Scam letter(s) from Mutala Samad to James (USA)

Letter 1
Well I thanks a lot..And I am doing fine here..It has being a sunny day through out...I am really impressed with your email and I would be very glad to get to know more and more about each other...All I want in a man is to be Honest,caring,faithful,loving,trustworthy and down to earth willing to spend the rest of my life time with.As you know I am not here for a short term relationship but a long one ofcourse that could lead to marriage..Faithful,honest and caring to me is very impotant to me..I'm cool of you having a high *** drive and that is sometime normal in a growing relationship...Glad you like my pictures and you not bad at all in your picture you just sent me.I can see how funny you might be and I like that anyway I am funny And Yes I am having my own computer but having problems with my computer and also not have enough on me us at now to repair if you could help me but if not is Ok..I use my sister computer to reply you...I think is going to be so nice for us to get to chat instantly too...Well I like swimming,watching nice movies like romantic once,high school movies and the Adventure....I had a lonly day today dough and when I got back home from work...So do you live alone and do you have any kids living with them???..Hoping to hear from you soon... Becky.
Letter 2
Sounds so nice ..I really wish we could get to meet..I love watching comedies as well.You have a nice Job..Well I do Florist work as a part time work and schooling us well and would be graduating next TuesdayWell I live with my mum and she is the only happiness in my life now and lost my dad in 2008..I have a brother and a sister as well.I am really so glad to have met you...Can you tell me something more about the states please..And something more and more.I have always dream of going to the beach with the man of my life holding hands together and having a long walk in life..
Letter 3
I bet you have such a Big and nice home...Do you enjoying living all alone there?Oh sorry to hear about your Dad too.Well I study Accountancy ..So how are you doing today and Ur day and how was the wheather there today..I was thinking about you today.
Letter 4

Thanks so much Jim and I dont like living alone as well..Really?Well I'm 32 years old and you?..I eat and can cook spaghetti and Pizza as well but dont know about lasagna...I think of you alot.
Letter 5
I would finish coming wednesday..Really??I am not concern about the age but concern if you are all what I am looking for in a man as I told you earliar..Age is just a number..
Letter 6
This are some pictures of me and I hope you do like what you see about me..
Letter 7
Aww..Glad you do like my pictures..and thanks a lot for the compliment.I got those pictures about 3weeks ago.I'm so happy this is going to happen for real..I would never want to cheet on you so just promise me you wont..You know how bad my past relationship was..And when are you sending the funds for the repair of the computer?Well my address is Name on card is Obudjie Tetteh and Address is 27 dimples road Accra West Africa..You see I want to get my computer repaired so we get confortable and discuss about a lot of things.
Letter 8
Hello Jim..Someone has breaking into that of my account and change my password and I cant access to that account anymore since yesterday night
Letter 9
Is me Becky..I cant access my account anymore to searchingsearch14 and I am saying someone has breaking into my account and changed my password and Yes I was the one who sent you the test.
Letter 10
Hope you got them now..But was not happy you said your nervers are over me yesteday ****
Letter 11
**** I told you I dont have a camera to take them..and you didnt show me yours too and you didnt get me the funds as you promised me for the repair of my computer as well and can you get online at chat now?
Letter 12
Why ?Are you Upset ?
Letter 13
Why should you just say such a thing to me..I am very anoud.
Letter 14
I never sent you such a message and what site are you talking about??I have stop going to dating site
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