Scam letter(s) from Maria to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Hope at you all fine! I'm Wera. I begin by saying that I have not met any man yet, so unfortunately I am still single, I had hoped that we could meet someone here on the web, but so far I have only encountered dishonest man and it is not fun . But I hope try again with you and hope it is based on honest and upright values. I work as a waitress and I am 30 years old ..... I'm too old for you? You prefer younger girls??? You can see me on a photo which I attach to this letter! My hobbies are when there is time, I've worked a lot, but my friends and I usually play badminton and bowling, late in the summer we tend to ride a bike and swim a lot, since I like being out in the woods and fields, I like even to go skiing and skating, I'm very interested in sport. What I prioritize among both myself and others is honesty and sincerity, I am always honest and sincere, you will most in life, I think if you are there. I am looking for true and honest, sincere love, I want to meet someone who wants to start a family and build a future together, it is my goal and aspirations anyway. Yes, it was a little bit about me, are you still interested please feel free to write more, and respect for you, I promise you that answer. Best regards Wera.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend, James!!!
Thank you that has answered my short message which I to send to you.
Apologies that I could not write to you very quickly this letter.
Hope, that you have not taken offence at it. I to want will get acquainted to you. My name is Wera. Me so to name, because this beautiful Russian name. Very much to like me my name. It means, that at me cheerful, alive character and kindness. I hope to you too to like my name!!! My age of 30 years. When I go to school I to show the big interest to the English language and it is good to study it. I have difficulties with grammar of the English language, but my colloquial English well. So excuse for mistakes in words in my letter.
I to hope, that you can understand my letter and will write to me again. I hope, that grammatic mistakes in my letter will not prevent our correspondence and you will answer the letter. I very much to want to study the English language very well and hope, that our correspondence in it will help me. In the past I go to school till 17 years. After I to stop 11 classes of a comprehensive school, I to enter the institute. There I study during 4 years. After I to stop institute to begin at once I to work. 9 years I to work the waitress.
The restaurant where I to work refers to "Dolphin". I very much like to help to people, to bring him I peep. James, people to come to eat in our restaurant and me very much it is pleasant to look on their pleased persons when they in good mood leave restaurant and speak thank. Very much to like me my work though it here in Russia underpaid and occupies a lot of time from us. To me it is insulting that my work to not be estimated on all advantage. My working hours with 9:00 AM till 5.00 PM when I to come home, at me too are a lot of domestic has put. Where you work? Than you are engaged? I want to describe to you myself. I have black hair, brown eyes. James, my growth of 176 sm, weight of 57 kg. To me now 30 years. I was never married and never to have children. I to write to you the letter from Internet - cafe as a house I to not have an output in the Internet. I do not have home telephone number which is necessary to incorporate to the Internet.
For our family to install a telephone very dearly in Russia. I live in Russia, in city Dzerzhinsk. It is small city in the Nizhniy Novgorod area. I shall write about city in the nearest letters, hope, that it is interesting to you. To me not so carried with love and I, according to the girlfriend, to try to address in the Internet, to try to find here the man. In very plenty of structures of men which to show me my girlfriend, I to become puzzled in a choice. I very for a long time to look through a plenty of structures and I to stop on yours. My soul why to prompt that to me, that is necessary to write to you the letter. And I to decide to write to you. I hope, that my intuition to not bring, we can develop ours relations and see to what it us to result. I live with reception mum and the stepbrother. My mum already the pensioner and to not work and receive pension. My mum to work in hospital for children earlier. The daddy to work at a tool factory. My brother - the schoolboy, he to go to school in 6 class. To him of 12 years. At us not so big apartment, we to have in our apartment 1 room, 1 kitchen and a toilet with a bath. An apartment though also small, but very cosy. The daddy earlier very much liked the nature and very frequently to leave on fishing or on hunting. To me it is very bad without him now, unfortunately he has died at a factory at failure.
