that you have helped me!!!!!!!
It is necessary to pay for registration and for flight to you $2150, but I do not have such money and it is necessary for me, that you with it have helped me!!!
On all I agree to pay other documents itself and with it I will be helped by my aunt!!! Yesterday I have already given my documents on registration to my aunt to agency!!! Bobby - you need to make translation of this money tomorrow!!! Ok? Translation needs to be made on my cousin as I have given my passport and other documents to make out to the aunt that it has issued all for me as I in it understand a little!!! My cousin is called Maryanna and it in marriage with two years, I see it every day and completely to it I trust, as I know it since the childhood!!! I want, that you have made translation tomorrow to pay to travel agency - that they to me have reserved the ticket!!!
The aunt to me has told, that you have sent me by tomorrow - you need to take advantage of services of the Western Union. You can descend for this purpose in bank “ Western Union ” or come on a site and send translation by means of the credit card.
My data for translation:
The country: Rossia
City: Kazan
Name and surname: Maryanna Shireeva
And from you I should know all your data and number MTCN to receive your translation that I have paid the ticket aboard the plane to you!!!
I could also itself for all to pay, but I am no place I do not work and I can not find such money.
I so wish to be with you, and to live with you and for this purpose to me my aunt and my cousin helps.
And I wish to know precisely, you will meet me when I shall arrive to you?
Now this needs to be paid and after that they to me will tell time, and date when I take off and I arrive to you!!! And as I learn it, I at once shall write to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You should write to me as soon as possible!!!
I love you!!!
Letter 3

Good morning my dear Peter!
How your morning? At me all still. Weather here as is not better yet as and only +15 degrees of heat here have become cold. But I as already for a long time to it have got used, as in the winter here the temperature goes down up to-38 degrees of a cold! I as am very glad to hear from you such warm words!!!! I am assured that at all of us will be excellent!!! After your words to me so it became good on a shower, but at the same time it is bad, as I cannot wait so long - tell to me precisely - when we shall be together - whether there will be we sometime?? Know - that us my aunt who works in travel agency will help with flight! Ok? Also be assured that you my unique - as I and do that that only I think of you! In fact weather in the street bad and me nothing to do - and consequently only you at me in a head, in my ideas. With love yours Ekaterina.
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