Scam letter(s) from Elena Levischeva to Paul (Australia)

Letter 1
Thank you a lot for a contact. I am glad to be your new friend. i hope that we are here for same thing, to find love and relations. So, maybe we wouldn't waist time and will try to know each other better? Maybe we should open our eyes and try to notice in each other good qualities, maybe we are two part of one? And maybe we were waiting for each other all our life? So, answers on this questions we will find after we will try to write some letters to each other. So, i am waiting for you.
Letter 2
Hello, Paul! I hope that you reaction after my letter wouldn't be such as Oh my God, why she is writing for me, i don't want to know her! Thank you very much for your letter, it is very interesting and also informative! I think that your live is full of interesting events and people! I hope that we also can be good friends (at any rate for this period))))!!! I want to tell you from the beginning that i am not a scammer, i wouldn't ask money from you. Only one thing that i am asking is communication. So, the first point is that i am real! And maybe this is the main one. I was studding English at school and i still remember some words, but i can't speak very well and of course i can't write at all, so you can be surprised because of this, because you see a letter, so i will tell you that i am using a translation company. You maybe heard a lot of bad things of such companies, but i will tell you that i am using good one and you can trust me, as i have told you i wouldn't ask money from you. So, this was the other main point, which i thought i should discuss with you at the beginning. Now Paul, i want to tell you about my self. My name is Olga, this is a full name, but my friends call me Olechka, so you also can call me the same, or how it will be more comfortable for you))) I was born at 18th of February in 1983. Don't think that i am very young, age is not important for real relations, so i am comfortable with people of every age. I have a lot of friends and i like to communicate a lot. I have very easy character , i am happy and almost always in a good mood. I am also very romantic person and can cry when some one hurts me, but this last not for too long, because i forgive quickly. It is always hard to tell about yourself, and i wouldn't tell you everything in my first letter, so you can ask question, and they will help me, i will know what will be interesting for you to know about me, and will try to tell you this. Maybe what is interesting for me, or what i like to do in my free time, maybe something from my childhood or my parents.
So ask and will answer for you. I think that i have told you enough already, so i will close my letter here and will wish you all the best. I will be waiting for your letter with impatience, and will hope that we can be friends or even more. Do you agree with me, Paul? kiss you, your New friend Olechka
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Paul, I stopped my last letter because i thought that i can be bored for you, but now, when you have wrote to me back i can continue telling you about myself. Thank you very much for your letter, it is very interesting and also informative! I think that your live is full of interesting events and people! I hope that we also can be good friends (at any rate for this period))))!!! Also I am thankful for your photos:)So, i forgot to tell you about my work. In some of my photos you can see me with pets, don't be surprised, they are mine)))) Yes, i have two dogs, Cara and Safo, they are both girls, and my best friends)))) I love animals a lot, and because of this i have chosen profession of a veterinarian. I like my job a lot, and i have saved a lot of animals lifes already))) Cara And Safo are also dogs, which life i have saved. Maybe one day i will tell you their stories. But now i think it will be interesting for you to know more about me. So, i will continue my letter .oh, i forget to tell you that i am from Ukraine from Zolotoe. As i have told you, Paul,i am from small town, but i have moved from it when i was joining the university. I was living in a hostel, but now i am renting a flat. And all my family for now is my dogs)))) You may say that i have strange prurience, and i will tell you one family story. My mom was in a Spain, she was working there for some years, and she met there a man, she though that he will marry her, but he just gave a birth to a child, it was me. Term of my mothers living in Spain was over, and she came back to Ukraine. I was born here and without father. But in me is his blood, so maybe i am a little bit Spanish))) All in all my mother found other man, and he was my real father. I love him very much and he gave everything for me. Now, you know one more of my family story))) I will stop telling you about me now, and i hope that you didn't sleep yet because of my letter)))))) I will try to tell you more about personality and character in next letter, so i hope that you will write me something and i will have chance to tell you next chapter if my life. Have a nice day, my new friend Paul, kiss your, your Olechka
Letter 4

Hello dear Pauli, I am glad that we can continue our correspondence again. I was missing you a lot, it seem to me that since your last letter passed millions days)))) You see, how much i like you. I really interested in communication with you , Pauli. You know ,my dear, in spite of that fact that I know you about a week and that you live so far away from me, I feel that speak the same language! I want to speak with you all the time and even didn't go to a party with my friends yesterday. What does it mean? I think that I am in love with you! I hope that you will tell me the same, but remember that I don't make you to do something you don't want to do! I just express my feelings, my dear .Good, I can talk about this all the time, but there are a lot things I want to tell you about. I think that I should tell you about my dreams and goals. So, after some years, i see myself as a carrying wife, loving mother. I want to be a woman. All i am ready to keep the house and do all work about it, of course i will wait for help from my man's side, but i am ready to do a lot, this is how women from our country do. I also want to work, i can't be at home, so i need to work, more over i like what i am doing, or it is better to say love))) So, this is what i want for now.
