Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Novikova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear,
It is write to you Tatyana from Russia
I am very glad, that you have answered my message
I could not answer at once your letter as I went in city of Krasnoyarsk on additional curriculums
I am very glad, that you have answered on my letter and have not disregarded me.
I think that you are interesting person. So I decided to use the chance to get to know you better.
Probably my letter looks banal and boring
I ask you to not think, that this next identical letter from the Russian woman
I think, that you receive set of letters from women, and probably you correspond with them
But I want, that you have considered my letter with all gravity as I have serious intentions, and I want that our relations developed to the best!
I am 25, but I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy.
The life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreams.
Ok, I want tell you about myself.
I the usual Russian women, actually am not distinguished by anything from others.
My name is Tatyana, I am 25 years
My Birthday is March,25
I was born and I live in city of Kansk
I am Christian
My growth 5,5 and weight 120 lbs. I the blonde with grey eyes.
I the orphan, I have no parents, and I have no brothers and sisters
My mum has died in a road accident when I am was 12 years
My father has died in the Chechen war
Now I am alone have try to survive in this difficult life
I work as designing and tailoring of lady's wear in a small private concern
I have really many interests:
music, reading, books, movies, good conversations, sports and many other things which make the life wonderful.
I am creative and curious by nature.
I am very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a measure modest.
I easily find common language with strangers and simply I like to communicate on interesting themes!
Probably it is interesting to you, why I was solved on searches of the partner by abroad?
Probably I shall answer rudely, but I do not want to live in this smelly and poor country
In Russia is not any prospect, there is no normally paid work, there are no worthy men, there is no future Russia, it is only a violence, greed, a deceit and poverty
Therefore I do not want to live my years in this country
I want to ask you some questions, I hope that it will not complicate you:
1. What is your religion?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What is your favorite food?
4. Do you like music? What kind?
5. Do you like to dance?
6. What do you like in a partner?
7. What is your favorite season??
8. Do you like animals?
Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I shall try to answer all your questions, Ok?
I sincerely hope, that you will answer this letter
I really want to continue our acquaintance
With the best regards, Tatyana
Letter 2

Hi my love.
It seems to me that our dream is beginning to come true.
I have already imagined for thousands times this meeting, but even now I can't describe what our meeting will be.
I am sure in one thing that it will be one of the most desired days in my life!
Today, I feel myself is heroically!
Today I have done really a heavy way to our joint purpose.
I have visited tourist agency on questions of travel abroad
The commission on questions of visas has approved my application, and now I can register the visa, and going to you!!!
I have overcome all necessary tests and medical survey.
Then I long told him about you and about our relations, I have given the commission our correspondence (I hope you not against?).
There was a question with payment of the visa, but I could overcome this difficulty.
I had only 280 dollars. It was insufficiently, and still required 200 dollars, therefore I have asked my boss this sum.
He has listened me and can not give up to me.
Now I have concluded the contract and have given all necessary documents for registration of the visa.
Today I have paid all necessary services and now only it is necessary to wait results.
I hope you glad for my successes, it is our general success!
I hope that soon we can meet and our dreams will come true!
I want it very much as I have fallen in love with you and now I want to tell you about it, looking in your eyes!!
Soon I can receive my visa and arrive to you.
Write me your full name, a full home address and the most nearest airport located to you
It is very important!
For end of registration of the visa it is necessary for me to buy air tickets.
Under the contract which I have concluded with tourist agency, I personally should give them money for air tickets.
The employee of agency buys air tickets for the certain dates (it is necessary to write down dates of action of the visa), and only after it, I can receive my visa and air tickets, and then I going to you, my love !
I hope you can help me with monetary expenses for purchase of air tickets.
It is necessary for me of 1750 dollars as it is necessary to get air tickets there and back
This sum includes the insurance, trip on transport of the company up to the airport and a free-of-charge meal during travel.
Now I need in your help, I have made everything, that was in my forces
Now our meeting depends on you and I ask that you have sent me money for air tickets
The employee of tourist agency has informed, that the most effective way of a direction of money, it is a system of remittances with the name "Westernunion".
I have found out, that it is the fastest and safe remittances all over the world.
Westernunion is absolutely nearby, and I think, that it is the most optimum variant for a sending of a remittance.
I can receive your money in any bank of Russia where this system operates
Only it is necessary for you to write my first name - (TATYANA), my last name - ( NOVIKOVA), and the country -(RUSSIA)
For reception of money I should know your first name, your last name (??????????), your full home adress - (????????) and Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) - (0000000000)
Then I without problems can receive a remittance and finish document registration for this travel!
I think the God will help us. I simply want to meet you .
I miss you very much
I shall wait for your answer
Good day, my love!
Your Tatyana.
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