Scam letter(s) from Elena Levischeva to Rick (USA)

Letter 1
My sweetest baby!
That was again a real present for me to get your mail and I should say that you are as well the one, with whom I want very much to continue the relations in reality, that would be something very special…
Because that is what I want most of all… to see you in reality, to feel you in reality, to talk to you, to touch you, and I don’t want you to think poorly of me, but I also want to kiss you so hot in reality…
My sweet love Patrick, that was such a great evening yesterday, I so much enjoyed talking to you too, I could talk to you for ages, but my friend came with her boyfriend and interrupted me :((, but my pancakes were so tasty, because I was cooking them and talking to you at the same time, love!!!
My honey, now I can not think of anything else, just meeting you, and do you think we can do that already this November??? I would love that dearly!!!
Honey, I hope that this week I will already start making the passport, that is so important for me, lease, dear, can you assist me this week???
As for the data, thanks for your one, I will write you the letter, and here is my one, I hope hat it is all that is needed???
My full name is: Ekaterina Lukyanova;
My full address is: Volkova block, 4/12;
Alchevsk town, 92087;
Luhansk region;
My baby, today half of the day I was running over the computer clubs and tried to find the one where it would be possible to find the webcam because I feel very impatience to see you how you are…
moving… smiling… so that I could see on your face what you are really feeling to me, and so that I could feel you much closer… But it was a real shock, because in our small town none of the computer clubs has such a service… and for this I hope that one day we will meet in reality, and I will be happy seeing you, but yet I am happy talking to you here, through the mail… What will you say? My baby, the last couple of days have been very difficult for me, because Valeria got sick, and the wife of our other colleague got to the birth house, and he is supporting her, and so there are only 2 of us and very much work to do… What is more, yesterday a very nervous client came to us… He could not explain concretely what he wanted, but he was shouting at us when we made anything that seemed not for him… At last, after several hours of work, he was satisfied, but still I returned home like a squeezed lemon and I so much ant at such moments that a beloved person cold meet me, offer me a cup of tea and ask how the things have passed at the work… After that he could suggest me a relaxing massage, and then a tender love making… I could give everything for this and I am so much dreaming that this day is coming soon… Yet, I will return home after the work, eat some soup, then make myself a cup of hot black tea with lemon, spend about half an hour before the TV, relaxing… and then prepare for another working day… I know that when we are together, the days will be much more colorful and I so much dream of this to happen soon… And now I am kissing you, and waiting for your next response.
Yours, yours, and again yours Katya
Letter 2
Hello, my sweet beloved baby!
That is such a great pleasure for me to hear back again from you, and I want to hear from you and I so much want to talk to you in real life! Baby, thanks also for the key of your heart :)), I liked the card very much and I dream that you give it to me in reality, baby :))
My baby, I want to meet with you very much! I feel that we could become a very beautiful and very loving couple… I feel some spiritual connection with you and I want us to meet for sure… And my darling, you said that I will be going soon to the passport office on Friday, and I am very excited to start the passport to meet with you…
And my dear, thanks for your desire to assist with the funds. Dear, how soon do you want my passport to be ready???
And when we are together, my baby, do you realize that we will spend all the time together??? That we will not be longing for the letters, but we will be longing for the evening to come, when we will be meeting after our hard working day and will be having the most passionate and tender nights. My baby, how do you usually spend your evenings? How do you spend different holidays? Do you have big companies? I remember that the last New Year we were celebrating in such a great fuss and fun!
All of us were in so clumsy and strange costumes and we together with Valeria were “**** *****”, and prepared a dance. Everybody enjoyed that! But you know what dream I have! There is such a believe that you will spend the whole year in the way, as you met it, and for this reason I want to spend the next New Year with my beloved person with you! I already imagine how much fun we could have! We would put on some **** costumes, and will turn each other on… only with the look…
We will have the biggest New Year tree and the tastiest champagne!
