Scam letter(s) from Irina to Jens (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello to my darling Jens!
nice to meet YOU here! My name is Irina. If you are looking for ****, mature, adventurous and very passionate woman then you need ME!I am very serious woman and I am here to find that man who will spend with me best times of life. I do not know you at all, so I decided to start to get to know you better with this my first letter! Hope you will like it and you will reply me as soon as possible.
As for my life: I live in Yalta with my old father, my mother unfortunately died when I was younger. I have older brother who is married now. He has already son and I adore my nephew! I love kids very much but not sure if I want to have kids in future, I think this moment I will discuss already with man who will choose me, with whom I will be serious enough to create family. And what about you?
what do you think about the fact that i am not sure about kids?
I work in one souvenirs store as manager. I like my job. I always meet nice people and my work is without stress. In future if I will move to other country I also would like to work somewhere, not sure where, but I know that I will not be able always to sit at home doing nothing as such life for me is too boring! I like gardening very much, I can not live without tacing care of flowers and plants. So I hope my future husband will respect my choice and also will like nature.
I am very sociable person, I have lots friends and in my free time I love meeting them and to have nice walks along sea front of Yalta.
By the way, have you ever been to Yalta? What do you know about this place? It is very famous resort city and very popular among cruises tourists in summer.
Maybe if one day you will come here I will show you it!
I like to go to cinema very much, I like tasting different cuisines as I am crazy about cooking, and can spend hours in the kitchen.
I like reading interesting books, I like picnics, I like working out.
As you see, I have lots interests, and maybe I also missed something to tell you more, so please feel free to ask me what would you like to know about me and I will tell you everything!
Please, tell me also more abour your life, abour your dreams and goals!
I will wait for your letter and meeting in real life!
best regards
Letter 2
Hello dear Jens!!!
I'm so excited to get your letter!! Thank you so so much, I was so scared that you are not really interested in me, I was waitign for yuor letter every day!
It is so great that it is possible that you can come to Ukraine this summer already! And I shoudl say thatI would like to invite you to Yalta! All the cities heer in Ukraine are beautiful but Yalta is the best. It is a a resort city and we ahve the beaches here as it is just near the Black sea , moreover, the city is surrounded with mountaings. Very very pretty! I think that when you come heer and see the city you will fall in love with it and then when you see me i red bikini on the beach - you will fall in love with me ))))) I shoudl say I'm a very very romantic and pasisonate woman! Ahh!I think that without romance the life is not so bright! I'm dreamig of falling in love with a good man and to make him very happy ! really ! My goal is to make my future man very happpy, to care of him a lot to oresent all the love to him , cook very tasty andto be a tigress in bed... ) Of course I wnat to share all my passion, my sexuality with my future man!!! O shoudl confess that I ahve a very high sexI drive and I need to wearn you that if we create relationship.. you will have a lot of passion days and nights in bed and sometimes even not in bed.......))))) I hope it does not scare you , sweetie, but I'm absolutely serrious about having a lot of ****** life in the future with you. I also loive to cook!! Mostly I look ukrainian and rusian cuisine.. Havre you ever tasted? I think that every woman shoudl cook very good if she wants to create a very good family. I know that any man comming from work and being hungry would be quite irritated, so it is better to cook something very tasty with love and passion to make him very happy. And I will cook for you my borstch!!Ahh!I bet you will like it very much!!!! Haveyou tasted pelmeni ?it is also very tasty ukraiian dish. And I saw your pic where you are cooking! I just fall in love with this pic! Do you like to cook as well? And what did you cook while the pic was taken ? ))) And on the other pic you are dancing! It is so cute! Do you like to dance, Jens? As for me I do not know how to dance, but I'm a very good student )) I'm open to study everything. And I love love love to travel!!!
Oh~! Do you knwo what? I wanted to tell you that I used to be in Italy 2 years ago! I visied Rome, Pisa, Venice and Florence!!! and I shodul say... I fall in love with Italy !!!!! I just love it very much!!! When I got to Veliece, I never wanted to come out of it !! Can you imagine ? I saw the leaning tower in Pisa, the galleries in Florence, the coleseum in Rome!! It is just amaising!!!!!! I love withwith all my heart!!! Ahh ! It is so grea tthat you answered!! I love your age because it is the best age for a man as I think, mature man, wise man, passionate man!! It is great that you donot want kids.. I was so scared I did not knwo how you will react on this, and it is great that you think just like me. I think that there are so many excitign and enjoying things in life and life is so short, there is no time for kids at all!!
You see, we ahve so many things in common!hat is really great!!!!!!!!! I really h ope we will stay in touch because I'm very interested in you !! I will be waitign for your letter, ok?
Kiss you very passionately, my **** Jens!! and many manyt hugs for you as well!! just yours
Letter 3
Jens!! Ahh! Hello!! I just got your letter! I love that it is so personal, and you answer my question! Thank you so much!
I really woudl like to meet you, it is great that you are comming to Ukraine soon! I should say that Simferopol is very close to Yalta and I think that it is possible for me to come to Simferopol to you. Good idea? But first I need to make some days off form work. Because you know, I did not expect that you will come so soon, and I will try to make some days off. I hope that everythign will be ok.
Ohh Jens, I'm sure that we are ment for eahc other! I feel so comfortable with you, when I write your letters I thought - it is my man!
And it is so great that you like to cook! Ohh! maybe we will cook together arrage a very romantic dinner? with candles and frowers and romantic music?
I love music!! I think we could move with the music together!
But I hope to get a letter form you, baby!!
just yours Irina
Letter 4

Jens! My dear!
It is so great you are comming!! I cannot wait but to meet you !!! My dear boy !!!! I'm gettgn very very excited!!I bet you will fall in love with yalta! It is such a beautiful city! Ohh! and I cannnot wait but to feel your hot kisses! Ohh my god! Come to me soon!! miss you with all my heart!!
your Irina
Letter 5
Jens! I will try to get out form my work, but you know, it sa little bit hard to do but I hope I will arrange it!! I will do my best to meet you, my baby !!! miss you, Jens!!
your Irina
Letter 6
it is a deal, my sweet jens!
I miss you, my sweetie! I hope everythign is ok, my dear! miss you, my dear!!!
just your Irina
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