Scam Letter(s) from Larisa Serdechna to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1


my name is Larisa. You can can call me Lara
I would like to know you better! If we like each other, we can start closer communication!
Can you write me a letter? It would be nice to know more about you.
I am not looking for fun here, I want to find the man for long-lasting stable relationships.
My address is
Write me if you are interested


Letter 2

Thank you very much for your message! Let's know each other better! I am very serious in my intentions to find my soul mate. Previously I couldn't register on any site because at home I do not have Internet, but now it is connected to the computer at my work so I can use it when I have no clients around. I like your photos, you look a kind and sweet person! To tell you the truth from your letter you seem more strict and serious than from your photos...maybe it is because you had unpleasant experience with dating in the past. Anyway, thank you for writing me about you and your family and your wishes about your future. It really helped me to know you better.

As you already know my name is Larisa. I was born on June, 17 1984, my age is 26. I work as a shop-assistant in the trade centre in the department that sells women's clothes. I live in Lugansk, we rent apartment with my sister and her husband together.

If to speak about my family,my parents are divorced, mom went to live in St. Petersburg, and dad married for the second time and he doesn't keep close contact with us, we talk very seldom.

I wish I could marry once and forever...I want stable and reliable man to be with. I want him to be smart, intelligent and experienced, and also kind person. Yes, kindness is very important for me. I really cannot stand rudeness. Many girls of my age are already married, my sister is just 2 years older than me and she is married too.

I am a loving and caring person. I am honest, sincere, kind, gentle and affectionate. I know in my heart I can bring happiness to someone I truly love. I can be a loving and faithful wife. I would like to see a photo of your son....if it is ok for you. I like children and children usually like me too, so I am glad that you have a son and you know what it is to be a father. Of course, I want to have kids with my man too.

In the Internet I hope to feel mutual attraction and then meet this person in the future. Hope for serious attitude from you and for your honesty! And of course, I promise the same in return! If you arrive to Europe and there will be a chance for us to meet, it is very good and we have a perspective to discuss this!


Letter 3


it is sweet you replied me! I wrote about mutual attraction in my previous e-mail...maybe we shall feel it between us :) Your age is ok for me, i want my husband to be older than me, i think it is good for the family. But if you are not sure it is good for you, then we better stop writing to each other because age is something we cannot change in each other and if you have doubts about this, then maybe you want to find an elder woman.

Today is a busy day....I apologize in advance if I am not able to write you a long message! Just if some customers will come in I will need to finish at once!

The shop where I work is situated in a big trading centre or shopping centre, I am not sure how to write more correctly. We sell dresses, tunics, leggins, shirts and blouses. The shop is called "Behetia". In 2002 year I finished University, management faculty and before this I studied in the Lyceum of foreign languages, so I know English rather well and German a little bit. I think it is good, because it can help me find my soul mate in the other country.

I like to find someone who is gentle and affectionate. I want someone who is not afraid to express his feelings through physical intimacy. He should also be able to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not be afraid to share his thoughts. Marriage takes tremendous communication and it may be difficult when two people from very different cultures are married, but as I have a vivid example of true love of two people from different cultures. I hope that my destiny is still looking forward to meet me and maybe I will meet someone I have been waiting the whole my life.

Please, tell me more about yourself
Will wait for your reply



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