Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ivanova to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Baby I have learned all. It is necessary to me for trip to you 450 usd.
I want to ask you that you have sent your remittance on name of my cousine - Jana Peruscheva.
She frequently comes to us on a visit, and we talked to her on this theme, and she has agreed to help me.
I think you understand why I ask to send a remittance on name of my cousine?
I began to make different documents and medical survey and my passport is now involved in official registration of papers for trip to you. Without the passport I can not will receive money in bank.
Therefore your remittance will be received by my cousine. and will transfer the same day to me. I wait yours for the help.
Now my cousine tell me what the information is necessary for you info for Western Union: Need 450 USD, Country - Russia, City - Vladivostok, full name my cousine - Jana Peruscheva.
The home address of cousine: City - Vladivostok, Street Mira, the house 14. room 3.
NAME OF BANK: DALNEVOSTOCHNIY BANK, ADDRESS OF BANK: City - Vladivostok, Russkaya Street, house 19. The postal index: 680039. TELEPHONE NUMBER OF BANK: +7-4232-321408
my full name is Tanya Ivanova.
I wait your remittance. after an 2 weeks I shall be at you.
Tell when you will help me to arrive to you?
Terms, exact are necessary for officials to legalize to me up to the end all papers.
At me phone is not present with the international communication.
But I shall call to you from the big city when I shall go to receive your money.
I shall call you from Vladivostok, there there are pay phones on street with international telecommunication, kiss you, yours Tanya
Letter 2
Baby i write poorly last days. Because it is constantly occupied on work.
baby i did not tell to you about the girlfriends!!!:-) At me it is a lot of girlfriends.
I very cheerful and cheerful girl also like to get acquainted with new people.
I everywhere find new familiar. Especially I to like to communicate with people which to protect a nature.
I was always sure that ecologists very good people,
They think of the future of our planet. You agree with me? I even in the childhood was in a mug of ecologists!!!:-)))
I have two best girlfriends - Lena and Marina. They my favourite girlfriends.
I him have told about you. They my best girlfriends. And from them I do not have secrets.
Lena and Marina have very much become interested in you. They speak that I should continue with you correspondence.
To like them that that you to me write. They speak that you very intelligent the man.
One of my best girlfriends lives in the other city therefore I am very rare with her I meet.:-((Well, I very much wait your letters!!! Yours Tanya p.s. When to me to wait for your help 450 usd? I do not ask millions. I shall come in 2 weeks after a remittance.
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