Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Greg!
How are you?
At all I do not know from what to begin my first letter to you.
I would like to tell to you, about that that for the first time in my life I have got acquainted on the Internet.
My good girlfriends have persuaded me to create a profile and they have helped to make, here I and have made.
Do not worry letters to write they to me do not help, I write to you :)
Greg and all because I already on an extent of one and a half year live one.
My full name Svetlana, and you me can name simple Sveta. To me of 28 years I from the city of Shuya of the Ivanovo Area.
My city is in interfluve the rivers of Volga and Klyazma. Through our beautiful city the river Teza (inflow of Klyazma) proceeds from the north on the south. Density of population makes 58,5 thousand persons.
Greg I would like to hear about your city, write please than your city, what cultural values it is rich has.
By the way at once I can tell that any history is very interesting to me, I after school studied as the teacher of History and Culture of the people of Russia.
I will tell about it later.
So it will be very pleasant to me to read history of your city.
Greg I will send to you to a photo of my city, well and mine certainly I think they to you will like.
Also I think that you will already soon answer me and will send the photos.
I hope my first letter not too naive, I fairly long wrote this small letter as even hardly hardly worried.
Excitement at me was because I do not know, you will answer me or not, I can that that not so I will write, and you will not answer.
Well nevertheless if you at all do not wish to continue acquaintance to me write about it.
And so I finish the small letter and I hope to receive the answer from you.
To me acquaintance to you is very pleasant.
Letter 2
Hello Greg!
I am to tell the truth very glad to see your letter. I long thought yesterday concerning my letter to you, and thought that you simply will not answer me... And today when has opened an electronic box so strongly was delighted.
Greg as so!!! Where your photos? For me it is very important to see in we wash the computer your photos so Greg send to me. Here you saw my photos, and I as wish to see your photos.
I would like to tell to you about my life, and most of all about my work. Only here my work is connected with my parents who unfortunately are not present in the live. My parents were engaged in furniture business, they had 44 of actions of Joint-Stock Company Shuya-furniture.
Here after tragical destruction of my parents this inheritance has got to me.
I work in this furniture firm Vice President, I would not tell that it is work to me very strongly it is pleasant but I am engaged in this business because it is all reminds me my parents.
Forgive me, but it is very difficult to me to speak about it.
Once again forgive me, I cannot further today continue to write you the letter, and to tell.
Tomorrow I will write to you.
To tomorrow!!!
Letter 3
Hello My Dear Greg!
How are you?
That at you new, you can tell what good interesting news about the life.
Greg if you during our dialogue with you have questions set at once, I will answer any your questions, and I with confidence say 100 to you, that I did not meet such interesting man where, and with you it is very pleasant to me to communicate, tell to you my life, the nobility than you are engaged, to read about your life, the nobility as you spend days.
I give a lot of time to work. I even would tell, that 80 of time I give every working day mine to work though and now work at us not so profitable, but we try to do all that Joint-Stock Company Shuya-furniture did qualitative furniture under the order.
I have not enough free time, but here when there is such time I try to have a rest with the friends qualitatively.
Time in two weeks I with girlfriends visit the Night club to dance to have a rest, as we with girlfriends go to play Bowling, billiards.
When we gather with my girlfriends we very cheerfully spend time, and it forces to forget about difficult everyday work, and to smile in this difficult life.
Greg and as you spend a free time with friends? You visit what vacation spots? All it is interesting to me, what you music listen, what book last have read, what films look, write me all interestingly...
In respect of music I very creative person, I listen almost to everything, I listen to music on mood, all depends on mood.
When good mood I can even listen to the Rap as Russian Pop, I can even listen to Classics...
Films I like to look too different, since Titanic finishing a thriller of the fantastic plan.
What last novelties at cinema at you show? It is very interesting to me to read and learn, or it is simple Greg write me what last cinema you looked.
Fairly to admit wash dear Greg such life to me already has bothered, you know as not hunting to come home, knowing that you there who does not wait to sit in the lonely evenings and to dream of that that, will arrive: "the prince on the White Game", I think I am simply already tired to be the strong woman, in a shower simply fragile girl, but that that in me I to whom I do not show, I try to be always happy, but not always it turns out. Especially when in the evenings it is raining and I at home one, and on me attacks at once melancholy, grief, I think that it simply proceeds from my desire to love and be loved.
Here at present I in a life do not have not enough only love, but also peace of mind, that is to tell the truth simply man's attention and a man's shoulder in difficult second for me.
Greg I do not ask that you too as have sincerely written about that that does not suffice you in a life.