After meeting the New Year, we will feed each other with the holiday dishes, send all our friends and relatives some love sms, and then I want to make you some surprise! Do you like when your girl dances striptease? I want to make this for you, for only your eyes, and in such a way our New Year party will transform into the night of love and passion!!! And the morning of tenderness… I have always dreamed about such New Year, but I never had this… And now I want to realize this dream with you! Please, tell me what you think about this? And I hope that we will meet in the soon time, because we will need time to know each other in reality and prepare everything ?. Baby, please, write me what you think about this! And I will be waiting for your reply with so much impatience! I am now kissing you tenderly! Yours only baby Katya
Letter 3
Hello, my baby!!!
I think that our relations with you are now much more close then just friendship and I am very happy for this. Please, tell me what do you think about our communication? What it matters for you? Because as for me, today I caught myself on the thought that I star missing you as if we got acquainted with you and continued the communication not in the Internet, but in reality, and I miss you as if everything is real… as if we have been communicating with you in life… and when I go to the Internet cafe, I have the feeling, that I will see you there, because it is the same… butterflies in my stomach
And I will be very happy if you call me and we will discuss our meeting in reality: +38-093-85-95-242.
My dear, I can only imagine how many pleasant and beautiful moments are waiting for us in the future and also we would be able to share with each other our interesting past… For example I remember, how last year we went with Valeria to the seaside, to Sevastopol, that is a very beautiful city, and a very historic one… I like the museum in it… And one day when I was relaxing and getting sun tan, I saw some strange moves in the water, and I understood that something was wrong and perhaps the young girl was sinking… So, I ran to the lifeguards, but there were none of them in the place, that is the discipline like in Ukraine!!! Terrible.
So, I was very much frightened that a girl might die and swam to her…
When I took her out, she was so much thankful and though she was from another city, sometimes we correspond through the mails with her…
After that I came to the manager of the guardian service and had a great scandal with them!!! Why no people at work when they are needed…
And so after that I was suggested a job of a lifeguard at the seaside, can you imagine that? There is no organization in Ukraine I should say, and because o all this suffer innocent people… Please, tell me what about you? Did you ever find yourself in some critical situations like that? I am sure that you are a real hero… And I am very happy that I met a man like you! Because you are such a special an caring man, and I wish you could be close to me… Sincerely, kissing you, yours Katya.
Letter 4

My sweetest baby!!!
I am so happy, because I have you in my life and every time when I find your mail, we are becoming closer and closer to each other!!!
I hope that you are feeling better now, what did the doctor say???
My baby, after I read your mail, I imagined so vividly how we are taking shower together, and I believe if we make that together, then our shower would take a couple of hours each time, so we would need to pay much for the water usage :))
But you are just making me crazy and you fill all my mind during the day... and yesterday I said you what I really feel, that I want you for Christmas, that is what I need, dear!!! And I will never let you go then!!!
But dear, I was very sad today, I went to the passport office to start making the passport, so that it is ready as soon as possible… But there occurred some misunderstanding, I didn’t get the complete information at once… The matter is that 133 dollars is the price of the passport itself, the price of the blank that I will get, but to apply for that I need to prepare some more documents, such as the police report, that claims that I was never convicted, the medical report, that claims that I am mentally and physically healthy person, and I am not a threaten for your country… Also, I will need to pay the state fees, and all that together is also not that little ?. The medical and the police reports cost together about 110 dollars, and also the state fees are about 80-90 dollars… So, all together for having the passport started that is needed about 200 dollars plus 133 for the blank, so all together that is not 133, but 333 :((,… My dear, I didn’t know that before, and I am very sad… because I don’t know what to do… I am at a loss and dear, please, let me know if you can help me with these costs? If so, then my passport will be at last started… Dearest, I really hope for your understanding and your support…
And I am waiting for your calling me, so that we could talk about this and about other things, that are much more pleasant...
Love you, yours Katya
Letter 5
My beloved darling!!!
My only desire and my sweetest dream ever!!!
With every coming day I become much more sure that you are the best in the whole planet and why the God was so kind to me to make me acquainted with such a person as you, LOVE!!!
My baby, the only thing makes me sad... that sometimes because of some obstacles we can not talk normally on the phone, but I want to come to you in the soonest time, so that all these problems would not interrupt us, dear...
