Scam letter(s) from Avgustina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there!
I am happy you can read my message now.
My name is Avgustina. I am from a fabulous state that became a winner of Eurovision this year. If you can recall we were talking once on the site dating Veganpassions.
But I don't go to this kind of sites anymore.
I saved your electronic address.
And I would like to develop our friendship if you don’t mind.
I hope you are still looking for a lady of your life. We can try, can’t we?
BUT I would like to highlight you something. I was talking with a boy in March, he seemed to be interested in me at first. But then, some days after we met he asked me to present him my **** pictures.
Even if we did now know each other well.
I did not send him my images, coz I don’t want to play this game. Because I believe that a girl that values herself and her culture would never send these photos throught the Internet.
It seems it’s like humiliation.
I was not anymore interested in the guy. And never again I wrote him a response.
2 months passed from that moment.
But I hope you are decent.
I hope you value girls.
And I believe you would never make such an offer to a lady.
I don’t like to write lot of things about myself in the first message. But what I would like to say is that I am versatile and take care of myself. I like sports and I also have lots of hobbies. Do you have a wife or a girlfriend?
If you do, please ignore this email. You don’t need to reply me at all.
But if you are really looking for stable relationships and don’t want to play through Internet, I would be very glad to continue our friendship. I hope you will like me.
I attach you my image and a hige hug from Azerbaijan.
Looking forward to your respons and your pic.
Letter 2
How your affairs today? It again Avgustina and I am glad to your answer!! How you feel yourself today and what you did all the day long? Nevertheless I wish to tell to you, what I wish to write ****** letters ok? I think you will like to write me also!!!
Just has come again to our Internet cafe to check any answer from you. Also it is very glad, that you have shown to me your interest.
I will tell to you at once, that I the fair girl and do not want from you any deceit. I also do not wish to deceive you. I want, that our correspondence was under construction on trust and understanding.
I think, that I will always write to you in English. As I wish to have practice to write and also read your letters.
I learnt English language at institute. Then as early as 2 years on special courses. Thus I can speak!
At us in the country Azerbaijan (you can look on a card my country Azerbaijan). People speak in the Azerbaijan language. But people practise different languages.
To me 31 year, growth about 170 centimetres and weight of 58 kgs. And I have no children. Never was married also. I very much like your marital status. It is glad, that you have no girlfriend or the wife. Whether you want to yourself the girlfriend through the Internet? I think, that it is completely real.
I will tell to you, that for me the distance between us does not matter. I think it about 3000 kilometres or?
Also for me has no value age. Never. The hair colour and colour of eyes, a body also has no value for me. I look at relations only at inside parts of the man. That is on soul, heart, words, honesty, politeness! The photo is only a part of process of acquaintance.
How you think?
We can communicate with you only through e-mail. Because I have no such programs as skype or msn. It is very a pity to me! All it because in Internet cafe is not present the chamber or ear-phones. Otherwise I would be very glad to communicate with you more close. But I will try to write to you every day, since Monday till Saturday ok???
Tell to me please, you have time to write to me every day???
I search for serious relations. And in the future a meeting. I think, that at us it will turn out through the Internet. And for me it is not important anything! Only the truth. THEN the rest I think it will turn out. I like to aspire to the purpose.
I wish to learn from you. For you there is something, what will stir to us? I think you will tell to me about it.
It is very a pity only, that I should go each time to Internet cafe. As I have still the work - the seller of footwear. It will be difficult for me, but I will consult. As I have no house computer.
Tell to me what you wish to know about me? And I will answer you???
Please also answer my questions and to send your photos! I will wait...
It is very glad to our acquaintance. Pleasant day and evening.
Avgustina here!
Letter 3
Hi again also is glad to receive from you the answer!! You like me very much! So it is pleasant to see again from you something! You can always write the big letters to me?
So it is a pity to me, that I have no phone nearby to call to you. Otherwise we could communicate every day! As I live in small city Zirya and to have a cellular telephone here a problem almost for everyone.
So, I wish to ask at once you that we did not hurry up with what. I wish to have pleasure with letters.
At us in the country speak: you Will hasten - you will make laugh people!
I very much adhere to these words. As our acquaintance at an initial stage now. And I would not wish to hurry event. I wish to learn you from different directions more each time. That is I wish to set any questions to you, and also to receive fair answers. And also you can say everything, that you want. Thus at us delightful dialogue will turn out.
I wish to tell, that I search for serious relations. As here, in Azerbaijan I cannot receive it.
My father already 2 times tried to search to me for the husband. But I spoke to my father always - that I do not want, that you searched to me for the husband. I do not wish to live without love as it is wrong.
And consequently I have the conflict to my parents. I live from them separately and I do not wish to come back to them in the house.
I respect my parents, but I will suffer that climb during my life.
You also understand? At you sometime was so???