Failure was that one worker of their factory was *****. Now this worker in prison, but unfortunately it will not restore the daddy to life. Mine the daddy never saws a lot of spirits and me it is very sad, that he was lost because of the ***** worker who was at their factory. The daddy was lost 2 years ago, it was very uneasy for ours family, very much to not suffice us him. My mum the excellent cook, she it is wonderful to prepare and all that she to be able to learn she me. I too to teach her to that I will learn on work because I too was quite good to prepare I peep. James, you to have relatives?
Tell to me about them in the following letter??? I send you my pictures. If it is pleasant to you, I can send you still. I finish my letter now. I very much hope, that it to you was pleasant to understand also you everything, that I to write to you about myself. I with impatience shall wait your answer. Hope, that it will be fast. Your friend Wera.
Letter 3
Good day my friend, James.
I am very glad to see your answer. It means, that I you to interest as well as you me. I not too to be under a delusion??? I hope to you really interestingly about what I to write. I write as it is possible easier that to you it was clear. Here the spring and in the street becomes warmer every day. I to come in Internet - cafe in hope to see your answer. I want to tell more to you about myself, about my family and about my city and I hope that it will help you to find out about me more. As you already know my family she is mum, and my brother. It is my reception family. I never to see the true parents and I to not want at all them to know. Mum to me to tell, that in the age of seWeral months in children's home for orphans to bring me very young girl. She of nothing having told simply to give of me in charge to my mum and to escape. It is more never she to come and to not be interested about my destiny. Mum to me to tell, that she to grow fond of me since the very first minutes as soon as to take me in hands and in some months of me to take away from children's home for orphans. My mum call Olga Petrovna, the brother call Dmitry. We live all together in one apartment. Our family very amicable. At leisure I like to go in for sports. Most of all I to love water kinds of sports, jumps from a springboard, a scuba diving. James,you like to go in for sports?
And which??? What do you like to do at leisure? I want to tell a little to you about my city. My city Dzerzhinsk is in the Nizhniy Novgorod area on coast of the river of Oka, in 30 kilometers from Nizhni Novgorod. It in the central part of Russia. The population of city of our city Dzerzhinsk 300.000 person. Dzerzhinsk is one of the centers of the chemical industry of the country. In city there are many industrial enterprises. Here many beautiful places. I to want to be open with you that you can find out me as it is possible better and for this purpose I shall tell to you about my life, about those places where I to live, about the dreams, imaginations and about the daily life. All this that you can represent me as the person and to judge that what I in a life. In a life to me very much did not carry with men. They betraid me repeatedly, my heart has been broken. I always to try to be open and frank and it to take advantage those people which I to trust and I even to think, that I to love them. Is most sick to understand, that of you only to want to take advantage. It is very long history and I shall tell it in one of the nearest letters. I to not want today, that my mood to deteriorate because of sad memoirs. I to decide to search for the happiness with new forces. And I have decided to resort to the help of the Internet. I to read and hear many histories when the girl to get acquainted with men with the help of the Internet. I to hear, that many then to marry and live happily. I have girlfriend which works in agency of acquaintances. And she has agreed to help to find to me you. My dream to meet that unique and loved which never to take advantage of my trustfulness and will not use my feelings. Which to make me happy. James, probably it you!!!
But it while early to assert. We need to find out each other better.
Probably even we can meet sometime. But in my opinion for the beginning it is necessary to write each other more and to find out much in letters. James, I want to know about you more. I want to know your character, your strong and weaknesses, your dreams. I want to have a line of the kind, sensitive and understanding person. Which to appreciate feelings of that who to him to trust and hope on his support and understanding. I want to find the happiness, which I to search for that already during last years and when I to think, that I him to find my heart was broken into small pieces. With impatience I wait for your answer.
Letter 4

Good day my friend, James.
