Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Maklakova to Frank (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello. I am Katya. Im the beautiful women. I do not have man's heat. I want to search second half serious relationship. If you still alone, answer me please on my email: It will be very good if you answer me. Im attach my photo. Your Katya.

Letter 2

Hello, My name Ekaterina.
The Internet does not cause trust in me, but I have got tired to be lonely... Now to me of 31 years. Looking at my photos you can estimate my physical beauty. However, till now I lonely. Men with which I am familiar do not involve me, all of them are boring.
I search for the man! I wish to meet the beloved! I wish to meet second half! I have a confidence. I am assured that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me. In Russia I have not met the man who becomes my husband. You are surprised? I live in Russia! I think, what the distance between us will not be a problem for you? Feelings I can not depend on distance. Now I to you have a feeling is a curiosity.
It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope, that my letter does not become finishing in our dialogue...
You search for Friendship? Love? The interlocutor? You have friends in Russia? I was born in Russia and throughout the whole life I live here. Never I was married. I do not have children.
I am a lot of time I devote to work. I have achieved already very many. Each person at a birth has identical chances. I cannot stay idle. I have got used to put the purposes and to achieve them.
Now I work on prestigious work. I have a higher education. I have passed a difficult way, but I am proud of it.
I the usual woman. I dream of usual female happiness. I wish to create family. I wish to wait for the husband from work, and to make a supper for all families. I wish to plan the future together with the husband.
It what does not suffice me here. Russia the huge country, here there live the most different people. Many my girlfriends already married. I am assured, that at you also some friends already have a family.
We with you lonely, and I think, that we should try to take up. I do not want, that my offer seemed to you vulgar. I wish to clear up, and I want, that you knew about my purposes. I have got used to communicate in a reality, never I wrote letters.
I have taken a great interest in a writing of the letter to you... I never thought, that I can write such letters, especially to the man whom at all I do not know. I hope, that you do not regret about time which has spent for reading of my letter... I wait, that you will not ignore my letter, both will answer me and will tell about yourself.
Sincerely, Ekaterina

Letter 3

Good day Frnk,
It again I! At you good mood? I waited today to see your letter. I had a confidence, that you will write me the letter. Last night, I wished to look the letter from you, but I did not have an Internet.
Now I on work. It is convenient to me to write letters from work.
Frnk, I think, that I should continue to tell to you about the life. I do not smoke. I drink wine only during a celebration. Bad habits, reduce our life. I not against the smoking, each person make independently choice.
I do not have a lot of free time because I work much. When I have a free time, I spend him variously. In my city of Voronezh it is a lot of entertainments.
I work heads as the doctor in hospital. I manage branch. My work demands from me gravity, attentiveness, diligence. At me there are these qualities. I like to help children and who requires the medical help.
Every day I start to work in 10:00 in the morning. I stop to work in 19:00 in the evening. On Sunday I have a rest.
I have a higher education. On medicine Frnk, what formation at you?
My work brings in my the stable good income. I receive moral satisfaction from the work. I do not live to work.
As to English language. I write you the letter independently, but sometimes I use the translator. I can is quiet talk in English.
Frnk, please, tell to me about your country. It is interesting to me to learn your life... How you spend every day? You have hobby?
In people I like straightforwardness. What qualities in people like you?
I should continue to work now. Thanks for your attention. I hope, that my letter was not boring for you.
I wait for your letter. Ekaterina