It would be desirable to change my life and to live in that country where there are no trite laws. Where a life, and marriage - Freely. That nobody forced the woman to marry force.
I cannot now, and even already think of it.
Nevertheless as to my family, I have only parents. I also have the uncle who has left for a long time already from Azerbaijan in the USA. And now lives there.
Please tell to me about your relatives? There are they somebody in Azerbaijan??????
And I here, live one and would like to change all.
I work almost every day, except Sunday - Also I come then home. At leisure (my hobby) - I like to prepare to eat and do cleaning. In it also there are my various imaginations. Also I like to imagine and compose itself. I also like to float very much, in the summer. And also in the winter then in pool.
I like to listen pop to music, such as Lady Gaga, Beoynce. And to look films about love. In general, I like all to try in this life. Also has already got used to do all!!! I like to talk to people on various themes and I can not is simple so to sit at home. For example, it is pleasant to me, when at home my bed is filled ideally, floors always pure and always air pure. At my place there are flowers, and I very much love it. Just they give pure air!!
Tell to me please, you love cleanliness? I - very much.
And now I get acquainted with
You it is better, and I want, that it also proceeded. That you tried to write to me every day and never to forget about me.
I think, what then we can speak about more important things?? How you think?
Nevertheless, it was pleasant to me to write you this letter, and it would be still more pleasant - to receive from you the good and interesting answer. It is a pity, that I also have no other contact, except how to write you the letter through e-mail. In Internet cafe say, that it is better to have only e-mail. So, therefore I have it! As this most safe!!
I would like to know, what you particularly search also for what girl? I will try to describe myself also. Has forgotten to tell to you, that I work as the seller of footwear in shop. And also I live in city Zirya. There it is not so far from Baku. You can look it on a card.
I will miss under your letter... I wait your photos new! You like my photos?
Avgustina here!!!
Letter 4

Hi again and how your affairs? I am glad that again I receive from you the answer. YOU very much LIKE me!!! I am glad that we get acquainted better.
I see now again your letter and my eyes sparkle for pleasure and surprise. It is glad, that we can continue conversation through e-mail. It is pleasant to me.
So, I think that just differs that we in Azerbaijan have laws.
I will tell to you, for example concerning a meeting:
That in Azerbaijan I cannot be with anybody. If you even wish to arrive to me. Then it will not turn out. As nevertheless if I will be seen together by someone with you. Then I will have problems with the law.
BECAUSE under the law of Azerbaijan to me my father should search for the husband. And business in it. If you are not my husband. Then you cannot be with me.
I think, that Europe certainly not the such. So it is pleasant to me, that you live in the free country.
All that I want is freedom, a self-trust. That I can be with the man. You very much like me.
And still we should speak later about a meeting. But if once we have met, just only at you in the country. As there the free country. Our conversation I think, that leads us to a meeting. Only later.
I also very much would like to hear your voice. But now I have no possibility to you to call! I think, that later I can go on mail and buy a telephone card. Only so I can call to you! Just now after work already mail is closed. As soon as at me will be more time. I will tell to you. And I will warn you, when I can call to you. ok? Please not to take offence. The main thing that you understood me!!!
I looked also your area, and your area on the Internet. Very much it was pleasant to me, there it is beautiful. Azerbaijan also the beautiful country. But nevertheless also there is also a sea, I like the sea. And all here too is! Many sights, mountains and woods. But here there is no freedom. I think you understand me....
That else concerns me. It I have higher mathematics and also economy higher education. I have left school, and also higher mathematics institute only for higher education. I like to sell footwear.
That, as to relations - I to appreciate respect and freedom. Love and trust. And it seems to me, that this main thing! I think, that I should not be any, as in slavery. I wish to be the free girl. To do all for the beloved. And that for me the beloved did all.
And also love, ***, understanding, an estimation, and also support. Only I wish to speak about it later. I mean ***. ok? Still early to us about it to speak. But it is important in relations and I know it.
That, as to my religion. I the Moslem. And religion - Muslim. We do not have church. At us it is called MICHET and all people there go, when wish to pray or ask something from the God.
In relations still I wish to add. Once I wish to marry. I do not know when it will be. But if it is. I wish to go and love up to the end. While the death will not separate us. Nevertheless it is necessary to love how only it probably.
What concerns me?
I have no car. I have no much anything. I go after work only to shop to buy to eat. And then again home. To watch TV. In the morning after a dream and at once to go for work. Already I want other life.
Tell to me please, what life is wanted by you?
What do you want in the relation? Also, that there was an equality in relations? Or it on another? Tell to me please?
Again I send you my photos!
Also I send you a kiss. And pleasant day and evening.
Avgustina here!!!
