Scam letter(s) from Lisa Johnson to Raheem (USA)

Letter 1
You really hurt me so much by not believing me and trusting me what do you take me for a artiest or what...i just want you to know that you really hurt me so much for saying that am a scam...
Letter 2
Well baby how are you doing today i hope you are doing so sorry for not emailing you yesterday i was so sad through out yesterday and till now bcos the dr told me yesterday to get some meds for mom and i don't have much money with me again here to get all the meds for mom and they also told me that if i did get the money that they will not allow me to fly back to the state and you know what mean am going to pay a lot of money again if i miss the flight i will have to go buy another flight ticket baby i just want you to help me out my mom is dying and i promise you that as soon as i get back to the state am going to give you back to the state i don't them to stop me from flying back to the state baby.i want you to help me out with some funds and when i get back home i will pay you back the money baby Thank you Lisa
Letter 3
Well baby the money for the meds i needed to complete it is just $450 if i just want you to help me out with the money as soon as i get back to the state am going to give you back the money i just need to get the meds for mom today baby....
Letter 4

here is the western union info to send the money too... receiver's name: lisa johnson
receiver's address: 30 toyin street ikeja lagos nigeria 23401 this is all the info you need to send the money too
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