Scam letter(s) from Domenika Kowalski to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings! How are you? My name is Dominika!
I am 24 years old and I am from Poland!
Soon I am moving to USA for my job.
And I would like to have friends there before I come Hope to hear from you!
Letter 2
Nice to meet you, Steve. How is your day going? Can you tell me about yourself so I could do the same in return? Dominika
Letter 3
Nice to meet you, Steve! I am going to Houston ) Well I will try to introduce myself more. I live in a Warsaw, Poland. Currently I experience hard period of my life. My ex boyfriend has found another girl and I am trying to forget everything as much as I can. I have realized that life should go further and I need to change everything in my life, at least for a while. I don't have any secrets and I am always straight in my thoughts. I don't know why I am so open with you. I would like to know if you ever met girls from my country )
Well, my main interests are music, photo, flowers, comedy and horror films, fashion. I don't think I differ from another girls my age ) I decided to go working to United States. I have no friends there but have a place to stay. I want to earn money too in United States and be independent girl. I can't even stay at my place, everything reminds me about my past life and my past relationships. It is very hard for me.
And I am excited about my trip! Hope to hear from you, Steve. Dominika
Letter 4

Hello, Steve. Well soon I will have necessary documents for trip. I think in 10 days I am moving.
I can be a teacher of yoga,I have attended courses and have experience.
I am working now as yoga instructor here and I like it.
But I am ready for any work right now, just to do something.
From the beginning I was going to stay at the friend of my grandfather which is archeologist. He is a strange person and old, but kind. He is out of United States with his wife due to his work but I would not like to live there anyway. It's not comfortable for me to live at house of married people and especially if they are from my relatives ) I will rent a room maybe later. I am thankful to them as they help me financially with the trip also.
How is your weekend going? I am going outdoors today with friends.
Maybe I will come back tomorrow only as we rent a house usually. Tomorrow I need to go to work. Well I hope you are having fun. Dominika
Letter 5
Hello, Steve. I have pics with bathing suits. I will send them next time. How is your day going?
Can you tell me about your family? I would like to know ) How many relatives do you have? Do you gather together often, do you celebrate together important events? I love my mom and dad very much.
I don't know whom I love more, dad or mom ) These people I think gave me good upbringing and taught me a lot of things which are important in life. My daddy is rigorous, but fair-minded man. He is 46 old. He lives separate from my mom but we see each other often, he works in a company in an industrial field. Well, my mom is the best mom ) She is 44. She is an ex teacher but now she does not work. But I live on my own and I like it )
Tomorrow I will be busy with arrangements for travel and maybe will go outside Warsaw for some time to prepare some documents required for all this paperwork. Ok, I will wait for your email, Steve! Dominika
Letter 6
Halo, Steve! Sooo hard day for me today with all this paperwork but I am glad in the end ) I feel myself tired, like a squezeed lemon ))
Tomorrow I need to begin pack my luggage. Because I know it will take a long time for me to think what to take )) I have a lot of different thigs and knickknack ) For example I sleep always with my lion )) You could see him on the picture. He is my best friend now and his name is Leo ))) he is my mascot also which brings only luck! Do you have a mascot, Steve? I have also lots of clothes and underwear. I like to go shopping and I can find even not expensive clothes which fits me and I look wonderful. What type of clothes do you prefer to wear?
I think if we meet each other in person we will know each other better, do you agree with me? Do you have a phone number I can reach you with when I arrive?
Well, I will inform my grandfather's friend about my readiness. I want a shower right now so much!!! I will write you tomorrow my plans. But I want to see also your reply ;-) Kisses,
Letter 7
Hello, Steve. I am not going to show up in bikini lol )) Today I had a busy day with work and feel myself so tired ( I had 8 yogi classes. I decided not to go to a gym today. It would be tough for a girl like me ) I am going to make a light salad and then I will go to sleep. Sorry for my short email. How have you been? dominika
Letter 8
It's me, Steve! ) How is your day today? Mine is good! )
My head is full of thoughts about going to US.
I am going to US!!! ) Thank you for the pic ;-)
Well, now I only wait for my grandfather's friend to transfer necessary funds for me. They should be sent tomorrow. So probably in 2 days I am booking a ticket already. They informed us that they would email us when they sent the funds. They have a satellite to be connected with world. For communication they use some equipment. As I told you before they are archeologists. I don't know if I would be so brave to be in jungles with dangerous creatures and animals. Would you ever travel to such place? Wild jungle... like a scary movie ) Will wait for your email. Dominika
Letter 9
Hello, Steve. How are you doing? It seems I am having problems now with my trip ( I told you before grandad's friends were helping me financially so I could start my trip without pressure on my pocket.
Yesterday they were going to send the funds but could not do it. They do their archaeological work somewhere too far from Western Union location.
I was going to book tickets already ( They also tried to send the funds to Warsaw using internet but their bank refused to do an international transfer telling they need to do it personally in a branch as they do it for the first time to Poland. The worst part is that they are going back only after several months and I can't wait.
They told me they can send the funds without any delays using a domestic transfer within USA but I do not have a bank account yet.
I told them about you and they ask if they can send the funds to you.
I feel myself embarassed to ask you about it but at least I trust you and I am sure you will not take the funds ) Let me know please if it is possible. I understand it may seem impudent from my side but I don't know what to do ( I was told it is the fastest way for them at this moment. After you receive the funds you can send them to Warsaw using Western Union or Money Gram system. I was told also it is not necessary to use your own account if you worried about your personal information, it can be new account without any funds there.
Let me know please if you can help, Steve. Waiting for your reply. Dominika
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