But if you wish to write about it write, to me it will be pleasant.
Today what that put revelations, I to you have told so much, I as want that such our dialogue opened each other proceeded, that we with you did not hide anything from each other, we with you adult people.
Greg on this frank note I finish the next pleasant letter to you and I will wait for the same revelation.
Letter 4

Hellooo my dear man Greg!
Greg, I am glad to see your letter...
Today at me the working day has ended very much early, and I with the worker with Our firm has gone to walk on Culture steam...
We very long walked on park, ate ice-cream, told each other Any histories...
BUT about it it will not be interesting to you, because it to me all
Told about the bad life that at it the husband drinks and it works
On two works, to put it briefly at it very much a difficult life...
And then it has left also I remained in park for not which time, I sat
Simply on a bench also looked at people so to many people walked on
To park, especially young pairs, I even hardly hardly envied those women
Which with a smile on eyes walked on park with the men...
Well here I was developed and have come home to write to you, that
To read that you to me has written...
To tell the truth at me for today so much thoughts was concerning yours
The answer... But all is good now...
And you like to walk on park? How you are private happen on the nature?
And what beautiful places at you in a city is, write to me...
At us here the park of Culture of a name Bitter, in it and park is so much trees,
Beautiful colours, fountains, monuments.... Such beautiful park...
I think you already I have noticed that that the open person, and I that that I think I
At once I will tell...
Greg, in my previous letter I to you have told much, and I very much
It is happy that you understand me... I do not want that you me not correctly
Has understood, but one I can precisely tell, last days your letters as
It would be desirable to write a drug, all time to you, to wait from you for the letter...
In my opinion our dialogue, our acquaintance, our openness the friend
To the friend, our liking to the friend to the friend-it it is not simple so...
To me with anybody so it was not good, and I when did not feel
The happy Woman, as now...
Greg, I even to girlfriends do not tell about what we with you we talk,
Because I do not wish to lose happiness...
You understand me correctly, here and now I very strongly worry, I want
Correctly to express all those feelings which I test to you. All mine
Liking to you, all my pleasure from dialogue with you.
I now feel the little girl) because I want to you
To admit, you the first man which have forced me to Feel
The woman, the Happy Woman, and my feelings as well as yours, I consider
Have approached to border from which should proceed only the pleasant moments...
I long thought today, I long put all pro and contra, I solved that
To tell to you, and Has come to opinion...
Greg, I want only one, I wish to embrace you strong strong, and is gentle
Gently to whisper to you on an ear: dear *** I have fallen in love with you...
Greg, you that which slice of happiness did not suffice me all life. You that
The man which has opened to me eyes and has forced me to Feel the present
The goddess... And with confidence I speak to you, I Love you!!! And these three
Words, it is not simple words, and words expressing my feelings to you, all mine
It is the happiest day in My life, I for the first time speak lives
To the man that I love!!! I when did not do it, and now I speak,
Because really I understand, that you Greg, that person with which I am ready
To leave on not manned island and to spend the rest to lives there with you...
Please Greg, do not think that I hurry, that it is simple words, there is no it
The truth that I speak you this all the truth...
I have fallen in love with you, I only think a week of you, and in my dreams
Greg, I do not know that you will answer, that you to me will tell, but at me will be
One serious question:
You want a meeting with me? You want that I have arrived to you?
I send you one million my sweet gentle kisses and with impatience
I will look forward to hearing....
Whole whole Whole Whole
Yours Svetlana
Letter 5
hello My Love Greg!!!
You have woken me, you have woken my feelings, you have shown me road to
To happiness...
You and only you.... I am glad that you have written to me, the darling to me so is strong
It would be desirable to be near to you, here therefore being afraid to lose our happiness,
Our love, our future, our general happiness - I ASPIRE To YOU...
You know mine dear Greg, me here holds nothing, and here is how only I
Has understood that has fallen in love with you, I have understood at once that I should make all
To arrive to you... Also believe to me I all I will make also I will arrive to you...
I want that you have understood that the meeting is a step to our future, without a meeting
We with you can write all life, but here when we will be together, when
Our eyes will see each other when our breath will merge in a single whole,
And our lips will touch, we the darling with you will be in heavens from
Greg, I can arrive to begin with to you for 30 days, I have acquaintances
Which will help me with registration of all documents for the tourist
Trips. I have helped in due time one travel company with updating
Office furniture, also has made it it with the big discount... And so they to me
Then have still told that if I where or I wish to go to have a rest, they
To me will help to make it...