Letter 4

Hello Frnk,
Today I did not have a good mood since the morning... When I went for work in the car, I have pierced a wheel. At first I have not noticed it, but then my car did not go exactly, and also I have heard noise.
I left the car, and did not know, that to me to do, I was in confusion. Later I have caused the car for loading mine cars which has helped to deliver wash the car in car-care centre.
In the evening, I will take away the car from car-care centre. Today I was late for work because of trouble which has occurred in the morning. You have a car? At me mazda 3, you know such car?
Frnk, how are you doing? I hope, that your day today, better, than at me... I did not have a good mood in the morning, but now I see your letter... Your letters bring to me pleasure. It is very fine to have sensation, that in the World there is a man to whom I am necessary. You wait my letters, and it is rather pleasant to me to know about it. I try to check mail every day, but sometimes at me it is impossible to do it.
Excuse me when I cannot write the letter to you at once.
Certainly I understand that that it would be convenient to have dialogue when I houses, well the house in which I live have been constructed not for a long time, both a home telephone number and the Internet yet have not spent, well soon promised to spend, and on I will be much easier also I can write houses to you the letter and see you on Web cam, or have dialogue on Skype. We will soon have dialogue as there will be the at home an Internet and now I cannot I on work...
Than you were engaged yesterday? Yesterday we with the girlfriend after work have visited cafe.
We long time drank tea, ate a cake and talked. I and my girlfriend, we know each other throughout the whole life. We do not have any secrets from each other. I have told to the girlfriend that I have a friend with whom I have dialogue on the Internet. Yes, I have told to the girlfriend about our dialogue, I hope, that you not against it. The girlfriend has smiled, has looked to me in eyes, and has told, that she has noticed changes in me. For me it was surprising to hear it. We communicate with it every day when we cannot meet, we communicate by phone. She has told to me, that recently I became happier...
My voice became more cheerful... My girlfriend is glad to that in my life there was a man. It wishes our with you of good luck and development of our relations. Frnk, After the beginning of our dialogue my life has changed, and change in me was noticed by my colleagues on work. Now I have a smile on the person is much more often, in me there is more than enthusiasm and energy. Sometimes my colleagues ask me, that occurs in my life, but I tell nothing it about ours with you dialogue. I do not aspire, that everyone knew and discussed our dialogue with you. Now my girlfriend is a unique girl who knows about our dialogue.
Frnk, please, tell to me how you represent the future wife? What qualities the girl of your dream should possess? I have a chance to be your wife? These are very important questions for me, and I want, that you have sincerely answered me each of them.
I send now to you photos. They have been made more recently, I hope, that they like you.
Please tell more about itself. It is pleasant to me to read...
I with impatience will wait for your following letter. Please, tell to me answers to my questions. It is necessary for me to hear them. Ekaterina

Letter 5

Good evening Frank,
Today fine day! At me good mood since the morning. Today I have woken up before usual because I needed to make documents apropos treatment in which to stand in a queue on operation. I have made all.
Now after to I write the letter I will go in the main thing to the doctor on hospital that have approved documents and children in fast time that have started to do operation by turns.
Soon I wish to talk with main the doctor apropos a vacation as I had holiday only last year in Switzerland.
This year I yet was not on a vacation. I worked, because it was necessary for me to pay off with the credit for the car. Last month I have definitively paid the credit. Now I do not have any debts, and I can have a rest. Frank when you will have vacation? Yesterday I have thought that would be fine if we could have a vacation during one time.
Frank, Today, I have some affairs on my work.
In your house there are pets? I have no pets, but always I dreamt of a dog. I live one in apartment, and conditions of my life do not allow me to have a dog. The matter is that I am a lot of time I spend on work, sometimes I should leave a city in business trips. I do not want, that the dog remained without supervision, besides leaving is always necessary to pets. You agree with me? I remember, when I was small, I have found in the street lonely a cat, it plaintively peeped. I have brought a cat in the house, and my parents have been very surprised. However mum and the daddy were not against the cat remained to live together with us. Now he has already grown, his name is "Snendos" and till now lives in the house of my parents. I kind and very trustful girl. I will send you a photo with it a cat "Snendos" I hope that is pleasant to you.
Frank, in Russia I am am surrounded a lot of with the native... Here my family, my girlfriends, here my work. However, I have made decision to leave Russia if I meet the beloved.
Earlier I did not think what probably to have communication on the Internet, but now we communicate... I trust you though we never saw each other. You trust me? Till now I have some excitement, but now I worry, because I am afraid to check up in one day mail and not to see your letter... I hope, that you will not offend me...
Now it is necessary for me to go to continue to work. I wish to wish you all most the best. I wait for your letter and answers to my questions. Ekaterina



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