My darling, yesterday when you called me, I was on my way home... And when I reached home, my friend called me at once and asked to come to her back, as her man was having the fight with her. So, I called the police and at once ran back, and forgot the phone at home... When I came to her, she was with injuries, and her man was not there anymore... And so I called the ambulance and we took her to the hospital. I was with her almost all the night... I returned home very-very late and slept a couple of hours and then went to job. I can not leave my friend, and I will go to her to the hospital today, but why is she so ******!!!
I am very angry with her! And very sad not talking to you:((
I love you and will wait for your mail!
Kisses Katya
Letter 6
My tender and desirable Patrick!
I want you to know, that you are the person, who is the sense of my life now, this is really true and I have been thinking rather long and careful before writing you this. I want to tell you thank a lot, thank you for entering the world of mine and staying there till now and I hope that you will stay in my world till the end of my life. Yes, I understand, that all these words are very responsible, and you should never pronounce them, if you are not sure for 100%, but I can surely say this, that I love you, and you made all these feelings appear in my soul and in my heart.
And my beloved baby, I spent the hour in the Travel Agency and it turned so responsible, darling, to pass the interview... and dear, I started being a little bit nervous... though they told me that everything should be fine, darling... We were looking through the documents that I have, everything is in good working order, but just what I didn't know before, that to go to Kiev I need to have the round trip ticket to you, dear...
And we checked the tickets, dear, that is possible to get the ticket for the 956 dollars, and I will need to get it before I arrange the interview. Dear, I was saving the money, but I will spend it all during my trip to Kiev, as for the trip that will be needed about 600, and as you assisted me with the 400, I will spend also my savings. and for that, baby, I will not arrange the interview before I have the tickets, and as I don't know when it will be possible for me to get the tickets, so I can not arrange the visa interview before I have the round ticket. And I need to ask you, if that is the possibility for you to help me with that??? Because you have helped me a lot already... and I feel not comfortable to ask you, but still... There is no other way :((, dear...
But I so much hope that it might be possible soon, because you are the one, who I want to be with so badly and so madly!!!
You made me understand what this word of love really means. Due to you I understood that it is possible to stay all day long without any meal, but being absolutely healthy and merry, and never feel the hunger, because everything inside of you, even your stomach if filled with this feeling, with the thoughts of you and only you, with the dreams, that have confused with reality. Only due to you I understood, how it is possible to spend all the night in the bed after a hard working day and never have the desire to sleep, but just laying with the closed eyes and thinking of my beloved, and imagining the most tender, romantic, and sometimes even too ***** and lecherous episodes from our future. You know, sometimes it seems to me that all those fantasies were reality and it seems to me that I have been living with you for a long time. Due to you I understood how it is possible to sit on the most exciting meeting at work, and not to hear the speaker, but only the tender words, that you whisper on my ear, due to you I understood, how it is possible to jog in the morning and notice nobody and nothing, not to feel the road under your feet, not to see the people, jogging near, but just seeing your smiling face, noticing your hands, that can embrace me with such tenderness and at the same time with such great passion and power. Due to you I understood, how it is possible to see some stranger, passing by me, but seeing only you in him and running up to him, and only then to understand that I was wrong, and to behave in such a way all day long.
You know, I would never believe anybody, if he told me, that there can exist such a condition of the brain and body, if I didn't feel everything this myself. My dearest, you may not have the same feeling right now, but I should say that it is the most pleasant feeling of all in the world, this is the feeling that gives you the wings, and makes you become sure that you can touch the brightest star on the sky... This is the greatest feeling of being in love and feeling that it is mutual... I think nothing, but this and only this makes us really feel HAPPY. My sweet baby, I am now kissing you tenderly and waiting for your reply with great impatience!!! Just yours devoted and loving Katya.
Letter 7
Dear Sir, We are a specialized agency, who helps people to obtain the visas in the shortest period and we give the guarantee of receiving the visa by the client, for that we sign a special contract, where all these items are mentioned. And one of the items of this contract is the payment for our service. Our service is free for the client in case of his managing the documents (the tickets as well) through our agency. It is possile that that the client applies for the certain documents (reports or tickets) from their own sources. In such a way we charge the payment for our service in managing the visa. The price depend on the country, where the visa is opened. I see that your friend is travelling to the USA, right? Usually the visas to the USA, Canada, Australia are the most difficult to obrain and usually take no less then 4-6 months to wait the results. We manage the visa for less then 2-week term, and for this we charge 500 US dollars. In case, the visa is rejected, the money is returned ( these items are included into the contract), but such cases never happened in our 9-year practice.