Greg, dear mine you do not think that I the naive woman which will arrive to you
In search of a good life... There is no it not so... You the beautiful strong
The man, and I have fallen in love with you and I wish to be with you...
Now I to you will tell all my plans for the future. The main thing that we with
You now could a meeting, and other all will be... Here the darling Greg, you
Already you know that at me actions shuja-furniture, but I cannot sell them
Now, as and with home, BUT IN 8-9 months I easy can all it
To sell, and believe to me to us with you on the rest of our life these will suffice
Money. But it will be then in 8-9 months, the darling here I to you will arrive
And we will solve with you where to make an investment, than we will be engaged. That
Then I have arrived all have sold and back to you with money I will arrive, and at
Us with you already we will be the plan where to spend, on what will be enclosed, that we with
You the darling lived happily and perfectly...
Please the darling it is not necessary to refuse this a meeting, because the darling I
I want to you, and that I want I always I try to achieve, especially at us
With you such love... I all life confused liking to Love, but here
Now has understood Love it when you look at your photos, and the soul asks
To appear with you, you go to bed with thought to wake up near to
You, you make in the morning a breakfast, you think as badly that you are not present, and so
Would have breakfast together....
The darling Greg. I was today in this travel company and to me have told that
Official registration of papers will occupy a maximum 4 days. Well they to me at once
Have told that if not old our acquaintance that I would wait for registration
Two three weeks and so on old friendship they to me will make for 3-4 days.
But for this purpose the darling you should send me the information:
Date of birth:
Your full name:
The country:
Post code:
The name of the airport close to you (international where you will meet
Greg, dear it is obligatory in the following letter send this information,
Because I already should give tomorrow this information in the tourist
Firm, besides my darling I will leave your e-mail in travel company,
And they will send you then the information of my flight...
Greg, I do not wish to speak how many all it the darling at me will manage to me, but
There is money and they will suffice me to pay all trip...
My visa will be calculated on 30 days of stay in your country.
Greg so all will be fine already soon soon we we will together... At
Me from one thought on that that we soon will together, the happiness piles
In tons))) the darling for the first time in the life I have felt that I have fallen in love and
I felt the present woman... You at me the best, you at
Me unique and we soon will together...
The darling send necessarily the information...
Well all I on the sly finish the letter, and know the darling we will soon
Together, and we with you should not refuse our happiness...
I kiss you I embrace you...
I wait for a prompt reply
With love yours and only yours Svetlana
Letter 6
Hello my love Greg!
Greg, my happiness, pleasure washing, sweet washing, a kitten you mine, as I
Is happy to see your letter...
You even to yourself cannot imagine, that with me will be, when I
I will arrive to you, I will kiss to embrace to rejoice with you as
The child... My Darling as I strongly love you, as I strongly want
To be with you as I want that we with you could state with an eye
Approximately all our feelings, all those words which are stored at us inside...
You that Greg, the darling? Why you have not sent me the information which I asked,
The darling Greg, please as soon as you will receive my letter, at once have come
To me, the full address, the full name a date of birth and the name
The airport (international) which there is near to you, where you I
The darling you will meet me... Without this information in travel company will be
It is very difficult to issue to me quickly a trip...
Greg, dear mine, I already am going to go tomorrow in the morning to Moscow in
Embassy, I should pass there small interview and to take away in
Embassy necessary documents for visa reception. It is all will occupy one
Day, and already tomorrow I will write to you in the evening and I will tell all news. I think
News will be such good as well as....
My darling Greg, I at heart the person which does not like to wait, here now
Meeting I simply go mad of expectation of ours, I constantly think about
To you, I constantly try to calm myself that all soon soon already
I will soon depart to the loved man, that is to you and only to you...
I on work have issued today holiday for 45 days at own expense, that is for
Time of holiday to me our organisation will not charge to me the salary, but at
Me there are actions so for 45 days these actions will bring to me good
Money so holiday at own expense for me is not terrible... For me
The most important thing it you Greg, and I do not wish to lose the happiness, I for the first time
In a life has understood that such love, happiness, feelings of the present woman...
You for me as light in the end of a tunnel, you for me all in my life, you and
Only you... You at me in mind, you at me in thoughts in dreams in a dream, only
Not with me, but already soon we will together....
In travel company have told that in 3-4 days I can depart,
The darling how well to have such good acquaintances which at me is in
To this firm, and they do all that I soon already very soon could
To depart to you...
The darling Greg, I so want that you at the airport have met me with a bouquet
Colours that I have learnt you at once, has come running to you and has kissed....
