Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Semeeva to Mateo (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! I found your address on I would like to correspond with you! I do not play in games and I search only serious relationship. I want to know more about you. Write me if you're interested, I send you more my photos! Write to me on mine e-mail: Elena!
Letter 2
Hello! What is you real name!? I am glad that you answered me. How are you doing? I hope that all is well. I send you my photo, I hope you enjoy it. Now I want to tell you a little about yourself, I hope that you will be interested to know me more. I wish to tell to you that on English language I dialogue better than on Italian, it will be convenient me if I can write to you on English language! I want to tell you that I live in Russia. I hope you do not mind that we live so far away. I think that the distance in our time is not a big problem, I think that if in the future so that we have formed with you decide to meet then I think that we can do it. Do you agree? I am 29 years old, but I think that you are older than me is not like will not affect our friendship. I live in the city of Murom, perhaps you've heard of him? This is a fairly large city and has a rich history. I work in private legal office as the personal assistant to the lawyer, I very much love the work because she demands the big responsibility and knowledge the law, that I think is not a little important presently! I love my profession. I have a lot of hobbies, such as a swimming, I love water sports. I love hanging out with my friends, visit new places. I've traveled, I was in Turkey a year ago, I liked it, it is an interesting country. you were there? If you want something then I can tell you more about it. I am the only child in my family, I live alone. Now I would like to find a good man for my life.
I would very much like a family, but so far I have not found the right man for this. I have never been married, and I have no children. Would you like to have children? I hope that soon you'll be able to tell me much about myself. I have a question for you: Where do you live? How old are you? You are married, or had been married? Do you have children? Your hobbies? I would be interested to know more about you.
Also I would be interested to see your photos. I think that you are an interesting person, and I'd like that would be in the future we'll become good friends, and possibly more. I think I must have tired you with my letter. I'll wait for your answer, your new friend from Russia Elena!
Letter 3
Hello my dear ! I am very glad to see your letter. How are you?
I hope that at you all well. In this letter I send you one more my photo, I hope that you will love it. But I hope that you can soon see me in a life. I thinking about you all day long today, and can't wait for the day of our meeting. I need to tell you something serious. Today I was called by my agent and has told that I should come in agency what to conclude with them the contract. I have thrown all affairs and have run there.
Telaman, I talked to the payment of all my trip and how much it will totally cost for me. Honey, as my visa will be ready in 2 weeks and not like usual in 2- 2.5 monthes, yesterday I had to pay 180 dollars for it. Today, travel agent told me that I will have to pay about 1400 dollars more for the all trip package, it will be my double ticket, insurance and road to the airport in moscow. Honey, I really did not think that it would be so much and it seems to me that I will not have enough to pay for all, I have some money and will try to take something from my parents, I think it will be about 400 dollars, I am very shy about this but all I have to do is ask you, if you will be able to help me with the rest of the money. Telaman, I don't know what you will answer me, but I just hope you tell me the truth. You know how I wish you this day and how this is serious and important for me, and I don't want that the problem because of money will stop this for us, but I also understand that sometime we can't control our life.
Well, darling, I really hope that I don't get you into some troubles, I just want to tell you over ad over, that I need you and very much want to see you soon. I very much would want that when we have met you our relations developed, I think that we will be exact also with you we shall be happy. At me now such awful mood, I do not know that to me to do and where to me to take this money. I very much hope that for you it will not make complexity. I think that I very much have afflicted you my letter. But I very much hope that soon you will answer me. I with impatience shall wait from you for the answer, to always your Elena! p.S. My darling you can help me with a trip to you and send me 1000 dollars!?
Letter 4

Dear I find my soul mate (my future husband whom I will love with all my heart and soul), my love is not be confined by the borders of countries. My greatest desire for you, my beloved and I‘m ready to leave my life here and move to you. Without sharing these things with the one you love, life would be empty and lonely. I really fall in love with you, and you know, I can’t image my life now without you and your love, your warm words and letters! I think about you every day and night can’t wait our meeting! Each time that I read your letters, I find you more interesting, more loving and kind person, more and more! With every day I understand that we will be so happy together!
Yesterday's evening I spent at home with my girlfriend, we talked about ours with you relationships long time, and she has given me many advices, how correctly to build strong family. I think she is right in many things, and I will follow her councils. In many respects she influences on me, and I’m really sure that love and care can create and keep family and warm relationships inside family between partners.
I am so happy now, because you want to see me and I will make all for our meeting. I am ready to begin process of getting of the visa the nearest 2-3 days, all depends only on your opportunity to help me, all documents are available also, and it is necessary to give them to agency of travel only. I am infinitely grateful to you for your understanding of my difficult situation. I’m regretting, that I cannot provide my trip to you by myself, and have been confused that is compelled to ask you about the help. My dear it is very a pity to me, but I have no bank account! I hope, that for you will not be too difficult to send me of money. At the agency they told me that the best way to send money is moneygram. I visited the local office of moneygram and they gave me this information: Money transfer: amount Money amount should be send in words or figures. You should write the full name of the receiver and receiver's full address. You will need my address for this: name: Elena, surname: Kabanouwa, Murom city, Russia; Lenin's street, 19; Apartment 12; zip 603365. I need the full name of the sender and full address (I will need it). It is also necessary to know MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), it consists from 8 digits and Expected amount. Also you can send money through a site, but in this case your credit card will be necessary. Dear, I hope we will be able to manage with all this. Be sure, I will do everything for us. Hope to hear you very soon. I send you my warm kisses and wish to open my eyes on day in the morning and see you near with me….Yours, Elena!!!
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