Scam letter(s) from Joy Jones to Frank (Uganda)

Letter 1
My Dearest
I am more than happy in your urgent reply to my e-mail. How are you today? I hope fine.Mine is not too good for my present condition here in Dakar Senegal. My name is Miss Joy Jones, I am (24) years old, single and never married, 5ft 8 inches tall, 55kg weight, black hair and brown eyes, l from Liberia in West Africa and am currently I am in an orphanage home live here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that in my country some years ago.I lost my both parents during this deadly Political War.That damaged thousands of innocent souls in Liberia.My fighting family, was among the first target of the rebels, because my late father was a successful businessman, and politicians also support the present government, if the problem was that all members of my family was placed in a cold blood and our family house was murdered start.Due blazed.I was lucky and escaped the death because I was in the adjoining, when this fatal incident took place.
I am by e-mail, is out of the office of the venerable ours, the leaders of the refugee camp, I told the pastor about my situation and he allowed me to access my e-mail in his office computer, whenever he had an opportunity with the computer has, here in the refugee camp life is very difficult, Camp Address: (St Louis Catholic Parish), Dakar Senegal. The Reverend phone number is (+221-77723-1591) Please ask when you call from Miss Joy Jones of Liberia. The name of the venerable Father Fred is Rev Emmanuel In (St Louis Catholic Parish). To be honest, he has little to tell me, so if you appreciate him because of me.
About me:
1) I am the only daughter of my parents, Dr / Mrs James Jones, I am grown up in Liberia my country, I was a Level One began a law student at the University of Liberia before the political crisis in my country, which claimed the lives of my also love my parents, my frustrating in this life and painful condition. I almost lost my important documents like / Passport / Birth Certificate / University ID card. Before the death of my father, he was a successful businessman while my mother was then a lecturer at my school.
Please listen to this and try to keep your self only. When my father was alive he deposited some money in a reputable bank and he used my name as the next of kin, the amount of EUR ($ 4.6 million dollars). . I found on the deposit certificate of the fund and the death certificate of my father here with me.
Now due to my condition, I can not make these claims of mine, I need a foreigner who was in my name to the bank, so I is decided by this contact with you so that you are in my name to the bank booth and it ask the possibility of transferring this fund into your position in your country.As I said I have with me all the information about the fund.
The reason why I need your help to be sincere in your heart and help me transfer the money in each account that you know will be either new or old / empty or not, although I have no experience in international business it nothing I can do it without your help, I would be fine if I have full access to the money in me because I am helpless without you, I'm having no bill, no raw money at hand and no body abroad help as a friend or against me.
After the transaction of money to your account: you will help withdraw me some money from the account when transferred the money, you will help me, send money by the priest in a refugee camp in all my travels to get together with them and was a good life with you and continue my education, which is my main concern, now and for the investment that you have me for the help. I will be ready to offer you 15% of the total fund for compensation and is paid equally to map out another 5% back on spending to make, if any, will be there. I put this offer in the event that you accept them not in a position, my second wish.
My feelings:
Despite the money I really want a man who care and love me, I need a man who will always need to be told the truth from his heart, I am a man, my brother, my best friends, and if nature permit it my husband, but if the marriage out of it, I will not mind, but as long as we met together, with love I will be satisfied in any case. I want you to think very well and understand in your heart, if you really want to help me? If so, I want to live to appreciate the rest of my life, but no, I suggest you make it open to me before my heart slowed down, because I do not do not walk under torture
As soon as I you all the best, I will send the bank contact details for you so that from there you will make contact with them about the bill and where the possibility of transferring this fund into your position ok, I appreciate your concern, waiting for your urgent response so that we can continue.
You will send me your full name: Your full address: Your phone number:
Up to this information, contact then i draft an email to the bank, to present as my partner, so if the bank, it is your job to contact honor.
I humbly wait for your mail soon Nest
God bless you with love
Your in love
Miss Joy Jones
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