From these thoughts at me tears on eyes appear, happiness tears, therefore
That the darling Greg, I love you....
Greg, lovely now one question, lovely Greg, I should reserve hotel
In your city, or I can spend 30 days all these in your house?
Answer me this question, because already after tomorrow tourist
The firm will reserve to me hotel if I cannot stop with you...
But if fairly to tell, I am ready to live with you in any tent, even in
To dugout because the darling I really love you, my darling Greg, I
When did not think that the happiness will come as in a fairy tale, but now I trust, therefore
That it is real our fairy tale under the name Love.... Our love,
True love with truly real feelings to each other...
The darling Greg, write to me more likely, write to me I will look forward to hearing
I kiss you I embrace.... And it is already very fast all my kisses will turn in
And you represent a reality we with you we will walk together on yours
To city having joined hands, and let all on light to us only envy at us
There will be a happy month of love, and then we with you will solve all as further
To live....
With love yours and only yours on eyelids Svetlana
Letter 7
Hello my Love Greg!
The darling Greg, at me today fine day, simply charming day...
As at me today only good news, I at all do not know from what to begin, I do not know as you to inform such fine news...
The darling Greg, tomorrow all my documents will be ready for a trip to you as it is good to have acquaintances in good travel company.
That's it my acquaintances so have quickly made all for a trip to you, the darling I am happy that they have helped me, but still as at us speak in Russia money much that solve, gain money miracles.
The darling Greg, I in fine mood, I in a fine condition, I am simply ready to leave on street and to shout on all street: Greg, I love you!!! Greg, I will arrive to you!!!!
The darling Greg, how your affairs? You the darling very strongly wait for me? What at you new?
You Greg, with me always, you in my thoughts in my dreams, in my dreams, the darling I about you constantly think, the darling you the main thing do not worry all at us it will be good, we with you love each other, we with you deserve happiness, we deserve a meeting....
I always will be to the girlfriends speaks thanks, for that that they have advised to me to get acquainted on the Internet, thanking it I have got acquainted with you Greg, both I am glad also I when I will not regret about that that have got acquainted with you...
You the man of my dream, and we are fast with you we will meet, I when itself happy the such did not feel.
Greg, I fairly speak to you after tragical destruction of my parents, I thought that was not present in a happiness life, I thought that all my life has ended, me did not please absolutely anything, there was no happiness.
I lived one day, I was all time sad, all time grieved for my parents.
And then you have appeared in my life, have forced me to feel the happy woman, the woman which is ready to live only with you...
Because you the best, you understand me, you feel me, you all in my life are all...
I love you
I kiss you
I will look forward to hearing
Write to me more likely
With love yours Svetlana
Letter 8
Hello my darling Greg!!!
The darling and still speak: that Miracles does not happen.... All is a deceit, for me
Arrival to you it is simple a miracle, a miracle from for which I is ready on all,
If only to appear with you...
As I also spoke you that that my acquaintances very professional in
The business, I in them was not mistaken, today have come to travel company
The answer from Moscow, that a package of documents for a trip is ready. So Ur!!!
So yahooooooo, here that I can tell to you...
The darling Greg, you and I, we will be together, the darling you trust this happiness? I
I start to realise that that we with you the happiest people on this
To the Earth.... You do not represent that I felt, when wrote to you about
The feelings, I thought that you will answer me, can is simple will write,
The silly woman search to itself for the man in Russia.
But it has turned out as our heart and wanted, it is a meeting in the Reality, in
Our reality.
So now the darling remains only to you will write to me of what number
It is better to arrive to you, and I buy the ticket and I arrive to you. As soon as
I will buy the air ticket, I will send you the full information of the ticket that you knew
In how many I will arrive to you that all was fine that you have met
So the darling Greg, I am ready to you to fly all, I suspect long we with
You we will not postpone our meeting, I and in a dream have started to see now
You, the airport, a bouquet of beautiful colours, we with you happy.
I already want that all my dreams, all my dreams were more likely carried out, and
That you have understood that my feelings to you, it not simply liking, and
The present love... Which Love me all life did not suffice, and you have opened
To me to a shower, the key to my heart I has found felt present
The woman. So the darling Greg, I in turn having arrived to you will prove that we
Looking on what: Excellent pair... I love you!
Take care my darling...
We will together soon. Write me exact date when you can meet
Me, I already can pay tomorrow and after tomorrow to take off.
I wait now only for your answer to take off to you...
I kiss you!
With love from the bottom of the heart your princess Svetlana
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