Scam letter(s) from Flora Dickson to Rodolfo (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello Rodolfo, Thank you so much for the mail this morning, I am so happy to read from you again. How is everything going over there, i hope all is well with you. Your work! Do you have a laptop of 1000Ram and 500HD, with the speed of 30...LOL. was only kidding. I am a Registered Nurse and for this i travel so much. I am presently in the Newcastle in England. My wprk brought me for a special assignment. I like my work too and i really like being a nurse because i like helping people in need. Rodolfo, here is a little about me, my name is Diane Wale, 28yrs but will be 29 very soon(may) i was born in the state and i grew up here i... i schooled here also. My childhood days was rough and i have always have it in mind to become a scholar but i eventually things turned out for me and i became a Nurse and I am Currently living in Newcastle in the UK and i am happy for that. My work has made me too visit some places in the world. I am 5'8 and i am light in complexion, i am single and have no kid and i stay alone. Here is a little about what i like and what i don't like, i like Honesty and a person being loyal with me, Just one minded with me, going on vacations and holidays, and this remind me of when i was still young my parent use to take us out to beach...i like beach a lot. I enjoy movies, long walks by the water and love beautiful sunsets. I enjoy good food with great company. I love to cook. I love all kinds of music and dancing the night away. Most of all I enjoy spending quality time with loved ones and friends. Also enjoy restuarants, pubs/bars, enjoy exploring uk and france travelling off the main routes are great, i enjoy going over to France to buy my wines(reds or white) quite happy exploring that busy city and to the quite hills/walks of countryside About the age range on my profile is correct, i purposely choose that date because i dont care where he comes from, i seek for the man who will make me happy and take good care of me. hope i have said a lot about me here now. I will be glad for you to tell me more and more about you too.... What are your intentions, What kind of lady do you seek for, Do you live alone as well. Do you like kids. Do you want kids. All these and lots more i will like to know about you. I hope to read from you soon, Waiting to read from you soon again. Have a nice day and take good care of yourself. Cheers Diane
Letter 2
Hello Rodolfo, Thanks a lot for the wonderful email this morning, WOW!!! You must be a very lively and lovely person to be with. I like it when a man is active and upgoing like you. How was your sleep last night, i hope you had a wonderful night rest. Well, same with me here too and am glad to wake up this morning again. I had a long day at work yesterday and i like it that way because thats why i really have much interest in doing in my life. You have extorted the whole of America, WOW, you see that America is a nice place but yet America is the world's enemy, many country dont like America because of all what we possess, and thats why people like us are willing to go out to work for people and serve other people. USA is a very nice country to be with so much opportunity and a very good place for Tourism too. I have been to various beaches in florida and the one i like most is the Bay Tonic Beach, WOW!!!, i like the environment and the various Cousines they have there. The Sunset and very friendly people you see around there just make me like it more than i like other. I like it when you said you Travel to USA from Mexico to shop for cloth and other things and then you still save up to $800, thats very good of you and i like men that are veru Innovative. Newcastle is a nice place with Natural endowment as you have said, Its located at the extreem North part of the UK and i think i like it here, i like the people around me and also the things i see everyday here. Though one cant compare it to the America. Ever since i lost my Dad, i have made up my mind to join the Humanitarian job and i think i like it since then. I love doing things for others, maybe because am a good listener or something, i like to share in your problem and give you my own word as advise. I have never been to Scotland before. Yes, its a very nice place also with nice environment. It will be very great for us to meet as you have said but when and where would you like us to me. I think we really need to take thing step by step, i like our communication level even though its still low and could be fine if we can increase the number of mails we sent to each other by 1. Its very nice to hear from you