Scam letter(s) from Joyce Lartey to Nick (France)

Letter 1
My Dear Nick , i have to understand , because i know how it is , i have waited for long here but now am getting worried and worried , i have miss you and i have miss my Dady as well . Sweetheart , i could manage the 1000euros , but i want to know if could makeup something by adding a some to the 400euros . I hope you understand me as well , am getting worried here and want to go home now .

love you from your future wife .................... Mrs J . Dallaway XXXXX LOL XXXXXXXXX .
Letter 2
Honey thank you very much for your love , it will good if you could make it 600euros and will buy something for Dady , i will tell him that you are the one who ask me to give it to him just to convens him . Sweetheart , am very very happy for this and i will phone my Dady and tell him i will be at home soon . Well my priscila she use to book it with an agent and i will find out if that is cool , Honey if its not cool , i will go to the Airport and buy the ticket , get the possible information of when i will fly and i will send them to you ok .

Honey if it worries you just let me know ok

I love you Sweetheart .

Mrs J .Dallaway .
Letter 3
Oh , sweetheart i feel very bad when ever you told me you did not get any sms text from .... Dear its all about the networking here . Its good to read such books because when ever am alone and am thinking about you , i use to read to make my thinking come down a little , because the more i think about you , the more i want you and its makes me thing high and higher . I love you sooo much and i will show my love for real when i come and we meet in person .

Dear , i was chatting with priscila today when i went to her house and i ask her why her family memeber went to see her as she is about to marry and she told me that , she is from a royal family and in such family if you are about to marry , you will be given something sepcail and that can help you and your husband in many way , i ask her what is that and she told me is Gold , i ask her why do they have to give you that kind of Gold and she said that is how the tradition here gose.. Hmmm , sweetheart i wish you were here see the real Gold , infact its nice and sepcail as well .

Am trying to sign in and as soon as its on i will chat with you ok , although is getting late , but i will wait ok . i have not eaten yet , but still waiting Love , kiss and hugss to you Honey .

Mrs J . Dallaway xxxxxxxxxxx lol xxxxxxxxxxx lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
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