I am glad to see your letter again. It is interesting to me to find out about you more new and to open you, as the person, as the person and as the man. I think that the more we shall know each other and more deeply we to open our souls each other, the it will be easier to build to us relations. Sometimes in letters it is possible to express much better the ideas than if to speak directly and to see eyes of the interlocutor. But not always it is possible to disassemble an openness of the interlocutor under letters. Sometimes it is necessary to see eyes and to hear intonation of a voice. I was not so good to understand in adult psychology, but I to understand psychology of children. James, I to think, that the adult and children's psychology is very different things. Children, as against adults, always to speak that they to think. And on the contrary very few adult people which to speak, what to think. I to consider, that it is easier to have relations with the person which to express all ideas with a full openness and to speak that he to think. And at the same time I to understand, that it is impossible to be very trustful in a modern life. I to you shall tell about for what reason I to decide to search the half in the Internet and why my choice to fall on you in spite of the fact that you are more senior than me in years. When I studied on the fourth rate in institute and to me there were 22 years I to get acquainted with the guy. To him there were as well as to me 22 years.
Him called Andrey. It was my first love. Anyhow, so I considered then, that I really to love him. I to him very much to trust and tell all with all frankness. He very attentively always to listen to me and never me to interrupt. He was very charming and attentive. He gave me flowers. Besides he was very good himself, is simple «a handsome man from a cover of magazine». I am very strong to him to become attached.
And he to decide to take advantage of my trustfulness. All his attention and charm appeared deceptive. He began to appear at our place. All was fine, I was happy. But then I began to notice that at me from the house things and money vanish. I was simply in perplexity.
My parents also understood nothing. I could not think of Andrey of anything bad at all. But then our apartment to rob, and my beloved simply to disappear. When to arrive militia I to tell him about the guy. During a month of Andrey nobody could find. Also to search for him militia, his given to submit to a criminal investigation department. In a month, somehow time I to come back with study.
Suddenly unexpectedly to appear Andrey. He to admit to me everything, that he only to enjoy my trust to rob my apartment. He to tell, that he to deceive me all that time which we were together. And not only me. He has deceived so some more girls. By then as he again to appear I already to calm down. He started to beg me about that my parents to take away the application from militia. He has told, that will compensate everything, that he to take. He really to return all and I to persuade the parents to take away applications from militia. After that case I for a long time could not trust a male. My heart was simply poured by blood. I cannot have during one year any relations with guys. Then I to understand, that it is impossible to concern to all men with mistrust and what not all to have the mercenary purposes.
I to get acquainted with the guy, but also this person to betray me again. I to tell about it to you in the following letter. Well?
Therefore I and to try to get acquainted through the Internet. I to not trust any more to Russian men, not that I to count that, that all Russian men rascals. No, I absolutely so to not consider. But I to consider. That it is not enough in Russia men with normal, civilized outlook. Very little brought up with all norms of human morals. I to consider, that the western men to be able to appreciate really women.
I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think that this most important and certainly the big love and care of me and about family.
I shall try to make the man happy. I to give all that my beloved to have a maximum of my attention, I to give everything, if only mine the man was happy. But without his help, without his love and understanding it will be difficult. James, I to think, that you to understand my words. I hope to see your new letter.
Yours friend Wera.
Letter 5
Hi my friend, James!
Thanks for your new letter. I am glad it to see. You probably will not believe but I already with impatience wait for your letters. James, you and your letters have taken a place in my life. I am glad that you write to me and do not forget me. In this letter I shall continue to acquaint you with my life and I shall tell as me have once again betraid. I hope, James, that I tell to you interestingly. I to want that you knew my life. It will help you to represent better me as the person. And so. After mine not successful love with Andrey when he not only has betraid me but also has still taken advantage of it rob me I for a long time could not to trust men. I avoided men because could not trust them. But once when to me there were 25 years my best girlfriend to acquaint me with the guy. He was little bit more senior than me. Our relations have started to develop. We met not frequently.