Concerning the site, at the moment we have it on reconstruction, that will last till the end of December, since New Year we have some new conditions of our work.
We apologize for the sertain inconveniences, but until the reconstruction is over, we have only straight relations with the client: client-agency. And don't accept the money transfers from soe third person (these are the rules).
The phone number of our agency: +38 (096) 42 777 39
Working hours: 9.00 - 17.00 (Monday-Friday)
10.00-16.00 (Saturday)
Sunday - Off.
Sincerely, Easy travel team, Larisa Ivanovna (manager ).
Letter 8
Good day, my baby boy Patrick!
Thanks for your tender letter, thanks for sharing with me your life, thanks for sharing with me your problems and your every-day thoughts, thanks for sharing with me your life and I am happy that we are sharing our destinies together… You know, yesterday I was again talking with the stars in the evening, and I was looking for you there, and you know, this is really great, I started understanding some zodiac signs and if you tell me what is your sign, I will find it on the sky. My dear, do you know that yesterday it was the day, that can be once in 20 years, when the Venus was passing through the Sun, and I saw it, it was like a small black spot on the Sun. And what about you, do you like watching the stars? I hope that we will observe them together, because they will remain me about the days when we were apart and I was thinking of you.
My dearest, yesterday I got into a small car accident. I was going to Internet cafe by bus and it collided with a jeep, that ran with high forbidden speed. And that jeep even didn’t stop at the red signal of the traffic lights… And so the police came and the ambulance… And you know, the police did nothing to that owner of the jeep, because he paid much money them, and I am so sad that our country is getting more and more so much corrupted… Me and other passengers were taken to the hospital, and examined. We were suspected to have the concussion of brains, but thanks god everything is OK and I just have a small bump on my forehead, when I pushed with the old lady, who was standing next to me. But that lady had a serious trauma, as because of her age her organism was very vulnerable… I was so sad when the doctors said that she should pay for the treatment, and she said that she had no money…
Can you imagine that the doctors refused to cure her??? Because they said that there are also no medicaments in the hospital… I guess this is a crime… And you know, I could not stand that and I felt so much sympathy for that lady that I gave her all the money that I had with me so that she could buy the medicines for her treatment… She was thankful and asked my data so that she would return the money after she gets her pension… But I refused, because I understand how difficult her life is… And as she said she was absolutely lonely, as her family left her and moved to another city… And you know, I even worry about her much more then about myself and about my bump… So, not I am not very pretty, but I hope it will disappear till our meeting.
My dear, I am so much missing you and I so want to make the day of our meeting closer ad I will be the happiest person, if you also feel the same. Kissing you tenderly and hoping to hear from you. Only yours devoted and loving Katya.
Letter 9
My beloved darling Patrick!!!
That is always a real holiday and a real miracle for me to hear your voice, to talk to you and to think about our meeting, my dearest darling...
But I Am a little bit sad, because though I have the visa open, there is one detail from Ukrainian government that makes the problems, that is what I was told in the Agency:
I was told that though I received the visa to come to your country, I need to have the certain amount of money with me that is called customs control money :(, and that is the obligatory thing.
That is the law that was accepted a few weeks ago by our new president, and that is done so that people travel only financially secure and don’t stay abroad for the job! When I travel to your country, I should have with me no less money then 75 $ dollars per day, so that I could provide myself during staying with you, and as I am coming for 3 weeks, I will need 1575 $ dollars... That is NOT TO PAY, but that is to carry with me, and that is called "customs control money"... This is the obligatory sum that I should carry with me, and that I will be checked at the customs together with the travel papers, otherwise I will not be allowed to leave Ukraine. That is not the Embassy, but that is the conditions of our local Ukrainian government.
My dear, I am really shocked about that, but I am afraid that I will not be able to travel to you next week :((, unless there is some chance you can borrow me the costs till you meet me in the airport... and I will give it back... My dear, I am really very uncomfortable about that :(( Yet I hope that you call me and we discuss everything! Kisses, Katya!
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