Letter 5
Hi again dear and this is Avgustina again!!! Is very glad to see again your letter!!!! I wish to answer you and you know it. Because I know, that you will wait for my answer. Here now I come after work and I answer you. I very strongly like to write to you letters and to tell about my bottom! As you are able to read correctly them and To understand! Correctly and fairly you answer my questions!!! Because you the interesting person and I learn a lot of new with you.
Today I rose early, nearby 5:30 morning. Because I needed to do to itself a hairdress, and I was used hair curlers... It for hair. Also I should prepare to eat! Because in the evening I sometimes do not have forces. I sometimes prepare in the morning that to me has sufficed for 2 days at once. Also I can is then already simple have a rest after work. You understand?
So, what you like to eat?? Whether your kitchen is pleasant to you? Whether you know something from Azerbaijan or east kitchen??
Very much I hope, and I want, that your mood and a smile always were cheerful!!!
The pleasure is present every day at me as you write and do not forget about it! I understand, that we are familiar only in
Several letters, but I feel, that I can really open to you! But I wish to receive from you reciprocity, I want, that was
Sincerely with me! And never lie to me as it is spoilt only by relations, the truth? You also consider? The trust is Basis of strong friendship and good long relations!! I try to speak always only the truth and is sincere with people. And also I am not able absolutely lie, therefore and I do not do it! As even the small lie then goes to growth in serious lie! In a life There are different good and bad situations, but I never turn a back to my girlfriends and they never betray Me. Let it is better than I can help, than not help at all! They help me a difficult minute and always a support to me and I I love them always and in any situation. In Azerbaijan the friendship is a value and all friends hang together and go on a visit constantly, do each other surprises and gifts. And HOW at you it occurs?? I think, that at us with you is much The general. I wish to tell to you about my character, but it is difficult To me to write about it because I never wrote about it. I think, that first of all I fair always. I very much trust people and I hate treachery! But as soon as I see that The person speaks me lie, and I can feel it! Then I understand at once it and I can not trust this person any more. I can To communicate with it. But to trust it is more never. You understand? About it it is final at me the principles. I have some friends, but they the presents also can always help me. My parents... I also can trust them. But I have left from them on another cause also to you already spoke. Because they wished me to reduce with other man!! And when I have learnt - I have disappeared from my father. I very much feel people and I can understand at once bad people and good. I very cheerful and I love humour how to listen, so and itself I speak ridiculous things and I tell ridiculous cases!
How you like to put on?
I willingly dress jeans, I have colour favourite - dark blue. I can dress under it still shoes, on high heels!
If to go to wood in the summer or in the winter, to breathe fresh air - then nevertheless a sports suit to select! But I never go to a city in it as I do not love sports things on girls! As to meal: to like Me meat of fish, a fillet basically, also fish - in general is loved, very tasty. Especially red meat garbusha and salmons., and there are some salads. As it is easy food!! I like to eat useful and healthy meal and I drink always only tea. Even in the morning I do not drink coffee as I think for heart It is harmful!!! I hope you read attentively my letter and you liked the small description of that that I love?
I think, that you have learnt me little bit better and if you want, ask me and I will tell to you even more. I want, that You too have told to me about the character.
That, as to me. I think, that the main thing in any girl To be oneself, it is necessary to be natural and unique! Each woman has the secrets both it a riddle and I sometimes help To find this originality and charm! I hope, that has not tired you with this letter and that you have read it really attentively. Tell to me in the following letter that was good at you Today?? I will finish this letter, I think that it was interesting to you to read my letters, I want, that you understood me Better, I think, that our letters do us more close each other and me it very much to please! I think, that this your day also Comes to an end perfectly!!! And my mood such cheerful never disappears!!! I hope that further I on the former will learn to you more! On it I will finish the letter, I wish to wish you good mood, I send you a gentle kiss.
Letter 6
Hello my the most favourite love, I waited to write all the day you the letter! My most gentle and careful man on this planet. My sun, my happiness and my love!! I so pleasure to receive from you the letter, to read it now. It is all that I wanted today as waited your answer with the big impatience. As I without your letters as the engine without gasoline, as soup without salt and as tea without sugar. It certainly comparison goes, because I cannot really live without your letters any more. You write very gently, just as it is pleasant to me. And always I wish to hear from you these words in my address. Always and everywhere. To me it is indifferent in what place we will and how many to the people will stand about us. If you can say these all words - love words then I will be to the happiest girl. Only you should speak it with sincerity and confidence what exactly to me you wish to tell it!!! I assured. That I will kiss you constantly, that I will never be afflicted with you, as you my light for which I wish to live and aspire to the best, to the future!!!!!!!! And all that I dream when we in the future will meet will be for us!!!!!!
