Scam Letter(s) from Alena to Sven (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hi,sweety, Sven!!!

I'm so glad to receive some news from you!It's so pleasant to hear your thought and feelings!I think that it's wonderful that we find each other through the net!;) I enjoy the conversation that we have....and you? :)

How are you today?How is your weekend?

I agree with you that we should be open and honest with your beloved....just talk about everything...your likes and dislikes in bed...because only than you can make the real pleasure for your partner....and as for feet sounds tempting and sure I do want to try it :)

You like Star's logical because you wrote the book about astronomy :)

I am not barest to say, that I am totally interested in you.
I know there are great people in this world, just by their gentle smiles, only I am so very much attracted to you, that I have a difficult time looking or thinking of anyone else.
In you I see a loving, smart, gentle and passionate man, with a fun spirit and compassionate nature.

I want to tell you that you are become very special for me....sure we are far away now, but if we both have a sincere interest in each other, we could overcome all obstacles. Our future is in our hands. We are the creators of our destiny,right? From the very beginning I made a big step towards you: I went to the translation bureau and asked them for help. If I had a lack of courage, we would have never met :( But what do we have now? We have a mutual attraction and interest and this is the most important thing now. If we both work on our relations, we could gain our main goal: to be together. Do you agree with me,Sven? I am only afraid that this letter could be the last, because I have no funds to pay for our further correspondence. When we started our communication I tried to do my best and to pay for the services of the translation bureau. But now is the moment, when all my money has been spent. You know that I help my mother and pay for all my bills myself. My salary will be not soon and I have no means for our letters... The perception that I could lose you makes me feel so bad...:(((
It is like something dying inside of me. I don't know, what to do in this situation. To create the relations means to make efforts from both sides. I have made my first steps.
Would you continue our way? It is not convenient to ask you to assist me with translation services, but it is the only way to continue what we began with you. I hope, you were sincere with me from the beginning and if we are both serious about our common future, we would stay in touch.Sven,remember that I will wait for your decision as long, as you need it and I will pray for us.

Soooo...I will be waiting for your next letter!!!!

Sweet kisses,




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