that we have a lot in Common, yes, thats fine and OK by me and this shows that we might be a perfect match for each other, something great from my heart tells me we might be good for each other only that we just have to continue by getting to know more and more about each other and develop the chemistry between us. I decided to come online because a friend introduced me here, she came here, met her man here and both of them are now living together in Australia. I had a relationship before with this guy in the USA and all turns out to be nothing, i was badly heartbroken and it took me a very long time before i could get myself... Yes, thats why i said i like my work because i meet people everyday and i get word of advise from them. One of the reason i left America to the UK because i dont want in any reason to cross path with him again. He has been sending emails BEGGING me to come back but i told him that will never happen again in this life time. He did a lot to me and i dont like talking about it again. I gave in a lot into our relationship but i got nothing. All i got was a shame and just nothing. My mom did a lot for me then and advised me not to date younger men again that they dont know how to take care of ladies. WOW!!! Do you sell a child bearing machine in your work place? How would you get 7 kids. Thats quiet incredible. You must be a funny man, 2 or 3 kids are Ok for a simple straight family. I know you are just jocking or maybe you want to scare me away with that. Like i have said before, you must be a nice man because for the kids to haave a good interaction with you, you must have that special character to be a good father. Thanks for the pictures, they are nice and am sending you mine too. I need your comments about them Have a good day today and take good care of yourself... Cheers Diane
Letter 3
Hello Rodolfo, How is everything over there and how is your weekend. How do you plan spending it. I guess you are going out for fun this weekend. I checked and did not get a mail from you. Maybe you are busy with work.. I am just checking on you.. Take good care of yourself and have a nice day.. Cheers Diane
Letter 4

Hello Dearest Rodolfo, First of all, I want to tell you thank you very much for showing me this picture of you and your Family, i am so pleased and happy to see the picture. Thank you so much Dear. WOW!!! I like it so much seeing a very hardworking man like you Rodolfo. I like a hard working man so much and pleased to know you and i really want to continue to know more and more and more and more about you everyday and see where it leads. Listen Dear Rodolfo, maybe this is that one special aspect that made you find your way through in my heart, your hardworking and open minded to me shows and tells me you'll take a very good care of me and make me happy if we live together, i see you as a gentle man, a man of honor and a man who knows how to make his woman happy, someone with good integrity and i think you are very Innovative as well. Once again, let me tell you i am thankful for your coming into my life and i am sure we are going to be perfect living together. To answer the questions you asked me, Today being Sunday, I have been indoor all through, i am expecting a friend from work to come and take me out this evening but shes called and told me she wont be coming any longer, so i guess i am going to be indoor for the whole of today. How i wish there is someone close to take me out to nice places this evening weekend. Also the type of Animal i like most is a Dog. I like Dog because i once had one. We use to have dog back in those days when my parents are still together and maybe that was where i got the habbit and interest from. My dog(Max) always keep my company whenever am Bored, i never for once feel alone after when my Ex left me because am always with my Dog in the house. I like him so much. The second Animal i like is still My Dog.LOL, hummm, i could have say Cat but i dont like the hair part of a Cat, i am kinda allergic to the hair and this really affects my health, so for this reason i think Dog is still my best pet and its so saden for me that i lost Max while i was still in the state. He got hit byt a car in the nearby street just in my presence, we went out for some walk then.. It was a very bad moment for me then..... Dear Rodolfo, I will be happy if you can answer this few questions of mine too from the bottom of your heart... 1.Your expectation from your wife ( a bit more detail Please …. Other than just support the family)
2. Culture and Beleif?
3. why do you think this is the right time for you to get married?
4.If you want to get married, when do you want to get married?
