Scam letter(s) from Elena Levischeva to Sven (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Sven.
Great thanks for your massage to me. I like this and i am sure our future communication will be very pleased for us!
My name is Ludmila Zhyvolup. I write you from the small Ukrainian town Lisichansk. I was born on 19 nth May 1984, so now i have 26 full years.
I have 1.68 meters high and quite slim figure, my wight is only 54-55 kilos.
I was born in Lisichansk and spent all my life here. Now i live with my family. My mother worked as a teacher in the kindergarten and my father is bus driver in our local transport. My parents worked all their life hardly, and taught me to work and to safe money! I also have a younger sister, she name is Christina. She is going to enter the medical university this Autumn. I absolutely love all my friendly family, and i am ever ready to help them!
After school i entered the university and graduated it with distinction in 2007! First year i was unemployed, but now i am teacher in my first school. I teach pupils Russian language and literature.
This's a little information about me and my family. Now i tell you why i wrote you.
I've never corresponded with men through the Internet before. But now i have the serious reason to do it. In our time is very difficult to find the second half. And how is it not strange especially for wealthy men and attractive women! Because women want to meet with rich men, just to spend their money! And the men swear his love for young girls only to have *** with them! I'm tired of this. Of course money and beauty is power, but the main thing for me is to meet an honest and sincere man! when I am alone I sometimes dream about fairy-tale love, and to die with my beloved in one day! Who knows maybe someday my dream will come true?!
Now i wait for your reply, i hope you like my profile and we can become better acquainted!
Letter 2
Hello dear Sven!
I was very pleased to see your reply to my letter! Before i tell you more about my life(i hope you want it)i want to thank you for your honest and opening story and your beautiful pictures! I like you very much!:love: Your honest and sincerely are the most important for me!
In my opinion our thoughts and wishers are very similar, so let try to become closer too! I will tell you with pleasure more about my life, and will be very glad to read more about you!
As i told you i am teacher and i love my job very much, cause communication with the young boys and girls helps me to fell myself younger! I like sports and healthy life, so i have never drugged or smoked and i can drink a little wine or champaign only at feasts. Two or three once a week i go to the gym. In my spare time i help my mom in the house work, specially i like cooking. My culinary mark this is Ukrainian borsh. I also like to cook different dishes of potatoes. In general, I like to experiment and in food, and in many others, Mom always told me that the girl should be a good housewife in the home in the first place. That my future husband comes from work feeling warmth and comfort of home and could relaxed.
So looks like my typical day. But I'm cheerful and opening girl in nature, so that almost every Saturday and sometimes weeknights my friends and i get together and go to the cinema, rink, cafes, disco or simply walking.I like dance and now i am teaching special kind of dance...
My dear, of cause you can think. "If you are so nice, why are you looking for the man in the Internet, and don't have any man in the real life?" I told you that i am looking for my future husband here. I want only the serious and honest relationship! But in real life i couldn't find that man, so i decided to try it in the Internet. It is never mind for me your social status or ethnic nationality. The most impotent for me only your sincere and honest feelings with me!
Unfortunately I have no computer at home and I'm forced to use the services of the company's transfer, because that is my English is bad.
I have to paid them, but I'm not upset because i understand if you really want something, you have to fight for it!
So my darling i told you only truth from the beginning, and i will continue do it! Pleas write me more about you, your favorite likes and dislikes. I am sure if we will opening with each others we will have future! My dear Sven, I shall not burden you with my long letter I hope you understand me by reading it! I'll wait for your letter with impatience. Kiss you for now!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Sven!
Thank you so much for your compliments! It's very pleased when a man do compliments a girl even if they are familiar not close, it speaks of his good upbringing and manners. I am glad that you are interested in me, and from my side i am wondering all what surrounds you. We have a lot common thoughts and things in our life- it's fact! maybe we have some differences, but in my opinion this is just the better, the more interesting will be our further acquaintance! This is very interesting questions, about movies and book! My favorite book is The "Captain's Daughter" by Pushkin and Lermontov's "Hero of Our Time"! This is classic of Russian literature, great works! I advise you also read. As about movies, really don't know. I like romentic movies and comedy!