He has told that his work is connected to business trips and consequently he seldom happens in city. But when he was in city we frequently spent time together. So some months proceeded. All went to wedding. But when once my girlfriend in the general company has asked when our wedding he has frowned also has answered nothing. I to not understand in what put, and next day he to me has admitted that is married and is not going to get divorced. Appeared, that he did not go in business trips, and it was an excuse on that case if he could not leave from the house. I tell that I can not to forgive his lie and I do not want more him to see. He has cursed me and has told that only used me to cause jealousy in the wife. I have struck him on the person and left. Since that day I any more did not see him. And he has killed in me last belief in Russian men. James, to me now 30 years and as you to know I to not have the husband. I very much would like to find the half. I simply to want to be happy. I to want to have happy family. Such there was my life while I to not address to the Internet.
And now I have met you, James. We write each other and probably we can develop our relations. It is interesting to me to find out you and to study about you. It seems to me that with each letter we start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? I to tell to my mum, that I to address in agency of acquaintances and that I write to the person on the Internet. I to tell, that you make impression of the good person and I to want to develop with you relations. They to approve me and to ask to speak from their name to you greetings. I to wish you good mood these days and do not forget me, James!!!! James, I shall look forward your letter.
Your true friend from far Russia - Wera!!!!
Letter 6
Good afternoon my lovely, James.
Thanks for your new letter. I am very glad that you write to me.
James, it is very interesting to me to read your letters. In fact they open you as the person and I very much like all that you write.
You possess many qualities which I I like also which would like to see at my future husband. James, in the person to me his honesty first of all is important. Probably it because people very much frequently deceived me and consequently I to appreciate this quality most above.
In fact anything is not present more important than honesty and ability to speak that you think and to assert the position. You with me agree, James? I to search for such person. I am tired that constantly betray me and for this reason I am glad that you in the letters are fair. We write each other not yet for a long time, and I to know much about you and to draw for myself conclusions. It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you. Under your past letters at me to develop about you very good opinion and I would be glad to find out about you the new facts which to convince me of that that I probably to make a correct choice having written to you the first letter. I like that you tell about yourself and to like that sincerity and an openness with which you it to do. In my opinion you possess the majority of qualities which I search in the person. And I hope that our relations can grow. Still I to want to tell to you about my dreams. My dreams simple. I to you already told about them. As well as any person on our planet, I want to be happy and to do happy on the Earth the person loved by me. I to want to have the family. My family can and there will be no the idealest in this world but I to want to have family and it to be happy. You see what at me plain dreams. I for the present have not found that happiness which I search. For my 30 years of a life I to save up such potential of tenderness and kind feelings which is not spent yet and I all soul, heart and body waits for the person to which shall devote all of. James what to search you in the woman? Whether to count you itself such as all??? And if, yes that you to possess what features??!! I also to want to talk today to you about that as I see a role of the woman in family. In my opinion neither the husband, nor the wife should not feel that their rights are restrained. In Russia women are brought up so, that they should care of family more. All family problems lay on the woman. She should care of children, make food, to erase, keep the house in order. My personal opinion such: The woman should hold keys from family. But also the man should her help very seriously. On the first place for the woman there should be a family. The majority of the Russian women are able to combine both work and family and everywhere to be irreplaceable. Therefore here the woman also works and conducts family. I think, that it is correct also I is ready to make all that my future family was happy. James how you concern to this question?
I I hope has not tired you the reflections. I wait your answer.
Your girlfriend Wera. P.S. On one of pictures I and my girlfriend Tatyana.
Letter 7
Hello the my dear friend, James!!!!
Already during long time we with you to write each other letters.
For these days I about you have found out much.
Even it seems to me, that I know you already very much for a long
time, such impression, that we old friends.
It is wonderful, that we to find the common themes for our correspondence.
I to you have told much about myself and also I in turn about you to find out much.
Really it seems to me, that at us the good friendship can be fastened.
Very much it would be desirable to have the good friend far from Russia on which
I could rely and there could be confident that his friendship true.
I shall necessarily come in Internet - cafe in hope to see your answer to my letter.