5. When there is a dispute in your marriage, religious or otherwise, how should the conflict get resolved?. I really hope to read from you soon. have a nice day today and take good care of yourself... Much Thought!!! Cheers Diane
Letter 5
Hello Rodolfo, Thank you for the mail again. I am always happy whenever i read your mail and i feel better and honored. Well well well, i did not go out that much here because no serious body to take me out like i will ever wanted, i dont think i go out that much as you might be thinking. I stayed indoor and watched the 4th season of Lost. I have seen almost all the films you made mentioned. Have you seen 24. Jack Bauer lol Its very interesting and i think you would it like it if you can see it. Yes, i said dog and it was dog all the way. It was dog because it just have to be a dog. I like dog for so many reasons, Yes, they are fast growing and very friendly too. unlike a cat lol. I like dog because they can easily be thought ones langauge and you can communicate with them. Also i like dog because i use them for Morning run at times. So i beleive you now see why i like dog over other animals. About the first questions you answered. WOW!!! You did well here as i like what you said in terms of what you want from her apart from being a house wife. I am very health concious and i like eating and doing things heathily, i think am gonna be a good mother and thats am gonna like oour kids and make them the best child in our environment, No, i dont like being a teacher, because a teacher doesn't have time for herself, her husband let alone her kids. Also i agree with you being part of the Business rather than working a job. Its a very good option i think. Well, i wont say no to you adopting a child as long as we have ours and we are able to take care of them, its always ok and welcome to me. I am a Catholic also Rodolfo, i was born Catholic and lived in it all my life. I am Baptised and also did my Confirmation in the Holy Spirit in the Catholica church. I also dont condem other people's beleive as i respect them too. There is no need changing from catholism Rodolfo, it will be great to raise up our kids with the Catholic Doctrine and way of life so that they can get use to in in the future and also follow the path of their parent. Yes, i agree with you. Most times it work for some people and doesn't work for other. I mean dating for 6 months or 1 year. it is very necessary we get to know each other deeper and deeper so that there wont be a case of Divorce in our marriage. I thought as much that someone with you character and attitude will have a lot of girls around him. So do you still see these girls you talked about. HUmmmm, i guess you do have private times with them... Just kidding. Rodolfo, the answers you provided suits me so much. I see you are a very serious man and someone that knows what he want. You know i have been saying this and i am sure am right about it... and yes, am an American. The Last american i dated ****** me off and i dont want them again for now. So i have changed and i have really chaged. That was why i said i wanted a new life, a new life with someone new in my life. Thank you so much for the mail once again as i really hope to read from you again soon. Have a nice day and take good care of yourself.. Much Thought!!! Diane
Letter 6
Hello Rodolfo, Its been some days now and i have not heard from you, I hope all is well with you. get back to me as soon as you get this mail so that i know you are Ok. I have been down with work lately, I hope to read from you soon, Diane
Letter 7
Hello carlos, Am not feeling fine this morning carlos,I think am having malaria. No I don't work at weekends. What about you! Did I tell you about my birthday? Its on friday this week. So let me know when you are in the UK Diane
Letter 8
Hello Carlos, Thank you so much for the little chat we had, i am so happy and glad to see you are Ok. I have been so worried over time because i did not read from you like i use to before... I thought maybe you had a change of mind about me or i did or say something to offend you. I just wanted to be so sure of whats happening and now am so happy to see you online. You impress me all the time with the way you do your things, you are a very hard working man and so happy to have meet with you in life, this shows to me that i am not going to suffer or regret living together with you. Thank you so much for accepting to send me some money. You are a darling Carlos and am glad to have you in my life. Here is all you need to know about how to make the transfer through western union. Its either you go to the Bank, Post Office or Western Union Agents around your address. Listed below are the closest Western Union Agent, see if you know any of the places.. better you make it there because it attract less charges to send from them. 1. FARBEN 11196 CENTENO
Centeno S/N
Entre Higo Y Tuna
Ciudad Juarez, 32690
+52-018000021021 2. TELECOMM 20014
Guerrero Esa. Juarez
Cuicatlan, 68600
+52-8008008930 3. CAL TV
Paseo Triunfo De La Republica 4728
Juarez, 32310
+52-1-8008003930 4. BANAMEX 0579
Av Las Torres 2111
Lote Bravo
Ciudad Juarez, 32575
+52-1-8008003930 5. BANCO HSBC 0207
Av. 16 De Septiembre Y Fco. Villa 102
Col Centro
Ciudad Juarez, 32000
+52-656-6150276 Above are few of the western union agents closer to the address you stay. All you need do is go there and tell them you wanna make a Transfer. you will be given a form to fill. Fill in my Details Name: Diane Wale, Address: 22 Downs Road Newcastle BT33 0AG, Northern Ireland, England and then fill in your details too. You will be given a 10 digit Control number(MTCN) and also you might be asked to choose a test question and answer. When you are though with the transfer, all you need to send to me is the MTCN 10 digit control number, your full name and address in which you used to make the transfer and also the amount sent and the test question and answer only if you are asked to choose one. Once again i say thank you so much for coming into my life Carlos, I am always happy and feel loved whenever we talked, either from the email or chat. I cant wait to read from you soon. have a nice night rest, eat good food and take good care of yourself for me. You can send the info as email to me when you are done with the transfer. let me allow you sleep and not disturb your sleep, so you might not see me online to chat with when you get home. Thinking so much about you and i cant wait to read from you soon. Much Thought!!! Diane
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