Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Malinina to John (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello Johnny! Alexandra talks to you:)) Nice to meet you and get answer back. Thank you very much for letter and your pictures! You seem to me a very nice person, John, and I hope that I'm right) it's pleasant to hear that there is something unique in my profile that you have found. Would be great to know what caught your attention??

Well, as I see you are interested to know me better and I guess I need to tell you more about me:) So, talking about the place where I was born, it name is Nikopol, this city locates in Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. There is a river in it - Dnepr, and there are many moments from my life which I associate with this. Sad and lonely moments were spent there, I loved to sit on the coast and watch the water. Now I do not have lots of free time to go and enjoy it. Basically now I try to fill my life only with positive and nice emotions:) My work contributes this:) I work as a fitness instructor, each day I have physical trainings and I help other people get and keep in a good shape. Is brings me real happiness, and plus I have time to develop myself:) But I know to be strong physical is not enough, so in the same time I study by correspondence. And I'm getting an economical education.

I will send you my pictures, John, and if you have more your's I will be happy to receive them! If there is something you would like to know about me, just feel free to ask:)

Well, have a nice day! Kiss, Sasha.

Letter 2

Hello Johnny;))) It's nice to name you this way:)) Thank you for let me do this;) I still feel like a little girl sometimes;)

Thank you for picture. I like the dimple on your cheek:)) It looks sweet:)

Wow, I was impressed to read things that you have mentioned in me. it's true, God plays very important role for me. I trust him my life, it brings sure in my life that everything will be good, He is my father and protector. and one of my life's principals is to behave with people around me the way I wish they act with me. By the way, as for my religion, I'm Christian Orthodox. And what about you??

As for your question about the man's age I was looking for. I understand your stress about it:) Well, Johnny, if to say sincere, I do not really care about age. I know that the most important is the way man feels and cares himself. But 60 is too much:) I'm agree;)

As for the question about my study. It's last the fourth course, and I'm going got get my Diploma soon. Maybe I will change the place of my work, and will work as an accountant, but sport will always be a necessary part of my life.

Johnny, you are asking me if I wanna have a family. Of course I do. I dream that my own family to be full, and there would always be love atmosphere in it. I love kids, and I think that for woman that mission is the most important. I dream to be professional wifey and mummy:) I dream about two kids. A boy and a girl. Or twins:) And what about you?? What do you want??

Talking about my family. When I was born, my parents denied from me and I was raised by very good woman, which now I can easily name my Mom. She has also own daughter and this girl has become for me a sister. Now as I'm an adult and already work, I live alone in renting apartment. I should say that I love my life and I'm grateful to God for everything that I have and for the way it goes. I know for sure that He never gives us trials which we could not to overcome.

Johnny, I hope that in my letter you will find answers on all your questions. Will be waiting for your answer. Wish for you a nice day, kiss, Sasha.

Letter 3

Hi Johnny, thank you very much for letter! Nice to hear from you too:)

well, as for kids, you are right, God will decide which kids to give as a bless:) I said it cause I was always dreaming if it's possible to say so, to have a boy and a girl and I wanted that boy to be older and protected his little sister:)

Johnny, you sound like a very sympathetic person. Thanks a lot for feeling sorry about my broken family. Telling the truth I do not feel about it like a loss. I was trying always not to be concentrated at this. I love the way my life is! And it's in my powers to make it happy. I know that my family will be full, there can not be other variant. Thank you for your compliments, by the way! you are right, I have a good positive attitude in life!

To say the truth it's not very comfortable for me to use Skype, and now I do not have account there at all. It's so because in apartments that I rent there is no Internet connection, and I have to go in Internet Cafe. But you said that you wanna hear my voice on the phone. It would be great. I'm curious to hear your's. So, here is my number +380994686338.

I wish for you a nice coming weekend, dear Johnny;)

Hope to hear from you soon. Kiss, Sasha.



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