James, tell to me as you to spend the days off???
Than you were engaged, in what company???
I to agree with the girlfriends for today's evening to go on a retro a disco.
I do not know, whether there are at you such discos?!!
The retro a disco is a disco for people which than 30 years are more senior.
In such discos to sound old music of the end of 70 years and the beginnings 80.
People in such discos usually already adult and to not have any complexes.
To me to like to visit such parties.
There it is possible to have a rest and communicate wonderfully to people from the most different spheres.
I to you in the following letter to tell as we to spend evening.
I hope, that you are wonderful to spend these days and good to have a rest.
James, with the big interest to wait for your next letter. Your friend Wera.
Letter 8
Hi, James!!! Is glad to see your letter. We have simply wonderfully spent on a retro to a disco. Remarkable music sounded, there was a lot of people.
We with girlfriends have taken two bottles of a Georgian wine, red moist. Georgian wines my the most favourite, I to prefer all wines Georgian wines. Most my favourite wine to refer to "Kindzmarauli". It too a Georgian wine. Probably in your country is not present it fault but if you sometime suddenly to see this wine somewhere, necessarily it try. I promise, to you to like. What you to prefer to drink, if there is an occasion for this purpose??? You to love what drinks most of all??? With each letter our relations develop and develop simply correspondence. They become more than, simply correspondence and to turn in a true friendship. You agree? On extremely measure I so to think, hope you too to perceive as me as the close and interesting friend and the interlocutor. I want to talk to you about one of the major questions is a question of religion. I to trust in the God. My religion - Christianity. And yours? Me christened when to me there was no as early as one year and frequently drove in church. I was brought up with belief in the God and this belief helps me in my life. Always when to me I of the god was bad or terrible to ask to help me. But I think what to trust or not trust in the God this private affair of everyone and it is necessary to respect a position of each person in this question. Each person trusts on the. Who to devote the life to belief in the god. Someone to recollect him only in difficult minute.
But not it is important. At each person the different destiny is many various circumstances leaning on which person creates the sights at belief in the god. How you think? Sometimes I pray for that that the God has sent the help to those who in it requires. Tell to me about the sights at this question? I want to see your new photos. Certainly if they at you are? They will help me to create about you impressions and to represent you what you to lives. I all time try to present to lives. But at me it to not turn out in any way. Now I to sit, write to you this letter and to represent you in the ideas. But I to not know that you to do during this moment, probably you sleep, you are possible on work or walk along the street, you are possible to talk to someone during this moment. I do not know what at you now mood, to you is cheerful or something to you to spoil it. All this to mix up in my ideas and to prevent to create your image. For this reason I to want to see your photos. I hope in due course can reproduce your image and can represent you in ideas. I wait for your answer.
Your Wera.
Letter 9
Hi James. How are you today? I have bad day. I could not sleep all the night long. Yesterday there have arrived relatives from the Far East part of Russia, from the city of Fokino. I did not see them 7 years. I have opened a door yesterday and have seen big the man and the woman and children. I have not understood who it!!! I for a long time looked at them and then me have suddenly lit up, I began to laugh. It was my uncle with the wife and children. He has embraced me with such force that my eyes have not jumped out nearly of orbits. My mum was in a shock and has not begun to squeal nearly for pleasure. It was her senior brother. They have started to talk about their life. All the evening long they drank ***** laughed and sang songs. I could not sleep. There came other our relatives, and places to sleep was very little. I have gone to sleep to the girlfriend. It was near 3:00 mornings. I have risen in 7:00 mornings and have gone home. My eyes still slept. I should use matches to open eyes. Ha-ha-ha ? Certainly it is a joke. When I have come home all slept. I to have breakfast and come in Internet - cafe. I till now in a dozing condition. Now I shall go home and all I shall wake, and itself I shall lie to sleep!!! In the evening I should help to mum to prepare for the big supper. You probably heard that Russian are very hospitable and like much and is tasty to eat. I think, that I shall prepare for something meat. I like to prepare for meat on Spanish. It is very tasty. You love fried meat?