Of corse this is not all list, but about all other points i will tell you later. Maybe you are also interested in my personality? So, except animals i like sea and mountains. When i was a teenager, i was even climbing it. I was in a team))) But since that days a lot of things changed, i saw a death in the mountains, and i couldn't do any step then, i have left the team, and never done this again. So, now i am just enjoying watching them))) I like to dance a lot, so all music on which i cane move will be good for me))) I hope that we will dance together one day, what do you think about this? What else i like?! Lets see, i like gooseberries with cream, whisper of the rain, yellow leaves, white chocolate, book "Gone with the Wind" , i like to look well, so i am trying to keep fit all the time))) So, this is about me. So, what you , Pauli,can tell me about this, do you like who i am? With grate pleasure to a wonderful man, from Olechka
Letter 5
Hello my dear Paul, Thank you a lot for your letter and for this good mood, that you present me with your letters. I am glad that we can continue our correspondence, i feel that it made me stronger and now i again belive that happiness exist. Three years ago, i thought that i will never be happy again. I lost this feeling, i lost feeling to love. I had a boyfriend, everything was wonderful, he gave me keys from his flat, and this was his mistake. One day i came to him, i just wanted to make a surprise, but he was with other woman. This was a shock for me and i couldn't find place for myself. I was crying a lot, because i never though that this can happen with me(((((( But never say never! All in all i find in my heart place for love, and i thought that i should start looking for my second half, and now, after some letters with you , Paul,i see that maybe you can be my half. Of course, i understand that to talk abut it is too early, but i am telling what i feel, and i think that this will be important for you to know. You know, my dear Paul, I couldn't sleep yesterday , thinking about you and about this connection! It is pity that I can't look in your eyes right now, this is very important! I feel that I need this speaking. I wonder why it is so easy to open my heart to a man I have never seen before and why he became so close to me and why it is so fast! I also have one bad thing for you. To tell the truth i don't know from where to begin. I have really small salary, something about 300 $ per month. And as far as you know, i am renting a flat. Yesterday, the person who is giving me this flat came to me and told me that he had big problems in his family, that some one need some very expensive treatment and asked me to pay money for flat for 3 future months or i should go away. What i should done? I gave him money which i thought i will pay for the company that i am using and will continue correspondence with and that we will plan our meeting, but now, after this i don't have money. Paul, i am really sorry for this, but i don't have any thought and money to write you now. I like you a lot, and i don't want to stop all this. I am still crying, but i know that this wouldn't help. I don't know what to do. I don't want to loose you, because you opened my heart again, and now, when i feel that i can love everything will crashed on my eyes. Please, excuse me that this is happening now, but i don't know what to do. I also want to add that i don't ask for money, I just say that this letter may be the last for now, but I think that you can write me as I will be allowed to read your letters! I am kissing and hugging you, i hope that all in all we will find solution and wouldn't leave each other. I don't know how to help myself in this situation. But you will be always in my heart. I can't leave you. Kiss you once again, with crying heart your Olechka
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