Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Stepanova to Matthew (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Matt!!! Excuse me, that I could not to you so quickly to answer. Now you, probably, understand this difference that is better to have own computer and the Internet than to write, as to me to have to you through the Internet-cafe. I had small problems - idle time could not even pay for these services of the Internet-cafe and consequently I could not write to you the letter. I shall well not waste time and I shall start to answer your questions! Ok? Yes I speak in English as I studied it at school, further university. I write the letters in English. But in the Internet-cafe I sometimes use, the translator at that time when at me is not enough time I to be in the Internet as it for me paid and I not always have that money which I can give for the Internet. No, at me is not present the close person, with which am engaged in *** as for me it not the most important! You can not trust me, but it so. Yes I should admit to you that as wrote to me and write men from the USA. But I not answer all, as I do not have big opportunity - and I wish to tell to you that if you will be in earnest to me I promise, that I shall write nobody except for you, and it will arrange me completely!!! No, I am not the ****** and as I am not that which often it does as I once again I speak it to you, that it for me not the most important! No, I had no and I have no children!!! Yes if I could leave Russia I would like to leave for other country I would make it, but only of that case if have been completely assured that it safely and reliably. As to leave Russia at me there are some reasons on which it seems to me, you can to answer itself also! No, I, sunbathing in a bathing suit. The most important thing in the husband or the friend is a mutual present love! Yes I have ended university and have received the diploma in the termination. If I have arrived to the USA I would like to live with you, and to work as on any work!!! Yes at present I require the monetary help from you even for the Internet-cafe. It is So much, how many you can, as I do not work, as it is complex to find work for me in Russia. I do not deny that are necessary to me of money and for many that else, but you do not concern to it, and consequently I ask from you the help only in the Internet-cafe as it to concern to you directly, otherwise I cannot simply answer you letters! And if you can help with that case to me with money I want that you have made this remittance through services of " the Western Union » as quickly and reliably as to us with mum my aunt did a remittance through « the Western Union » and I know it about it more. For a remittance you need to know, cancelling only the country - Russia, city - Kazan, a name - Maryanna, a surname - Shireeva and more nothing needs to be known for this purpose. And from you I should know - your full name and a surname, your full the address of a place of residing, the sum of a remittance and special number MTCN which to you will give in « the Western Union ». You speak what if I shall arrive to you to the USA and I shall not grow fond of you? - about my fight, I do not think, that it will occur. And if it nevertheless will occur, I shall make everything, that you to me will tell, and I shall leave back for Russia!!! Yes I, certainly, know - that my friend has arrived to the USA to the to the man, and they already live 2 years together - and they as have got acquainted through the Internet. And consequently I as do it! My growth is 5 ' 8 ", weight 120 lbs and my measurements 34-25-33 though I precisely am not assured of these numbers as I asked the girlfriend and consequently I shall send you once again my photo.
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