I very much like to prepare for meat dishes. Ok. I shall go home now and I shall sleep probably till the evening. Dear James, I hope to see your letter tomorrow. I wish you all best.
Yours Wera.
Letter 10
How are you James my boy today fine weather! It is dazzling the sun shines. Here warm weather. And at midday in city, becomes warmer. Now summer here. Only you are not present near to me. It would be wonderful to spend together all the day on a beach, to bathe together, to sunbathe and drink cold cocktails from exotic fruit, there, where it warmly. Today my uncle together with the family have left to itself home, we all family and relatives to go to see them off on the train. They will go home seven days. I simply to not represent as they will reach a house at this time. In trains at this time it is very stuffy. Tonight I to leave to one of the girlfriends on a summer residence for city. Probably in one hour I to leave but before to leave I to decide to write to you the letter. In fact if I shall not write, you will be upset. I know. And I do not want, that you had bad mood. But the most important, that I feel very badly if not I shall write to you. I read your letters and on soul at me it is warm and bright. And I am sure that in this world there is a man which me to understand, it is very good to concern and perceive to me me as the dear man for him. And I shall answer you with all love and reciprocity. I to catch myself on ideas what very much to want to see you. And this idea does not give me now easy to live. I every instant think of you, I to try to present you to lives. I would like to visit your country, to see as you to live, get acquainted with your friends, relatives. Certainly if you to want it!!?? If you not against? You are a good person, and I know that, we can develop our relations! My dear James. If you want it also, as I, we should not waste time! Please, write your airport. I shall find out the information on trip to you. Write to me soon. I shall wait your letter and your good wishes and ideas about our meeting.
With love yours Wera.
Letter 11
Hi my love, James.
I was glad to receive from you the letter. I today still time went to agency of travel. I have learned more in detail the information about trips to you. In the first, I learned about the visa. To me have told that to me it will be possible to receive now only the visa of the tourist. Only on this to the visa I can arrive to America. I think that it is a good opportunity for us to be some time together and to learn each other. Dear James they have explained to me that to the visa of the tourist I can arrive to America for the term of from 30 till 90 days. I can issue this visa only in American Embassy in Moscow. The visa is made out during two weeks, but it still depends on quantity wishing to leave for America. So terms registrations can be faster, and can and occupy longer time. The visa will cost to me in $140. I as shall require in foreign the passport both medical papers and insurance. To me informed that I can to collect all these papers here in city. I already know, that foreign I can make the passport in this agency for 1 day and it will cost In total $25 as I shall quickly make insurance, it costs $15. At me is good familiar in the insurance company. All medical I to do inspections two months ago and it is sufficient Time still to use. I thought that will be more charges on registration of all documents. As to me informed that I should at once to order return tickets from Moscow up to Denver International Airport. All prices for tickets to me have advised to learn directly in to the airport in Moscow. They have told that it will be the most exact and reliable the information, to me informed that it is impossible to trust sites selling air tickets and to any agencies of travel in Moscow. I have agreed with them. So I can learn cost of tickets, only when I shall be in to Moscow. I am very much excited before our meeting. In agency travel have offered me the help on registration of the visa in Moscow and to purchase of tickets, but I have refused, as they take for the work $650. I do not have now many superfluous money. I have decided to make only at them the passport, and the rest to make itself. I as thought that much if we shall meet and we shall want to be together that to us to do further, as to us to be together for all life. To me have told that there is a visa of the bride and then we can issue it and I can remain with you. But I think that for the present early to speak about it while we still did not meet at all. James, now I to want to ask you, whether you are ready to a meeting with me. I am ready to make now holiday for itself and to arrive to you. If you agree, I can start to do all measures for travel and I can arrive to you already arrive to you in June. You to want it?
I shall wait your letter.
Yours Wera.
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