Such as "Pretty woman" -just super film! I have watched "American Story X" recently. In my opinion this one of the greatest American film! And what about you my dear?
My sweet man, with each latter i like you more and more, i believe that we will meet very soon! This is my dream now! I really want to come to you, or to meet you here in Ukraine! When we will together, i could show you all my skills! Dear Sven, i told you that i am learning a new dance now. It is ***** dance! Naturally I want to learn how to dance striptease, not in order to work in a club, where drunken men would stare at me and offers with platitude suggestions! NO! My parents bring up me too strictly for it! And i have too much respect for myself for this! But I do not see anything wrong with that dance for my lovely man! Tell me dear, would you like to after a night walking on evening streets, or after romantic dinner, with candles and bottle of nice red wine. You- such a noble and sincere, the impersonation of courage, would take your lovely girl by the hand, and led her into the bedroom! And there in the twilight-covered bedroom your girl would start an ****** dance just for you alone! You're going to gloat her slender **** body! And when her hands would swirl around your neck, and hips will cling to your thighs! Imagine a trembling excitement runs through your body and as the head starts spinning with passion! Do you want this? I am sure yeas! And i can do it, cause my darling, for me *** is not just pleasure! I see it as something more as a merger of sours, where two lovers just want one thing- they want to make happy each other!
So my sweet Sven, with each letter i am more opening with you and i hope, you like it and you'll be opening with me too! I really want to know more about your inner world and your dreams! Tell me pleas! Sent you my huge kisses, and wait for your nice latter and pictures! Good by my dear it's your Mila
Letter 4

Hello my beautiful Sven!
I couldn't fall asleep all night and thought about us together!
I understand that our acquaintance isn't close enough, to say about love and family and maybe my words are strange a little. But now I am overwhelmed with such feelings! Reading your letter I understand, that you are exactly the man i need and i dreamed all my life! I want to come to you and i want to be with you my dear Sven! Be sure if we will together, you'll never regret about this. I will be your absolutely! I will do all i can, to make you happy my dear, to your eyes shone with love and with his lips never left a smile! I'll be the best hostess in our house and all your friends will envy you for the good! I'll surround you with comfort and care to at home you could have a rest from problems and worries! I'll be your best friend that you could always Tell me about your problems and worries, and pour me your soul!
And of cause i will be the best mistress, from all you know, to in bed with me you could forget about all in the World and just get enjoy!
Unfortunately all my wishers are more like a dream now! But i hope you like it!One huge problem there is now! And this problem may actually interfere with our future! It is money! You know that I am not from a wealthy family... And I never dreamed of riches, because I think that money is not the most important thing in life. Do you agree with me?
But today I am very upset that I have a little more money to continue correspondence with you :( Today my account in the translation office will be closed... and this is my last letter! And I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I can not earn more money... for not to lose you! Because I do not know how I'll live without you, I can not without you, I love you, my Sven! You are my everything, you are my faith... my hope...
Well, I'm leaving now with a heavy heart, but I believe you dear. I believe that, what you told me it's not just empty words, but the sincere expression of your feelings! And you really want me! I took some hot picts for you, and now i sent them, to show how much you are near and dear to me
Letter 5
Welcome to personal Ukrainian/English
translation and interpretation services
Dear Mr.Sven!
We want to inform you that your lady Ludmila Zhyvolyp came to our office with request to get some news from you. We are responsible to provide correspondence to our clients. She asked us to send this information list to prove she wants to have a correspondence with you. She has real interest in you. We have to ask you would you continue your correspondence with your lady. Please, write us you concrete answer. She also asked to us to attach this photo to a letter as well.
Sincerely yours,
office administrator
of the translation company
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