Favourite I, very much was pleasant to me as you wrote and has answered me. I just waited to write to you!!!!! Yesterday I did not see at all acquaintances because wished to dream of us as much as possible. About our love and caresses which I want. I dream of it very romantic. To you will be it is pleasant? If you come from work? And I will already wait for you, Always!!!!!! Every day, and only you because to me nobody is more absolutely it is necessary!!!!! If we have met now and would be already together. Then if you come home - and then I meet you with embraces and hands. You undress and pass in a bathroom. To wash, that you sat down a table already pure and changed clothes of working clothes. Then I to sit down a table! I think, that I will never have supper without you, always I wait you and we together to sit down. So it will be more pleasant for you to have supper with me, I think.
Nevertheless then we to have a supper and to drink tea, we to talk after that about us again. We to speak each other the most remarkable words which we want. I will name you mine the prince, and wash with love - my ideal and dream. After all so it also is! You the kindest and gentle person in this world, my gentle! I so think, that you are ready to do all for me, and I to appreciate it!!!!!! I feel your big love to me, your caress and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I continue … when we after a supper - we can have a rest a little and then nevertheless a little to walk! You can show me the most fantastic places of your city. As I already also spoke - I wish to know ALL about you, you show me just all that is connected with you. Probably you will like any place, it will be possible romantic! You it please remember. And then we together to go there to spend time. You to me tell something concerning it, and I will listen to you very attentively! We can then come back home or go at once still somewhere!
You know your places more and consequently you see off me! We can go, where people will sit, there are such places at you, I assured. Then we will go together and to keep for hands. Then all people will look at us and to smile. As I think we will be an example of fine pair which approaches to each other. Such pair which has the purpose in a life, we will always achieve what we wish to reach together. I not to doubt it at all the lovely!!!! You my beloved, very careful, and I never will give you to nobody., the main thing that you have not wanted to leave from me, differently I cannot simply keep you!!! But I do not think of it as you the man and itself should choose to itself the companion of a life!!!
With mind, and with desire!!! Nevertheless the darling, I wish to write further! As I also spoke to you, I have asked you last time about ***. As it also very important part in relations and very fine.
BUT it is important: I still never had experience to ***. I understand, what you are difficult for trusting, and it seems strange?????????? But it so, and please to trust me!!!!!!! The weight of pleasure also delivers. Which never cannot be forgotten!!! BUT that now I have desire to make love to you is important!!!!!!!!!! As only with you I wish to embody all my makings and dreams in a reality. Also I think, that if you in it help me - it will be absolutely already fine!!! I want. That you understood - I very gentle and with you I wish to begin always with tenderness. I want massage to you a back, it is a little to remove stress. Thus to feel your equal breath. Each man loves massage from sensitive hands of the woman???????? I am able to do it, and you should catch weight of pleasure from it!!! When I finish, I will lean against you round your back my ******* if you want it!!!!
And then I simply already to iron you in area an ear and to say to you silently, that I love you, the darling!!!! You my good, and gentle!!! My hand then to go slowly to your trousers and I to touch your genital! At first through trousers and to iron it it is very gentle! When I my hand at you will be between feet is for you it will be good very much! I think, that by this time your body, will already rise and does not suffer more! It is the truth? Then you simply to turn and we look face to face and we look fool in the face!!! Not to distract and have nevertheless contact, that just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our consciousnesses!!! You to bring hands to my body and force me to feel also the big desire to make love!!! And then you start to remove from me clothes that I was bared. Trace, I think too most that you also wanted it!!! Then nevertheless your imaginations what? I to take your genital further and I start to dream, gently touching its end!!! You to become from it as much as possible raised just simply to embrace and start me to love already!!!
But I simply to clamp it I want my *******. That it to heat and massage!!! You speak to me if you want the big!!! When we already will be in such condition, take possible I can his lips to kiss! From it to you will be more pleasures? I am ready to do it ONLY FOR YOU!!! Also should tell - that never before it did, but I wish to try it with you! Only with you - the person whom I very strongly love and I do not wish to give to anybody more!!! But I so wish to speak you all my imaginations!!!! That you knew and then waited for this moment!!! That when both of us will have the raised condition then you to me already pleasure deliver!!! That it was already ready, to give to me pleasure. Here it to me WILL be the darling So I represent it is pleasant in ***!!!!!!! To lead up you to such maximum possible condition that you never forgot it!!!! I want, that to you it was always good with me that you went the satisfied. As also it is important also for me!!! I think, that I also always will be with you satisfied. Also I will tell - yes, the darling it was something, such with me was not, such pleasure and love test!!! I want it, and I think that could tell to you that I think! Of what I think at night!!! About what I dream to be engaged with you!!! I think you you write me your opinion?? I with impatience wait for your letter again. Also I will always answer you!!! Always say me that you think and as you represent it!
You represent a life with me and all it how I wrote today to you??
Whether you want it??? Whether you want already now?? I love you the darling!!! I always for you, yours here princess Avgustina!!!!
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