Scam letter(s) from Olga Pimenova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear my new friend.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your message. :-) I'm glad you decided to write me a letter. Very nice. I liked your profile on sait dating.
So I decided to get to know you better. The first time I got acquainted with a man on the Internet.
It was pleasant to me your photos. You very beautiful and nice man.
Tell you a little about yourself. I am 30 years old. I am cheerful and sociable girl.
I like to build a relationship on truth. I love the sincerity and the truth whatever it is.
I love to chat with interesting people. I love animals. Because they are cute and funny.
My hobby is cooking good food, reading, nature, swimming, travel. You like sports? I love the sport.
I've been doing aerobics. I think it's good when a girl watches her body and figure.
What are your hobbies? What do you do? Tell me more about you.
I think next time we can learn about each other more.
Letter 2
Hi dear.
I looked forward your letter and very much was delighted when have seen it.
It was valid to me to receive your letter very pleasantly. Pleasantly that you haven't ignored my request and have told a little about yourself. I am very glad.
I think that we can learn each other more and our dialogue will be further pleasant.
I will tell to you more about myself. My growth 167 cm. My weight 54 kg.
I live in settlement Pervomayskiy. Settlement is in Russia. Settlement it is allocated in the south-east of republic Udmurtiya. It in 17 km from capital of a city with a title Izhevsk.
Izhevsk very beautiful city. I love Izhevsk. I work in the city of Izhevsk.
I am difficult to find in our rural settlement good operation therefore I work in a city.
Where your place of operation is allocated? In Izhevsk there is a cafe Internet.
I write you letters from the cafe Internet. I don't have any personal personal computer.
What do you love in the person? Personally I appreciate such human qualities as kindness, decency, sincerity. I love purity and the order. When I come home I always is glad.
Because houses always purity. You like to cook? I like to cook food. In the childhood my grandmother learned me to prepare to eat. And now I always and all do itself on kitchen. What dishes you love?
What it is pleasant to you in women? I like men quiet, sincere and fair.
I hope, each my letter will deliver for you a lot of pleasure and successful days.
I will wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that I will receive answers to all questions and your photos. Bye. Your new friend Olga.
Letter 3
Hello dear!!!
I am very glad to see again your letter.
With each your letter to me all becomes more pleasant to receive them.
I never thought that correspondence with someone it really very interesting.
But now I am assured that dialogue through the Internet it very pleasantly.
From the childhood I have grown in village. Therefore I didn't know long
that such city life. I have learned it when have entered the university.
I always thought of that that my life will develop absolutely in another way.
I am glad to see your photos. They are very fine. I would like to tell to you a little about the work.
I have higher education. But I work only as the seller in grocery shop.
The shop is in the city of Izhevsk. Work begins from 8 o'clock and comes to an end in 7.
Therefore I should rise since morning not to be late for the bus. As a whole work is pleasant to me.
6 days in a week work. The day off Sunday. We work in shop together with Natasha.
We with her friends. With her it is very pleasant to work. She very cheerful girl.
If I don't have mood that she in a trice will cheer up.
She very good friend. On work there are different stories. After work we go home.
Near to my shop there is a cafe Internet. I write you letters from this the cafe Internet.
Give about you we will talk. What at you an activity kind? Tell to me in detail about your work.
Than you are engaged on work? I want to know about you even more.
On it I finish the letter. I send you my photo.
I hope to you my photo will be pleasant. I will wait your letter.
I hope you you will write to me soon. Olga!
Letter 4

Hello dear.
How your mood? How your day? What is has happened in your life? I thank you for the remarkable letter which you have written to me. I waited your letter.
Now I can read your letter with silent soul. To me it is pleasant that you don't ignore my letters.
I don't want that our correspondence was at a stop. I want that ours with you relations developed more deeply.
Your photos have very much liked me. Thanks you for a photo.
2 years ago I had relations with the Russian man. But these relations were not long.
Once he has come to me under the influence of strong alcoholic intoxication. Something was not pleasant to he.
And he has started to shout and offend me. After that incident we have ceased to communicate with he.
I did not wish to see he more after that. After that I had no relations more. Tell to me about your former relations?
Now very few interesting and decent men. To me it is very pleasant that I have started to correspond with you.
To me with anybody wasn't so interesting as with you. I to you didn't tell about my family.
The most valuable in my life are my father and my mum. I with pleasure have shared with achievements and failure with parents. My parents live in the country New Kazmaska. They have a private house.
They the best parents in the world. They very kind, careful and good people. My parents are already over 50.
Name of my mum Anastasia. She very kind and sensitive woman. She very much loves children and children also love my mum.
She is able to address correctly with children. Because works in kindergarten very long. A name of my father Michael.
He very reasonable man. He helps me with difficulties, gives advice. For me he as the teacher.
My father works as the master mechanic in village New Kazmaska. I also have a grandfather.
He lives together with my parents. He is the veteran of the Big Patriotic war. It served as the scout.
When I ask the grandfather that he have told to my story about war. He with tears recalls and tells to me.
Even I have tears in the face of when he tells different stories. I think that stories of veterans about war should leave nobody indifferent. Through which way they went?... I am very grateful to my parents and the grandfather. They have given me life, have given worthy education, have given a start in life.
And the most important thing that without them I couldn't write this that to you now. Because if not they that I in this remarkable world wouldn't exist at all. I very much respect mine and is very grateful to them in all.
And as I the only child in a family they have given me all love. Even now they help me both spiritually and morally and financially. I dream that I in the future will have a same happiest family as my parents.
I will try to send a photo of my parents in my following letter. Tell to me about your parents? You love them?
Than your parents are engaged? I will be glad to see a photo of your family where you stand all together.
I hope you to me will write very soon. I will wait. I wish that you have spent time pleasantly reading my letter.
Your expensive Olga!!!
Letter 5
Hello dear.
I am very glad to receive news from you again. I feel with each letter you become closer for me. I am very happy that you support with me dialogue!
Dear, from your letters I learn about you more and more and to me it is pleasant.
You to me seem good. You really interesting person. I am very grateful to you for your warm relations to me. And for your dialogue with me. When I read your letters I represent as if you are near to me and tell me all these words :). Probably I have rich imagination!
I understand that in letters you with me are frank and mutual. I see understanding and experience in your letters. To answer your letters soon will enter into the daily schedule of my day. I with pleasure answer them. Your letters as if a breath of fresh air in a stuffy city. I try to write to you as it is possible is easier.
Today I want to tell to you hardly more about myself. I live separately from the parents.
I rent apartment. Therefore to me to have to work it is a lot of, as it is necessary to pay off.
Apartment at me one-room. It quite suits me. In apartment at me a coziness and a fragrance.
I have window plants. I love when in a room there are flowers. I yet didn't speak to you about my room pupils.
I have a cat and small very nice kitten. They my best friends. But now I had which new friend I appreciate and I respect, it you. And I can't forget about you. I have named a cat Sonya.
I have named a kitten Liska. They at me very interesting and amusing. I very much love them.
They too love me. Perhaps sometime I will acquaint you with them. Tell to me about your hobbies more.
It will be pleasant to me to learn about you even more. On it I bring my letter to you to the termination.
I will wait very strongly for your answer. I am the promise and I send you my family photos.
I say goodbye to you to tomorrow... I will wait for your letter.
Your new girlfriend Olga.
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